MEFCC: William Shatner on Leonard Nimoy, Friendship and Loss

“Star Trek” veteran William Shatner revealed he plans to write a book about his friendship with longtime co-star Leonard Nimoy, who passed away Feb. 28 at age 83.

"I've been asked to write a book about it, and I think I will," he said during a press conference over the weekend at the fourth annual Middle East Film & Comic Convention in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

"One of the characteristics of [the United Arab Emirates] is the making of friendship,” said Shatner, who recently turned 84. “Once you are a friend, it becomes a lifelong tie. It's a little more casual back in the States where friends are difficult to make and abide with. But Leonard and I knew each other for many, many years."

"One of the aspects of having a long relationship is you validate the memories,” he continued. “’You remember when we kicked the tire on the car?’ and the two of you validate the other: ‘Yeah, that was funny, but you had to be there.’ When someone dies that is a friend of yours, all those memories begin to shimmer and slide away. 'Did we kick that tire or did we not?' and you have nobody to validate it. Gradually, the memories evaporate. And that is one of the tragedies of a friend of yours dying. So, friendship has multi levels of meaning, old friendships particularly."

Shatner also pledged to help Nimoy's son Adam with his documentary about his father.

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