"Metal Gear Solid" #1 Sells Out

Official Press Release

San Diego, CA. September 8, 2004. Like a tornado through a trailer park, the first printing of Metal Gear Solid #1 from IDW Publishing has sold out ahead of its September 22nd release date.

The hit series, based on the ultra-popular Konami video game, was received with open arms by fans of the game as well as traditional comic book readers. Now IDW Publishing has the second printing available for reorder (DCD ITEM #JUL046126). The second printing also sports a brand-new cover by Ashley Wood, the award-winning artist who's illustrating the monthly comic.

"We worked hard to make sure that the 14 million Metal Gear Solid gamers knew about the comic. It received significant attention from all of the major video game press including: a cover story and multi-page preview in GamePro; feature articles in Official PlayStation Magazine, PSM, and Play; and coverage on the G4 network," said Ted Adams, IDW's Publisher.

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