Megan Fox Is Just Like Us (Except She's A Hot Movie Star)!

Okay, I'm a little late on this. To be fair, I can't be expected to watch Jimmy Kimmel no matter who's on there, can I?

So, according to this article, Megan Fox let her comic geek flag fly on Jimmy Kimmel last Friday. What classics of sequential art is she a fan of?

Now she’s brought comics into the mix, telling Jimmy Kimmel on Friday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live show that she’s a fan of Witchblade, Fathom, and of J. Scott Campbell’s art on Gen 13.

Oh, well, uh, yeah, that sure is something I don't think anyone beyond 15 year old boys in 1996 has ever said. Wait, what's that? She's going in to more detail?

“I’m a big fan of J. Scott Campbell,” Fox said. “I think he’s a good artist.”

Oh dear.*


She couldn't have even said Jonah Hex? You know, the source material of a movie she's going to be in?

Beyond the fact that this isn't going to effect my superficial admiration of the woman and her oeuvre**, I actually think this is admirable. Because I have to believe she actually like these comics. Surely if she was just being fed nerd pandering answers by a PR team (and I've always wondered if she was doing that in other interviews), she would have at least thrown Watchmen and Maus in there.

Also, those may be the only comics she's ever read, because I can imagine someone trying to cast her in movies based on those properties, so I can cut her some slack there, too. Really, Megan Fox could come to my house, rip up all of my X-Men comics, and stab me, and I'd still cut her some slack. Which she would be justified in doing if I had gone with my original title, "Megan Fox has terrible taste in comics."***

Oh, and Kimmel opened this line of discussion by saying she wanted to be a comic book artist as a kid. I really don't know how to process that dubious anecdote.

*I actually think Campbell does action pretty well. I liked the parts of Danger Girl that didn't try to go beyond set pieces. Those were pretty fun. And he is the medium's first great Bruce Campbell renderer, so that should also be considered beyond his being a favorite of the hot girl from Transformers.

**If nothing else, I'm proud of myself for not making a pun about her body for work and then giggling for 20 minutes.

*** And while I'm inciting Ms. Fox to violence, I might as well make the same joke about her that Cliff Bleszinski did; she seems to be physically incapabale of closing her mouth.

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