Meltzers 'Green Arrow' sells out

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"DC has hit the bullseye again" - Randy Lander, Snap Judgments

"... any worries about a dip in quality are now long gone..." - Don McPherson, Critiques on Infinite Earths

"If you have been wondering what the buzz on this book is about, it's time you picked up this issue and found out for yourself" - Zentertainment

"...Meltzer does a great job out of the gate..." - Pipeline

GREEN ARROW #16, written by New York Times best-selling novelist Brad Meltzer, with art by Phil Hester and Ande Parks and covers by Matt Wagner has sold out at DC less than one week after its on-sale date. Copies still may be available at individual stores.

Meltzer's run on the title continues the momentum of the acclaimed and popular 15 issues written by filmmaker Kevin Smith and has benefited from extensive coverage in both the mainstream and trade press.

"We were delighted with the initial orders for Brad's run," said Bob Wayne, DC's Vice President - Sales & Marketing, "and had so much confidence in the story and in the art team, we printed it aggressively. I strongly suggest retailers check their orders on subsequent issues and adjust appropriately to meet the needs of their customers."

DC has not decided yet whether or not to go back to press on the sold-out issue #16. Added Wayne, "We'll continue to evaluate both this issue and #17 and respond to market demands."

GREEN ARROW editor Bob Schreck, "Brad's story is getting off to a strong start and it gets even better as it progresses. Phil, Ande and Matt continue to deliver."

* GREEN ARROW #17 (JUL020192) is scheduled to be instores on October 10 and is available now for advance reorders.

* GREEN ARROW #18 (AUG020233) is scheduled to be instores on October 30 and is available now for advance reorders.

* GREEN ARROW #19 (SEP020196) is solicited in the September issue of Previews, Volume XII, #9, with an instore date of November 27.

* GREEN ARROW #20 will be solicited in the October issue of Previews, Volume XII #10, with an instore date of December 26.

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