MegaCon announces expanded guest list

Official Press Release

Many stars and artists will converge on the steps of Orlando's Orange County Convention Center March 5th to March 7th, 2004, for the tenth annual MegaCon experience.

Just Added to MegaCon's Guest List:

Brian Thompson (Bounty Hunter from The X-Files)

Sid Haig (Captain Spaulding from House of 1000 Corpses)

Marta Kristen (Judy Robinson from Lost in Space)

Cast members from Lexx: Brian Downey "Stanley Tweedle", Ellen Dubin "Giggerota the Wicked", Jeffrey Hirchfield "790", Xenia Seeberg "Xev Bellringer" and Patricia Zentilli "First Lady Bunny"

Meet first time special guests Allison Mack, "Chloe" from the popular Warner Brothers television series Smallville, and Brad Dourif, "Grima Wormtongue" from the critically acclaimed Lord of the Rings. They will be joined by a collection of new genre stars and some old television favorites for the South's largest pop culture show. With more than 100,000 square feet of exhibit space featuring publishers, art studios, comic book creators, dealers, and other attractions, MegaCon has become known as a great marketplace for comics, toys, anime, games and collectibles.

MegaCon 2004 will feature Japanese Animation film festivals, an outstanding anime costume contest, dance event and music video contest. You can also meet the lady behind the voice of Lord Integra Wingate Hellsing, Victoria Harwood and the creator behind the very popular web comic MegaTokyo, Fred "Piro" Gallagher.

For the gamers, MegaCon also presents hundreds of gaming tracks run by SunQuestä Games and Unity Entertainment. To name a few, some tracks include: YuGiOh US National Championship, Warhammer, Magic The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, Pokemon, DBZ and many, many more!!

MegaCon proudly hosts the yearly ACTOR auction. ACTOR is a charity organization that auctions rare and one-of-a-kind comic book art and memorabilia to help provide financial assistance for retired comic book creators.

This year, some of MegaCon's first-time guests include:

From the world of media:

Glenn Shadix (Otho of Beetlejuice), Marc Singer (The Beastmaster), Amy Allen (Aayla Secura), Michonne Bourriage (Aurra Sing) and Nalini Krishan (Barriss Offee) of Star Wars, Deanna Lund (Valerie Scott of Land of the Giants), Kenny Miller (Tough Luck Hogan of Flash Gordon TV Series), Noah Hathaway (Boxey) and Herbert Jefferson Jr. (Lt. Boomer) of Battlestar Galactica.

From the world of comics:

Kaare Andrews (Hulk, X-Men cover artist), Brian Michael Bendis (Ultimate Spiderman), John Cassaday (Captain America, Planetary), Terry Dodson (Trouble, Harley Quinn),Phil Jimenez (Wonder Woman, New X-Men), Justin (creator of World Famous Comics site), Michael Lark (Gotham Central, Batman), James O'Barr (creator of The Crow), Darick Robertson (Transmetropolitan, Wolverine), Walter Simonson (Fantastic Four, Thor), and Skottie Young (Human Torch, Spider-Clan)

MegaCon also welcomes returning appearances by fan favorites:

June Lockhart (Maureen Robinson of Lost in Space), Bill Mumy (Will Robinson of Lost in Space), Angela Cartwright (Penny Robinson of Lost in Space), Mark Goddard (Major Don West of Lost in Space), Bob May (the man behind the robot of Lost in Space), Jimmy Palmiotti (The Pro, 21 Down, Superboy), Amanda Conner (The Pro, Codename: Knockout), Adam Hughes (Wonder Woman cover artist), Brian Stelfreeze (Batman cover artist), Cully Hamner (upcoming: "Batman: Tenses"), Karl Story (Batman, Nightwing), Kelsey Shannon (Cover artist, Bastard Samurai), George Tuska (IronMan, Avengers) , Martin Nodell (Green Lantern) and Nick Cardy (Teen Titans, Aquaman)

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