The 20 Most Menacing Supervillain Couples

Though often seen as cold-hearted, murdering sociopaths, supervillains have their human sides. Superheroes can’t be the only superbeings forming connections, starting relationships, and finding that one person who understands what self-sacrifice is like. Supervillains have the same desires as their goody-two-shoes counterparts, and that includes finding romance. It’s a little difficult to come by, though, when everyone despises you (including other supervillains). Since supervillains tend to be egotistical and territorial, allowing the seeds of romance to blossom can require more care and commitment than they’re capable of.

If you think it’s difficult for superheroes to be understood, imagine being a supervillain. Sure, some of them don’t need to be understood because they’re diabolical and want nothing more than to be left alone, but some simply view themselves as the hero of their own stories. From the supervillain perspective, everything they’re doing is correct, and it’s the superheroes that are the villains for spoiling their plans. When supervillains team up to form supervillain couples, it can either be advantageous or disastrous. Their superpowers will either complement each other or hinder each other, and often ego is a major reason why they simply aren’t meant to last. When they aren’t arguing and can focus their energies, superheroes beware, because that’s when they’re at their most lethal. For once, they have something other than money, power, and world domination to fight for: true love. In the case of supervillains, you really don’t want love conquering all!


Undoubtedly the most famous supervillain couple in either Marvel or DC, the Joker and Harley Quinn have a mixture of madness and chemistry that endear them to comic book fans. Though the relationship is often seen as unhealthy, it’s hard to imagine two psychopaths behaving in any other fashion to each other.

Their romance began when Dr. Harleen Quinzel was assigned to be the Joker’s psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum. The smooth talking sociopath was able to make her develop feelings for him over time, eventually becoming his partner in crime and lackey. Though they both have no discernible super powers, their deranged minds and complete lack of morality mean they are just as unlikely to be stopped.


Sometimes, falling for coworkers is inevitable. For supervillains, it’s almost par for the course; it’s difficult to find a kindred spirit who appreciates the destructive things in life. On a team like the Suicide Squad, it’s no surprise that the members develop feelings for their fellow hellions. Croc and Enchantress being one of the oddest pairings, even by the standards of what’s available.

The romance of Croc and Enchantress has been budding in Suicide Squad comics for some time, finally culminating when the two were confined to Belle Reve hospital and gave into their desires. Enchantress is a powerful sorceress with the ability to wield magic like teleportation and hypnosis, and Croc is big, strong, and a cannibal. What a cute couple!


The ardor Shriek has for Carnage proves that no one is beyond being lovable. Debuting in the "Maximum Carnage" Spider-Man story, Shriek appears as the pseudo-mother to a group of five supervillains, with Carnage acting as the pseudo-father. The world is a cruel, harsh place, and they only have each other.

A former addicted groupie, Shriek developed the ability to manipulate sound waves. Once a serial criminal, Carnage developed the ability to manipulate his body into nearly anything after being infected with the Venom symbiote. Both are demented and insane, which makes them perfect for one another and bad news for their victims.


Recent Thor comic books have introduced the concept of the Titan Thanos and the Goddess of Chaos and Death Hela becoming a romantic pair. Given Thanos’ obsession with the afterlife and nihilism, it seems fitting that since he cannot win Lady Death’s affections, he would endeavor to garner the second best thing.

In The Unworthy Thor #5, comic fans witness Thanos and Hela sharing a passionate kiss. Hela has lost the throne of Hel, the Asgardian Underworld, and must prove her worth to Thanos by taking down two of his most competent collaborators right in front of him. Chaos is the way to Thanos’ heart, and there would be no more fitting gesture.


Both collaborators in the COBRA organization, Baroness and Destro have had an on-again-off-again romance throughout every incarnation of G.I. Joe from the ‘80s onward. Baroness is a wealthy spy who, while not having any superpowers, has incredibly influence and is well trained in weapons handling and martial arts.

Destro is a weapons dealer and works with COBRA often, allowing plenty of opportunities to get close to the austere and disdainful young woman. He is perhaps one of the only people to see her softer side. Eventually they get married and together, they plot to overthrow COBRA Commander and lead the organization themselves.


The two people more interesting and charismatic than The Crow, Eric Draven, are his two enemies, Top Dollar and Myca. A pair of sociopathic siblings that share a close (albeit disturbing bond), they have no qualms about extreme violence and acts of crime, often participating in it for fun rather than profit. They manage a crime syndicate full of unscrupulous thugs that attack and steal for the general thrill of it.

