Meta Messages Archive

Here is an archive of all the past installments of Meta Messages, which is a term for where a comic book writer uses the characters in a comic book to comment on/reference the work of another comic book creator! In each installment, we give you the context behind the message! If you want to make a suggestion for a future Meta-Message, e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com (don't post your suggestions in the comment section).

1. John Byrne' comments on Chris Claremont's usage of Doctor Doom

2. J. Michael Straczynski comments on DC Comics

3. Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang reference the writers of 52.

4. Garth Ennis' Cassidy parodies Neil Gaiman's Sandman

5. Dan Slott pokes a little fun at Infinite Crisis.

6. Peter David responds to an Erik Larsen penned Hulk/Doctor Octopus fight

7. Joe Kelly comments on the relative popularity of Superman and the Authority.

8. Frank Miller takes issue with Jim Lee's (then) new art style

9. Roger Stern comments on the state of Spider-Man villains during the 1970s

10. Bob Haney lets Spider-Man know his place.

11. Gerard Jones asks Hal Jordan a question about skin color

12. Christopher Priest Makes Fun of...Christopher Priest?!?

13. American Flagg Goes Through Chaykin Withdrawal

14. Peter David commiserates with his characters

15. Gerard Jones explains how Hal Jordan became a "Hard Traveling Hero."

16. Peter David Gives his Young Justice Characters Rather Familiar Nightmares

17. The Question Thinks Rorschach Sucks

18. Christopher Priest gets the last laugh on...himself?!?

19. Garth Ennis takes a fond look at superhero crossovers

20. Grant Morrison spoofs the Punisher

21. Alan Grant and Lobo go Meta Crazy!

22. Brian K. Vaughan Would Like to Tell You a Useless Factoid

23. Dan Slott and Fabian Nicieza Have Squirrel Girl Try to Show Penance the Error of His Ways

24. Bill Mantlo's Bizarre Goodbye to Alpha Flight!

25. Steve Gerber Lets Us Into His Head

26. Joe Casey and Ashley Wood Say Goodbye to a Friend

27. The Dark Albatross Saga

28. Grant Morrison Meets Animal Man

29. Jack Kirby Takes Some Shots at Stan Lee

30. Chris Claremont Sticks Up for Ms. Marvel

31. Jim Starlin Makes Clowns Out of Stan Lee and John Romita

32. Great Lakes Avengers Poking Some Fun at Identity Crisis

33. Kyle Baker Buries the DC Universe

34. John Byrne "Burns" Jim Shooter

35. Jim Shooter's "Secret War" on Steve Gerber

36. Joe Madureira Takes a Swipe Over a Swipe

37. Spider-Man Makes Fun of Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali

38. The Claremont/Byrne Crossover "Battle"

39. "Hey, it's the Hulk with a fin on his head!"

40. Hulk With a Fin on His Head Revisited

41. The Great Marvel/DC "You're Imitating Us" Debate of 1965-67

42. “This E Doesn’t Stand For America!”

43. Captain America Sticks Up for France

44. Spawn Tries to Save Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Wolverine and More

45. That Time John Byrne Nuked Jim Shooter's Hometown

46. Dwayne McDuffie Explains His Problems With the Justice League IN the Pages of the Justice League

47. Mister Fantastic Disses Heroes Reborn

48. The Hidden Spidey Insult That Got the Book's Inker Fired

49. The Classic Creator Who Wanted Readers to Know His Comic Was 5H17

50. Everyone Can’t Wait Until Weapon X Ends, Including the People Working on it

51. A Heartfelt Bat-Tribute to a Legendary Comic Book Editor

52. A Touching Legion Tribute to a Superman Art Legend

53. Deathstroke Stabs...Deadpool?!?

54. "Will Anyone Remember Our Justice League?"

55. The Origin of Lex Luthor's Terrible Cake-Stealing

EXCLUSIVE: Firefly One-Shot Introduces Mal's Mother, Ma Reynolds

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