The Fourth Time Was the Charm for Metamorpho Coming Back to Life!

In Death is not the End, we spotlight the outlandish explanations for comic book characters (mostly super-villains) surviving seeming certain death. Today, we see how Metamorpho died and came back to life an astonishing four times over the years!

Metamorpho (AKA Rex Mason) was initially famous for how much of a loner he was. He was one of the few DC superhero characters who turned down the Justice League when they asked him to join their ranks. Eventually, though, that very idea of him as an "outsider" led to him joining up with a team of otherwise loner heroes (like another character who turned the Justice League down when they tried to recruit him, Black Lightning) to form the Outsiders along with Batman (after Batman left the Justice League in a huff when they would not approve of a rescue mission by Batman to save his friend, Lucius Fox from a country where the United Nations asked the Justice League to avoid getting involved in).


The series was by Mike W. Barr and Jim Aparo.

Metamorpho happened to be in the country, Markovia, because the country's top physician, Helga Jace, believed that she could cure Metamorpho of his, well, Metamorpho-ness.

Another problem that Metamorpho had is that the love of his life, Sapphire Stagg, had a pain in the butt father, Simon Stagg, who had an Orb of Ra (which was made out of the same material as the meteor that gave Metamorpho his powers) that could hurt Metamorpho, so Stagg would keep Rex from getting close to Sapphire. Jace, though, figured out a way for Metamorpho to withstand the power of the orb, so he went to go get Sapphire. He was not expecting Stagg to have mined for extra orbs!


Now, obviously, this is one of those deaths where it was pretty clear that he was going to come back from the dead, but still, it counts.

The next issue, they take Rex's body to the meteor to re-expose him...

It heals him, but it takes him back in time for a whole adventure in ancient Egypt that ended the following issue, with Rex back to normal but now officially trapped in this form...

After a while, the Outsiders broke from Batman because Batman, well, you know, he's a bit of a jerk. In Outsiders #25 (the name of the series after it rebooted after breaking from Batman), Doctor Jace tells Rex that she actually thinks she CAN cure him of his condition...


Instead, it only gets him part of the way there...

Here is the problem, though. DC was going through a crossover called Millennium, where each title was to pick a supporting character that would turn out to be working for the villainous Manhunters and betray the heroes. Some comics, like Batman, just decided to say, "Nah," and have their betrayers turn out to be not true betrayers (a robot of Jim Gordon rather than an actual Jim Gordon), but Barr played fair and had Jace turn out to be evil and working with the Manhunters in Outsiders #27 (Erik Larsen finished the series off on art).

Her experiment "curing" Rex was really so that she could control him...

However, Looker used her illusion powers to trick Metamorpho into attacking Jace. When she counter-attacked, they both died...

Rex's death would be a very short-lived one...

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