Meredith & David Finch Take Over "Wonder Woman" in November

DC Comics' new "Wonder Woman" creative team has been revealed: Writer Meredith Finch and artist David Finch, as announced Monday afternoon at USA Today. The husband-and-wife team are slated to start their run with "Wonder Woman" #36 in November, and are following the critically acclaimed team of Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang, who had been with the series since the start of the New 52 in September 2011.

The article states that the new creative team will depart from Azzarello and Chiang's focus on Greek mythology, and instead spotlight Wonder Woman's "interpersonal relationships and her responsibilities to the Amazons and her fellow heroes in the Justice League."

While David Finch is a high-profile veteran artist -- fresh off DC's "Forever Evil" event -- this is Meredith Finch's first ongoing comic book series, after writing short stories for Zenescope Entertainment. In the USA Today interview, David Finch said he loves that a female writer is writing "Wonder Woman" because DC is "trying to appeal to more female readers now."

"It makes sense if you're going to try to attract that female market that you appeal to them on every level -- your writing demographic reflects the demographic of your readership," Meredith Finch is quoted in the article.

The superhero icon, created by William Moulton Marston and introduced in 1941, will be depicted in a live-action feature film for the first time in 2016's "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," by actress Gal Gadot. In the article, Meredith Finch stated that she draws inspiration from a previous live-action Wonder Woman -- Lynda Carter, in the 1970s TV show.

"You had the mom roles but you didn't really have big heroic women saving the day back in the '70s," Meredith Finch said. "Women were just transitioning into the workforce, and because of that she's been taken on as an icon for feminine power and empowerment."

In recent interviews, Azzarello made it clear that he had a definite endpoint in mind for he and Chiang's "Wonder Woman" run. Meredith and David Finch were first rumored to be the new "Wonder Woman" creative team in February of this year.

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