Meet new bounty hunting femme fatale in Star Wars: Zam Wesell!

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Fast on the heels of the explosive one-shot Star Wars: Jango Fett comes the follow-up tale featuring femme fatale and super deadly bounty hunter Zam Wesell! The release of both Star Wars: Jango Fett and Zam Wesell also marks the first graphic novel appearances of characters from the long-awaited Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones!

Zam Wesell is facing an unusual situation most bounty hunters are not familiar with: a moral dilemma. After she and fellow bounty hunter Jango Fett acquire a powerful ancient artifact for a mysterious employer, she learns that the artifact has the power to destroy a planet! Zam confronts Jango with this information and lets him know of the artifact owner's intended target: the heavily populated planet Coruscant! After some tense moments she is able to convince Jango to help her hunt down the owner of the artifact and stop the planet's destruction.

In a commando style raid, Zam and Jango manage to steal back the artifact, but Zam begins to show a change of heart and wants to sell it to the highest bidder! Jango would rather kill her than see that happen and the two once again are in a heated face off. Even worse, the artifact's owner has hired every other bounty hunter in the galaxy to hunt the pair down!

"Zam Wesell plays an important role in Episode II, but like a lot of intriguing Star Wars characters, doesn't get a great deal of screen time," said writer Ron Marz. "This is a chance to see her in action, teamed up with Jango Fett in a story involving the Jedi Council, a truly evil villain, and a threat of literally planet-shaking proportions."

The Star Wars: Zam Wesell trade paperback features exciting writing by Ron Marz and beautiful art by Ted Naifeh. It arrives in stores February 27 and retails for $5.95.

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