Meltzer Takes His Final Shift on "Monitor Duty"

With Brad Meltzer's top-selling run on DC Comics' "Justice League of America" coming to an end today, the critically acclaimed writer told CBR News that if he could have added one more superhero to his team, it would have been one who was half-man and half machine.

"I wish I would have had Cyborg join the team," confessed Meltzer, who filled his roster with big guns like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman and relative newcomers like Red Arrow and Black Lightning.

Citing "The Lightning Saga" crossover with Geoff Johns' "Justice Society of America" as a personal highlight of his time spent with the World's Greatest Heroes, Meltzer said, "I'll miss Justice League much more than I expected. It's like leaving a true love behind."

Other notable issues of the 13-issue run, according to Meltzer, were #0 and #1, which laid the groundwork for his team selection, as well as his final two stand-alone books #11, the tension-tightened "Walls," featuring Red Arrow and Vixen; and today's #12, entitled "Monitor Duty."

In September 2006, Meltzer became the first author ever to lead The New York Times Bestseller List and the Diamond Comic Distributors Top 100 Sales Chart simultaneously. His thriller, "The Book of Fate," debuted at #1 on the New York Times list on September 24 while "Justice League of America" #1 held down the top spot on Diamond's.    

Meltzer, who landed his first gig as a comic book writer on "Green Arrow" after intentionally naming the lead character of his novel "The Millionaires" Oliver, is hard at work on his latest novel and said, "I am thrilled to be painting with words again."

The writer of the controversial "Identity Crisis" miniseries also said he can't wait to start writing his arc on Joss Whedon's Top 10-selling "Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8" for Dark Horse Comics. Whedon recently told Entertainment Weekly, "I've asked Brad [Meltzer] to plot out the last 10 issues with me and then write the first half, and I'll write the second half."

When asked to confirm Whedon's quote to the magazine and his actual involvement in the series, Meltzer replied, "'Buffy' is exciting, really exciting.   But mum's the word right now."

Whedon's Buffy series for Dark Horse is expected to last 40 issues.

Beyond Buffy, Meltzer indicated his next dream project might in fact be a return to the Hall of Justice. "I'd love to once again entertain people with the world's greatest superheroes," Meltzer said.   "It's a silly dream, but the best dreams are. I should've never taken on this project, and yet, I'm so glad I did."

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