Mercedes rolls out its own Transformers-style concept car

Either the future is now, or we're living on Cybertron ... in the future.

At the Iacon Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany, Mercedes-Benz introduced the Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile, or IAA, a sleek four-door coupe that actually transforms when it reaches a speed of 50 mph -- or else the driver pushes a button. It presumably involves a shout of "Roll out!" at some stage.

According to PistonHeads, eight segments at the rear of the car extend its length by more than 390 millimeters, while flaps extend 25 millimeters on the front bumper and 20 millimeters on the rear to smooth airflow. The rim offsets flatten from 55 millimeters to zero.

Inside, the IAA looks like something from Tron: Legacy, with all of the blue lights and futuristic curves but none of the identity discs.

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