Method Man announces "Method Man" comic book

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Method Man, of legendary rap group the Wu-Tang Clan, has five platinum albums, a Grammy, and a slew of major motion picture and television appearances under his belt...and the largest comic book collection at over 25,000. Just as Method Man is lesser known as a comic junkie, his comic counterpart in METHOD MAN, private investigator Peerless Poe, hasn't always been a P.I. Poe's concealed past catches up with his calm enjoyment of civilian life when old cohorts from the Order of the Secret Method call on him for help. Formerly a top agent of the Order, a deeply religious assembly of elite "murder priests," and descendents from the Biblical Cain, Peerless and his then peers hunted creatures thought only to exist in Biblical myth. Only the temptations of the irresistible daughter of the Grand Arch Occisor d'Arc, head honcho to the Order, could have caused Peerless to stray from his loyalty to the organization. Expulsion is the immediate result, and Peerless does not hesitate to rejoin once his arch nemesis enemy-a sewer-dwelling Leviathan of dynamic proportions-reappears stronger than ever and threatens to shake the stability of Method Man's native borough, Staten Island, and civilization as we know it. When the Order seeks Peerless to rejoin them in spearheading this epic fight against evil, it is an offer he cannot refuse.

A collaboration between Method Man, renowned comic book artist Sanford Greene, and acclaimed comic book/screenplay writer David Atchison, this team adds grittiness to the often glamorized tale of heroes.


METHOD MAN totally revolutionized the world of hip-hop in the early 90s and continues to innovate and influence music today, along with the other Wu-Tang Clan members. Not stopping there, METHOD MAN has one of the Clan's biggest solo careers. In 1996, he won a Grammy for Best Rap Performance by a Duo Group with Mary J. Blige. He has appeared in major motion pictures such as How High, Garden State and the upcoming Sundance buzz film The Wackness, and on television series CSI, Law & Order and the critically acclaimed The Wire. Method Man continues to reinvent himself with this graphic novel.

SANFORD GREENE has been working professionally for over 7 years. His first major publishing work was for Dark Horse's comic book adaptation of the 2001 Planet of the Apes movie. He soon after worked on various projects such as Super Man, Teen Titans, Bat Man ( DC Comics ) , Army of Darkness and Sonic The Hedgehog. He also has an extensive list of clients outside the comic industry. Clients such PLAY Magazine, Hasbro, Upper Deck, FOX Entertainment, Sony, and Warner Brothers. His current work includes "Wonder Girl" and "Legion of Super Heroes" ( DC Comics ) and the "Method Man" Graphic Novel as a part of an upcoming Wu Tang Clan graphic novel series.

DAVID ATCHINSON is a comic book writer, journalist, and producer whose work has appeared in a variety of publications. Atchison recently co-wrote the Method Man Graphic Novel with hip-hop mainstay Method Man for Grand Central Publishing. The book is set to release July 23. He also co-created and writes the Occult Crimes Taskforce with actor Rosario Dawson and illustrator Tony Shasteen for 12 Gauge Comics. In addition, Atchison co-created True Believer for the Sci Fi channel with Tom Feister and Matt Spradlin. More information can be found at his Web site http://www.thewritedna.com or his MySpace Page http://www.myspace.com/popculturalist.

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