Top Dollar has no superpowers but is lethal with a wide variety of weapons, both ancient and modern, specializing in swordsmanship. Myca claims to have psychic powers and the ability to see into the future. More dangerous than their abilities is their love for each other, because they will do literally anything to protect it.


The sordid nature of Clock King and Disruptor’s relationship lies in its beginning. He gives Disruptor, real name Angelica Smith, her super suit in Teen Titans #20, after saving her from a hellish existence in a group home. He becomes her whole world, despite how often he uses her in his evil plans without much concern for her safety.

Disruptor takes out her adoptive mother, believing her to be competition for her adoptive father’s affections, and Clock King preys on her irrational hatred of other females. It doesn’t help Clock King is old enough to be her dad. While Clock King has no superpowers, he is a technological genius. Disruptor has no powers outside of her suit, but with it on she can disrupt other superpowers.


Punch and Jewelee are a pair of DC villains that seem to belong in Batman’s Rogues Gallery. Fittingly, they would end up becoming a member of the Suicide Squad alongside the Joker and Harley after fighting Captain Atom for years. Literally clowns, no self respecting superhero or supervillain take them seriously.

To underestimate them is unwise, since the pair are murdering sociopaths. By day, they are puppeteers on Coney Island, by night, they are a pair of thieves. Punch has boots that allow him to walk in midair, and carries alien weaponry that shoots beams that can be used to control the body of anyone, much like a puppet. Jewelee has a pouch of jewels that can hypnotize or emit energy blasts.


It’s no secret that Lex Luthor wants what Superman has -- though he can never be a god from another planet, he tries to undermine Superman’s abilities at every turn and become as powerful an enemy against him as a mortal can possibly be. One of the greatest ways to get back at Superman is to have his one true love, Lois Lane.

In the "Til Death Do Us Part" storyline in the Superman series, Lois Lane’s marriage to Clark Kent is on the rocks. She decides to start an amorous relationship with Lex Luthor, and unbeknownst to both he and Superman, Lois is in fact the shape-shifting supervillain The Parasite. Luthor finally has the means to bring down Superman in more ways than one.


General Zod is one of Superman’s main enemies besides Lex Luthor. A fellow Kryptonian, Zod was once at odds with Kal-El’s father, and his malevolence transferred down the line of the House of El. Zod has many of the same powers and abilities that Superman has, gaining strength from Earth’s yellow sun.

By his side is his lieutenant, right-hand, and lover Ursa. Formidable and disciplined, Ursa is a lethal fighter. She too has all the powers Superman has, including freezing breath, superspeed, and X-ray vision. Unfortunately, since the pair dwell in the Phantom Zone, they are never on Earth long enough to fully display their awesome powers. If it were possible, they would exceed Superman and Supergirl in their abilities.


One of the most famous supervillain couples in Marvel Comics, Titania and the Absorbing Man have a romance that has been battle tested. While moonlighting as Dr. Doom’s lackey on the Battleworld, the scrawny young Titania was bestowed superhuman abilities by the good doctor. Her life would further be changed when she met the Absorbing Man there.

Since the Absorbing Man has the ability to absorb the form of any material he touches, he’s proven himself to be one of Thor’s greatest foes. When he met Titania, he knew he had met his match. The two married years later, and joined the Masters of Evil together as a husband-and-wife supervillain duo that featured in several Thor and She-Hulk storylines.


The abuse Harley Quinn suffered at the maniacal hands of the Joker was what eventually drove her to break free of him. For years she had been physically and mentally attacked to the point where she would very likely die by his hands if she remained by his side. She left his lair one night and decided to enlist the help of fellow supervillain Poison Ivy, who never much cared for him (or men, for that matter).

Teaming up with Poison Ivy was quite beneficial, as she actually had super powers and could keep Harley safe. She was also surprisingly kind, loving, and respectful of her new lover, something that Harley had known so little of. The Joker was never successful in wooing Harley back.


Marvel’s answer to Aquaman, Namor is more vengeful than his DC counterpart and often plays the role of the villain as much as the hero. Like Aquaman, he is the ruler of Atlantis. Born of an explorer father and the then Atlantean princess, he is the first half human, half Atlantean. He has the ability to control all water, sea life, as well as has super strength and speed.

