Jurassic World Screenwriter to Pen Metal Gear Solid Adaptation


Metal Gear Solid will be coming to the big screen, courtesy of Jurassic World writer Derek Connolly. According to Variety, Connolly will pen the script for the video game adaptation, while his Kong: Skull Island collaborator, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, will direct the film.

Metal Gear Solid is a campy stealth-action series published on the PlayStation console by Konami back in 1998. Since then, the series has gone on to spawn numerous sequels, off-shoots and prequels across various consoles and the home computer. The series is known for its outlandish storyline that stretches across decades. Hideo Kojima was the series director until 2015, when he parted ways with Konami to form the independent studio Kojima Productions.

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The PlayStation Metal Gear Solid game follows Solid Snake, the series' primary protagonist, as he infiltrates a nuclear weapons facility to neutralize a group of rogue, genetically-enhanced soldiers. These soldiers, codenamed FOXHOUND, threaten to launch a nuclear warhead using a bipedal tank called Metal Gear REX if their demands are not met. Solid Snake battles through FOXHOUND’s various members until he reaches Metal Gear REX.

Connolly has writing credits on not just Jurassic World, but also Kong: Skull Island and the upcoming Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and the untitled ninth Star Wars film.

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