Media Outlets Praise DC Comics' "52"

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With the second month of DC Comics' groundbreaking weekly series 52 beginning this week, critical praise from national media outlets continues to grow. Here's what reviewers are saying about 52:

"Ambitious." - The New York Times

"Four of comics' brightest writers seamlessly combine their characterization and conceptualization strengths to construct the gripping real time narrative. Grade: A-" - The Washington Post

"Attempting a high-profile book headlined by third-string heroes, committing to publishing it for a full year and doing so on a weekly schedule... that takes nerves of steel. The kind you'd only expect to find on the last man from Krypton." - The Chicago Tribune

"An unprecedented undertaking... With each issue covering one seven day period, it's the comic-book answer to the real-time format of television's 24." - NewYorkDailyNews.com

"If maladjusted crime fighters, super-villainous conspiracies and secret origins are your thing, 52 may be your lucky number." - Miami Herald

"One of the most ambitious projects the comic industry has seen in a long time." - The Newark Star-Ledger

"52 is magnificent... A unique collaboration that recalls the best of television ensemble writing and plays to the distinct strengths of each comic-book writer. Geoff Johns balances character development with the epic scope of the series; Grant Morrison reimagines the genre trappings of the mad scientist and updates them for the 21st century; novelist Greg Rucka brings a noir edge to the streets of Metropolis and Gotham City; and Mark Waid combines his passion for DC history with his understanding of what makes these icons human. Together, this group of writers - along with cover artist J.G. Jones, artist Keith Giffen and series editor Stephen Wacker - have created an ambitious series that will span from the skies of Metropolis and the streets of Gotham City to China and Australia." - The Philadelphia Daily News

"[A] grand experiment...fun." - Variety.com"52 encompasses space opera, hard-boiled detective fiction, psychological suspense, light comedy, Grand Guignol violence, medical drama and straight-up good-guys-vs.-bad-guys action, all butting up against one another." - Salon.com

"[52] is off to a great start, setting up an intriguing set of interlocking stories that look to take full advantage of the DC Universe's depth, teaming characters in unexpected arrangements and playing off the emotional aftershocks of INFINITE CRISIS." - The Onion

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