Story by
Art by
James Kochalka
Cover by
IDW Publishing

Two lovable dirtbag teens, tired of being bullied, build a robot battle suit to take revenge on their entire high school. But they never expected to become... kind of popular? Experience the thrill of keg parties, gym classes, bear attacks, first kisses, cafeteria trays, and car crashes... but with mechanical enhancement! It’s an action-packed dark-comedy teen-romance for the ages, from Eisner Award-winning cartoonist James Kochalka (American Elf, Superf*ckers).

  • Advance solicited for March release!
  • Kochalka’s first book for older readers in some time—like a love-child of Superbad, Carrie, Mean Girls, and Transformers!
  • Genuine high-school sweetness mixed in with robot action and insanity!

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