Beginning in the "Fear Itself" story and continuing in through "Dark Reign", Emma Frost and Namor have a romantic relationship behind Cyclops’s back. While there have been times her telepathic powers have been used to manipulate her into loving Namor, the two have had a steady affair for some time now.


While most comic fans associate Talia al Ghul as being one of Batman’s main love interests (they even conceived a love child), she has more recently been tied to his nemesis Bane. The daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, she was raised to take her father’s place as the leader of the League of Assassins. She is a deadly martial artist and cunning spy.

Bane has had a few incarnations, some where he has superpowers from injecting a plant-derived elixir which gives him super strength, and some (such as in the film The Dark Knight Rises) where he is simply a very large, strong man. He was once favored to command the League of Assassins, and his protectiveness of Talia turned to love.


Black Adam is the main nemesis of Captain Marvel, and is actually viewed somewhat as his predecessor, with all the same powers, originating in Ancient Egypt. He is not known for his romantic relationships, until the Superman villain Intergang presents Black Adam with a female slave woman as a gift. Having witnessed slavery centuries before, Black Adam demonstrates compassion and frees the woman. As fate would have it, she is actually the embodiment of the Ancient Egyptian Goddess, Isis.

Black Adam is a villain that regularly demonstrates superhero tendencies, and Isis is not dissimilar. While she can be petty and vindictive, the love she has for her husband softens her vengeful heart as well. She has the ability to use Egyptian magic to apply curses.


For quite some time, Magneto was only affiliated with romancing superheroes. From Rogue to Scarlet Witch, Magneto used his mind-bending powers to create affection where none existed simply because he wanted to. The Magneto depicted in the X-Men film franchise, such as in X-Men: Apocalypse, has been paired with Mystique, a fellow supervillain who understands his passion for mutant rights at any cost.

Though they’ve always been close allies in comics as members of the Brotherhood of Mutants, their relationship was never romantic until now. Magneto never wants Mystiue to hide her true self, nor her shape shifting ability, and it is this total acceptance that is the foundation of their relationship.


The recent phenomena of gay relationships in film, TV, and comics is something that used to be foreign to the comic book industry. But now, both superheroes and supervillains are more accurately reflecting the current times, as comic books often do. While the relationship between the Penguin and the Riddler was never romantic in the comics, the series Gotham shows a side to their partnership that is plausible and endearing.

Penguin has no inherent superpowers, but has the misfortune of being born deformed and demonized for his appearance, which makes him inclined to criminal and villainous acts. The Riddler understands his pain, often being misunderstood himself for his genius intellect and sense of sadistic humor.


Dr. Doom is one supervillain who doesn’t find it hard to get a date. He’s been connected with several famous female supervillains over the years, notably with Emma Frost during her stint as the White Queen presiding over the Hellfire Club. Dr. Doom is evil but charming, and so is the White Queen, which made their (albeit brief) romance so satisfying.

Dr. Doom has the ability to manipulate objects and matter with his Doom armor, and can exchange minds with other people, which compliments Emma Frost’s immense telepathic powers. The only thing that suppresses her powers is when she turns into her organic diamond state.


Amora the Enchantress is a powerful Asgardian Goddess with the unique ability to make men kneel at her feet with her intense powers of seduction. Like Loki, she often proves a thorn in the side of Thor, Odin, and other powerful Asgardians, with her right-hand henchman and lover The Skurge at her side. His love for her makes him a willing accomplice, though she never returns it.

Skurge, sometimes referred to as the Executioner, was a great Asgardian warrior and the son of an Asgardian and a Storm Giant. He had great size, strength, and the ability to wield magical spells and curses. With Amora they made a truly powerful team since he was much more than a simple lackey.


It provides an interesting perspective to know that Thanos collected all of the Infinity Stones and endeavored to wipe out half of humanity just to impress Lady Death. She is a cosmic entity that takes a female form to personify the end itself, and doesn’t have the capacity for real love. As such, she possesses almost infinite knowledge of the universe and all the power it contains.

Born on Titan, Thanos is a Titanian Eternal, a mutant member of a race of superhuman beings. In addition to being impossibly strong, fast, and possessing a supergenius intellect, he has the ability to absorb and project cosmic energy to enormous degrees. If he could ever turn Lady Death’s head, they would be an unstoppable couple.

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