Men In Black: International Preview Night Indicates Uphill Battle at the Box Office

The Men in Black have arrived to save the galaxy, but it would seem as though moviegoers are less than willing to give this latest entry in the franchise a shot. Projections for the film are in and it would seem that the film is doubtful to clear $30 million in its opening weekend stateside, suggesting Men in Black: International is in for a bumpy ride at the box office.

Men in Black: International has everything that should help to sell a blockbuster: A proven franchise, a respected director and two actors from the Marvel Cinematic Universe headlining the feature. And yet, it would seem none of that is enough to save the film at the box office. Indications that MIB: International would struggle at the box office began when tracking initially hit and had the film coming in slightly below $50 million, however, it would seem the poor reviews for the film may have hurt its prospects, with Deadline reporting it's now eyeing just $25 million -- for the entire weekend.

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The film took in just $10 million today, and that's including the $3.1 million from Thursday previews, and it's doubtful the numbers will increase any over Saturday and Sunday, making $30 million an impossible feat as of now. Coming in behind MIB: International is The Secret Lives of Pets 2, which is finishing with $20 million in its second outing. MIB should easily take the top spot between the two, but again, a $25 million opening is not necessarily something to write home about on a film that cost a reported $110 million to produce.

It's said that the flick would need to reach $300 million at the worldwide box office in order for it to break even. It may all come down to international numbers -- a la Pacific Rim -- in order to save the film.

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Directed by F. Gary Gray and starring Tessa Thompson, Chris Hemsworth, Liam Neeson, Kumail Nanjiani, Rafe Spall and Emma Thompson, Men in Black: International is in theaters now.

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