'Metal Hurlant' coming from Humanoids

[Editors Note: For more on 'Metal Hurlant' and other Humanoids projects check our February interview with Humanoids Ian Sattler.]

Official Press Release

[Metal Hurlant #1]Los Angeles ­ April 1st, 2002 ­ This July Humanoids Publishing proudlyreintroduces the comic book that influenced and inspired Heavy MetalMagazine, and a generation of fans and comic professionals. Metal Hurlant isthe realization of Humanoids vision to bring together the best storytellersfrom around the world to create a universal comic experience.

This bi-monthly anthology will feature stories that will become instantclassics, all produced with the same care and quality for which Humanoids isknown. Every issue of Metal Hurlant will be an event, and things get startedwith a bang as Avengers writer, Kurt Busiek, teams with artistextraordinaire, Gerald Parel on the new story, "Hunter's Moon." The coverfeature is the beginning of the serialized "Megalex" story by theTechnoPriests team of Jodorowsky and Fred Beltran. Readers can expectseveral surprises as well.

"Metal Hurlant is really a labor of love for us. We want to do everythingright and give the fans a comic that will really be something different,something that lives up to the legacy this title has." said Ian Sattler,Marketing Manager for Humanoids. "Metal Hurlant is more than just a comic,it's a way of thinking. The stories push the creative limits; and out of thestories in Metal Hurlant we are generating projects like the Pin-Up Girls>From Around The World book from Fred Beltran, and the Miss Trade Paperbackfrom Marc Riou and Mark Vigouroux who drew a Jodorowsky story in the firstissue. Metal Hurlant is a graphic depiction of the Humanoids philosophy. Ican't wait for people to see what we have going on."

Metal Hurlant #1 is 48 pages (32 color / 16 black and white), comic booksize and retails for $3.95. Humanoids will support this issue with anin-store poster, and ordering incentives for retailers. Humanoids plans tosimultaneously release Metal Hurlant #1 in several countries besides theU.S. including France as part of a comprehensive and aggressive publishingplan.

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