Metal band Static-X inks deal with Chaos!

Official Press Release

Scottsdale, AZ ­ Chaos! Comics, one of the nation's top ten comic book publishers, is about to add another music band to its arsenal of successful comic books based on popular musical groups. This time it's STATIC-X! Having ventured into this arena before with comics based on songs from Megadeth and Detroit's own Insane Clown Posse - time has shown Chaos! has a unique ability to publish rock'n roll infused comic book entertainment.

Static-X is one of the top industrial metal bands on the scene today. The four members of Static-X (Wayne, Ken, Tony and Tripp) have even played on the successful Ozzfest tour. With over 1,000,000 million CDs sold with lead songs on the "Queen of The Damned" and the "Resident Evil" soundtrack albums, the industrial metal band is taking comics by storm, supported by aggressive internet advertising and a global touring campaign designed to drive new customers to comic stores!

The band is very much involved in the project offering ideas about story to how they'd be portrayed in comic book form. As Static-X's Tripp Eisen states, "It sounds cliche' but it's a dream come true to be featured in a comic book, I grew up with comics and still read a few comics to this day. Chaos Comics was a logical choice and their stuff is right up our alley. Their imagery fits right in to the concept and look for the Static-X comic!"

The comic book due out in July is set in the techno-doom laden future to come. The world is ruled by The State. Corporations and commercialism have been abolished. Wayne, Ken, Tony and Tripp (members of Static-X) are cybernetically enhanced workers, leading insignificant lives as slaves to The State. Memories intrude, reminding them of a time they worked together, nearly inciting a revolution. Is this the truth or another implanted memory? Will they learn the real story before it's too late or will they become the mindless agents that The State created them to be? Our fate rest in their hands. This is the first in a series of Sci-Fi thriller one shots.

Written by Chaos! Publisher Brian Pulido, the Static-X #1 comic will feature art by David Brewer (Incredible Hulk, Evil Ernie) with color by Jay Fotos (Spawn). Static-X #1 is a 32 page, full color comic book available in a band photo cover, an art cover, and a Collector's Edition cover with foil embossed autographs of each band member! Special Bonus: a CD will be included with the song "Black & White" live from the Family Values tour, "Get to The Gone" live music video and special interview footage of the band ­ all unavailable anywhere else!

The comic hits comic book shops everywhere on July 24, 2002. To find a comic shop near you please call the Comic Shop Locator Service toll free: 1-888-266-4226 or by going online to http://csls.diamondcomics.com.

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