10 Mechs in Anime Who Could Beat Evangelion’s Unit 01 in a Fight

With the recent addition of Neon Genesis Evangelion to Netflix, many are experiencing the classic mecha anime for the first time. Throughout the series, we see the mechanized Eva Unit 01 take on a plethora alien being called "Angels," and even another Eva of its kind. However, the landscape of robot-centric mecha anime is a very large and diverse place, and it never hurts to theorize and speculate "what-ifs!" While we see Unit 01 perform various impressive feats as it fights off Angels, there are many other robots throughout anime history who have shown off even more ludicrous abilities than those shown by Unit 01. So in the spirit of hypotheticals and "what-ifs," here are 10 Mechs in Anime Who Could Beat Evangelion's Unit 01 in a Fight!

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10 Neue Ziel - Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory

Standing only one meter taller than Eva Unit 01, a fight between Neue Ziel would likely be a very even fight. Eva Unit 01 possesses more direct control and versatility than Neue Ziel. However, there are multiple areas in which Neue Ziel has Unit 01 outclassed. For starters, Neue Ziel's mobility and range greatly outclass that of Unit 01's, with the ability to flight at extremely high speeds, arms that extend great distances, and a massive beam cannon capable of obliterating anything in its path.

One element that tips the scale in Neue Ziel's favor is (get ready to see this more on this list) Eva Unit 01's limited time it can remain active. If not for having such a small battery life, this could've gone Unit 01's way.

9 Mass Produced Eva - The End of Evangelion

While this one may feel like cheating, if we're classifying Eva Unit 01 as a mecha, it only makes sense to classify the mass produced eva units as well. For all extensive purposes, we can estimate that Eva units 01 and 02 have effectively the same strength and capabilities. Unfortunately, due to the pesky limited time limits attached to Unit 01 and Unit 02, we've seen the results of a battle between mass produced Eva units and Unit 02 in The End of Evangelion. And if Unit 02 was incapable of defeating them, we can only assume that Unit 01 would have the same problems.

8 Nono - Gunbuster 2/Diebuster

The character of Nono is notably the main protagonist of Diebuster's six episodes, and is a robot herself. While Nono does not fighting of any sort for the first half of the show, after seeing what she is capable in the series' fourth episode, we're quite sure that Nono has the potential to do Unit 01 in. A lot of the reasoning behind what Nono could do is based upon size and scale.

We'll be blunt. In order to defeat a large space monster, Nono cuts an entire moon in half. The entire thing. Gone. Halved. While Unit 01 has lived through tons of punishment, we doubt that there is much it could do to prevent an attack of that magnitude.

7 Devil Gundam - Mobile Fighter G Gundam

Size and proportioning are a trend in this list, and Devil Gundam from Mobile Fighter G Gundam is no exception. A Gundam with the ability to evolve itself, improving its weaponry and altering its size, Devil Gundam possessed unparalleled strength and could take the form of "Colony Devil Gundam," which is effectively Devil Gundam if it was the size of an entire space Colony. Unit 01 has taken down foes much larger than itself, but between such an immense scope and Eva Unit 01's limited time it can remain active, we're pretty sure Devil Gundam has that one.

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6 Eva Unit 13 - Evangelion 3.0: You can (Not) Redo

As essentially an upgraded version of Unit 01, Eva Unit 13 feels like a shoo-in for this list. Possessing all of the abilities of Eva Unit 01, Unit 13 has the functionality of being able to allow to pilots to operate the Eva simultaneously. The Eva possesses four arms (two for each pilot), and has what is effectively the strength of two Eva units combined. If our math is correct, two is a greater number than one. As long as that math checks out, it's safe to say that Unit 13 is on this list.

5 Dix Neuf - Gunbuster 2/Diebuster

Another mech to appear in Diebuster, Dix Neuf is shown to be a very reliable mech across the duration of the series. However, there is a feat that Dix Neuf is able to successfully perform in the final episode of the series that serves as evidence alone for the mech's placement on the list. During the final fight of the series, Dix Neuf is able to kick through an alien who is larger than the planet Earth, which leads to a chain reaction, causing a black hole to crack. Seeing that this mech was able to cause a scientific impossibility with a mere kick, it's safe to say that this mech could defeat unit 01 in a fight.

4 Demonbane - Demonbane

As one would expect, the vast majority of mechs in anime come from series that are primarily based in science fiction. However, Demonbane is a mech that takes everything mech related and everything based in Lovecraftian magic, mixes them together, and creates this absolute powerhouse. We'd list off numerous powers that Demonbane possesses to get this point across, but one of these powers is time travel. This means that Demonbane can alter the flow of time, prevent any potential losses with newfound hindsight, and even bring things from alternate timelines to help in his endeavors. Sorry Unit 01, but there's nothing you can do against this easily abused means of time travel.

3 Ideon - Space Runaway Ideon

Originally built by an ancient alien civilization, the Ideon is equipped with a gratuitous amount of weaponry and defense mechanisms that one would be hard pressed to find anything that could defeat it in combat. There is one particular weapon that Ideon has at its disposal that very few beings in the history of fiction could survive: a black hole cannon. Yes, You read that correctly. The Ideon possesses the ability to create entire black holes. As much as we love to see Unit 01 come out on top, we doubt that it would be able to overcome a black hole.

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2 Quatre-Vingt-Dix - Gunbuster 2/Diebuster

We promise that this will be the last entrant on this list from Diebuster. Like all mechs from the series, Quatre-Vingt-Dix has an absurdly powerful ability that shatters any attempt to utilize the conventions of actual science. This specific mech utilizes ice and the ability to freeze its targets. However, Quatre-Vingt-Dix doesn't just make things cold, it makes things negative one-trillion degrees. Seeing that temperatures that cold are scientifically unreachable, we're going to have to hand this one to Quatre-Vingt-Dix.

1 Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan - Gurren Laggan

We aren't really sure where to start here. Super Tengen Toppo Gurran Laggan has the size advantages presented by many other mechs on this list, but to a much larger degree. For those unfamiliar with Gurren Laggan, as the result of an excessive amount of "Spiral Energy" Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan is larger than the known universe, with its body being not only composed of other mechs, but by celestial bodies themselves. As much as Unit 01 is capable of doing, there is no feasible way in which it could defeat a mech who is larger than entire solar systems.

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