<i>Men In Black 3</i> Script Review Reveals... Well, A Lot!

A Men in Black 3 script review appeared online yesterday at JoBlo, filled to the brim with details of varying degrees of spoilage. The biggest detail revealed revolves around the threequel's main premise — and yes, this is your final spoiler alert, so here's your last chance to turn around.

You know you're into your franchise's third movie when time travel is used as the central plot device. That's the score when the third Men in Black rolls around, as Will Smith's Agent Jay is forced to travel backwards in time to 1969 to prevent "a nightmare biker" named Yaz (Jemaine Clement) from murdering a young Agent Kay (Josh Brolin). Time travel hijinks and other assorted forms of hilarity ensue.

Paul Tassi's script review finds more than a few flaws, a major one focusing on the casting of Clement as Yaz. The villain is described in the script as a "badass hell biker" who is constantly "oozing badassery and violence out of every pore," something that's more fitting for a "Ron Perlman or Mickey Rourke" type. Can't say I disagree.

Another main issue is that Brolin's Kay is supposed to be 40 years younger than the Tommy Lee Jones version of the character, even though the actors have only 22 years between the two of them. Sure, it's a stretch, but it's hard to deny the genius of Brolin's casting.

That said, there's very little mentioned about Jones' role in the film, which leaves one to wonder just how involved he's going to be in the third Men in Black.

Source: JoBlo

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