The Infinity Gems Aren't The Only Set of Six Powerful Gems at Marvel!

In his first superhero issue written for Marvel, Dan Slott brought the gems into a What If...? story where the Fantastic Four had to go back in time to get the gem for Doctor Doom, who was the Sorcerer Supreme in this reality...

Slott, naturally, remembered the gems and during the period in time when Spider-Man was filling in for the Human Torch in the Future Foundation/Fantastic Four, they ran afoul of the gems again, whose power over reality were powering some sort of weird portal...

As it turned out, Doctor Octopus only built the portal to draw the Fantastic Four to the portal, so that he could sneak into their home while they were gone to steal some stuff for his next big evil plot.

The reality-altering powers of the gems changed the members of the Fantastic Four around (Sue got Reed's powers, Reed got Ben's powers, etc.) but they were ultimately able to shut it down...

The story didn't explain what happened to the gems after that, but I would hope that Reed took them home and put them somewhere safe to protect them from falling into the wrong hands again.

Thanks for the suggestion, Stephen! If anyone else has a suggestion for a plot that was resolved after a number of years, drop me a line at brianc@cbr.com!

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