Mega Python Vs. Gateroid Vs. Monkee

Congratulations, Syfy, you have just managed to make the Debbie Gibson/Tiffany monster movie Mega Python vs. Gatoroid even more mind-bending in its' pop cultural status. How, you may ask? By adding a Monkee to the mix.

Micky Dolenz - who got his start in showbiz as an actor, before turning to music as one of the prefab four, and later getting into directing, co-creating the cult British kids' show Metal Mickey in the 1980s - has joined the cast of the Syfy Saturday Movie, which is due to commence shooting shortly. His role hasn't been announced, but I'm holding out for him to play Tiffany's father, and for the two of them to do a duet of classic Monkees' song "Randy Scouse Git," just to see if it really will make my head explode.

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