MEgaCon announces Michael Golden and Mark Texeira appearances

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Big News for one of the country's biggest shows! With Florida's MegaCon only a week away, creators Mark Texeira and Michael Golden are making their way South for what's left of the winter, announcing that they'll be offering several special prints available only to MegaCon attendees! Numbered up to 50 of 50 for each artist for the first 100 that ask!

You no doubt know artist Mark Texeira from his recent awesome interior art on Ghost Rider and Moonknight, but even more of you know him from his fine art painting technique applied to such characters as Batman, Conan and Vampirella to name just a few. Classically trained under the tutelage of Max Ginsburg and David Leffel, Tex is one creator continuing to burn the midnight oil, with covers on Maxim magazine, and a few other surprises to be announced soon--including an art exhibition in New York.

And for all those waiting on the definitive art book on the man, "The Art of Mark Texeira: The Artist's Great Escape" is currently in production via Vanguard Productions, with text by Texeira and writer Renee Witterstaetter.

Meanwhile, co-creator of X-Men's Rogue character, Michael Golden is known for his groundbreaking work on The 'Nam, Micronauts, G.I. Joe, Dr. Strange, Batman, and Nightwing. There has been an abundance of material on Golden springing up in the last year including Modern Masters: Michael Golden; Modern Masters: In the Studio with Michael Golden DVD; and soon The Creator Chronicles Sketch Cover DVD, and "Excess:The Art of Michael Golden," from Vanguard, which has sold out and is going into a second printing.

With recent covers on Iron Man, Exiles, Heroes for Hire, Wonder Woman, and soon, Wolverine , G.I. Joe, and Demon's Regret, Golden continues to reinvent himself with each new project. To cap it off, in addition to a recent exhibition at the Society of Illustrators in Manhattan, Golden is also being honored with an extensive exhibition of original art at this year's Barcelona Comic Con!

You'll be able to catch both creators at MegaCon March 7th-9th in Orlando, Florida, where Michael will be presenting a special "Storytelling for Comics" class on Sunday, and both artist's plan to participate in a "Bowl-a-thon" to benefit the efforts of The Hero Initiative on Friday.

For information on MegaCon go to: http://www.megaconvention.com

For information on the creators, contact: evaink@aol.com

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