Meet the Horrific Robins of The Batman Who Laughs


Last week, DC Comics unveiled the cover for Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's Dark Nights: Metal #5, confirming that at least one of the evil Batmen of the Dark Multiverse will be a player in the event beyond his initial appearance and subsequent one-shot. Now, the publisher has debuted the character's sidekicks, a crew of horrific Robins who appear to be more starving vampire than pre-teen superhero, while offering new information regarding an upcoming Rebirth crossover mini-event.

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The cadre of terror will make their presence in the DCU felt in a big way in the pages of Teen Titans #12, a Metal tie-in by the creative team of Benjamin Percy and Mirka Andolfo. The Joker Who Laughs's arrival will be at the center of the first part of the series' "Gotham Resistance" crossover with Suicide Squad, Nightwing and Green Arrow.

Teen Titans #12 interior art by Mirka Andolfo

The Batman Who Laughs and his dark Robins will do their best to further wreak havoc in the DC Universe when they star in their own one-shot, arriving in stores November 15 with a cover by Jason Fabok. The issue's creative team has not yet been announced.

The Batman Who Laughs - one-shot cover by Jason Fabok

While it has yet to be confirmed that this Dark Batman is based on the idea of what happens if the Joker takes on the mantle of the Dark Knight, it seems pretty apparent that that's what his creators want us to think. The following piece of art, by Riccardo Federici, supports that theory, as it was released with the filename 'BatJoker_Federici_color.jpg.'

The Batman Who Laughs character art by Riccardo Federici

“I’ve been planning Metal for as long as I’ve been writing Batman, but I want Metal to be built upon the stories happening now in Rebirth,” writer Scott Snyder said of the event in a previous statement. “Most of all, we want to create new material that feels really modern and different. And above all, it’s going to be fun. Even with terror and nightmares, it won’t be grim. Dark Nights: Metal will be celebratory, huge and crazy.”

Dark Nights: Metal #1 is on sale now with a cover price of $4.99; subsequent issues will be priced at $3.99. Issue #2 arrives September 13, the same day Teen Titans #12 kicks off the Gotham Resistance crossover. The Batman Who Laughs one-shot will terrorize comic stores November 15.

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