Why Isn't Strong Guy the King of Hell Anymore?

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Today, we look at how Strong Guy stopped being the king of hell.

Guido Carosella was a founding member of the government version of X-Factor, along with Madrox the Multiple Man and Wolfsbane. Since he didn't have a superhero name (he just went by the name "Guido"), he decided that since every superhero team needs to have a strong guy, he would be named Strong Guy.

He served X-Factor with distinction until that particular version of the team broke up. A number of years later, he joined up with Madrox again, as Madrox had formed a new version of X-Factor that was mostly an investigation company (specializing in mutant-related cases). Wolfsbane also joined this new team.

Anyhow, sadly Guido was killed while defending J. Jonah Jameson from an attack. Layla Miller, a young member of the team, had the ability to bring people back to life and she used it on Guido, but the catch to her powers is that whoever she brings back to life no longer has a soul. Guido then began to attack more and more erratic before he left the team for good.

Later, Wolfsbane's son, Tier (who she had with an Asgardian wolf-creature), was being hunted by the various lords of hell, as the winner of the battles of the hell lords would be whoever kills Wolfsbane's son. Strong Guy was working for Mephisto.

X-Factor helped protected Tier, but in the process, M (who Guido had fallen in love with) was killed. So then, in X-Factor #256 (by Peter David, Leonard Kirk and Jay Leisten), Guido betrays Mephisto and kills Tier himself to become the ruler of hell so that he could bring M back to life...

A couple of issues later, he dealt with Wolfsbane as best as he could...

When the series ended, though, Guido was still the king of hell. As you might imagine, though, while that plot was fine for a book like X-Factor, when it came to the overall Marvel Universe, not a whole lot of other writers were likely up for the idea of writing Guido as the Supreme Hell Lord. So it was bound to be overturned.

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