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Medieval Boba Fett is the Most Feared Bounty Hunter at the Ren Fair

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Medieval Boba Fett is the Most Feared Bounty Hunter at the Ren Fair

Although Boba Fett’s stock plummeted following his embarrassing exit in “Return of the Jedi” and unnecessary backstory in the prequels, there was a time when the bounty hunter was one of the coolest, and most mysterious, characters in the “Star Wars” franchise.  A Clone War and a (seemingly) fatal encounter with a Sarlacc later and … well, let’s just say much of the mystery, and the magic, is gone.

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However, Prince Armory returns a little — heck, a lot — of both by going medieval on the Mandalorian, with this incredible Boba Fett leather armor.


The company is known for its costume and prop designs for television, film and, yes, private clients, including medieval Darth Vader armor, which it debuted last year. (It’s not all about “Star Wars,” though: You may remember Prince Armory for its unnerving Joker armor and awe-inspiring Loki creation.)

Like all of Prince Armory’s work, the Boba Fett armor is highly detailed, with an ornate helmet that’s more than a mere replica of the original (the visor lifts, too), mythosaur symbols on each shoulder, and intricate designs on the torso and gloves. There’s even a cape, because that’s how Boba Fett rolls, whether he’s lurking in a dining room in Cloud City, being consumed at the Great Pit of Carkoon, or strolling through a Renaissance festival while doing some damage to a turkey leg.





(via Prince Armory)

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