'Meridian' selected by NY Public Library for 'Teen Age 2003' list

Official Press Release

She lost her father. She's been thrust into the role of global savior. But

now, Sephie, the troubled young hero of the ongoing fantasy series MERIDIAN,

is walking on clouds. MERIDIAN VOL. 1: FLYING SOLO, the opening chapter in

the title's series of graphic novels, was selected by the New York Public

Library for its Books for the Teen Age 2003 List. To celebrate the

publication of the List, a reception attended by dozens of authors-including

MERIDIAN writer Barbara Kesel-was held on Saturday, March 22nd, at the

world-renowned New York Public Library.

Now in its 74th year of publication, the List-available to school and public

libraries throughout all 50 states, as well as internationally-selects the

best of the previous year's publishing for teenagers, 12 to 18-years-old.

All titles chosen have been read and reviewed by young adult librarians and

recommended for this special publication.

"Libraries and I go way back. I've been a library volunteer since my first

elementary school, and I worked at the Pomona Public Library in California

during my college years," said MERIDIAN writer Barbara Kesel. "In all that

time, I've seen librarians work valiantly to keep kids reading in the age of

video, and I'm proud to be part of the most recent wave in reader

enticement: comic books. I'm so thrilled to have MERIDIAN, a book very close

to my heart, join the ranks of those considered the best works for young

readers. What an amazing honor."

MERIDIAN follows the adventures of Sephie, a young girl whose life is

shattered by the death of her father...and the reception of a terrifying

gift. Branded by marks of supernatural origin, Sephie and her scheming uncle

Ilahn will either bring renewal or destruction to the poisoned world of

Demetria. With the fate of an entire planet upon her shoulders, she must

grow into the role of hero...but will defying her uncle cost Sephie her

innocence? MERIDIAN VOL. 1: FLYING SOLO (ISBN 1-931484-03-1), MERIDIAN VOL.


(ISBN 1-931484-21X), and MERIDIAN VOL: 4: COMING HOME (ISBN 1-931484-38-4)

are all currently available in libraries, bookstores, and comic book

specialty shops.

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