Mecca Comics first title, "Brother Destiny," out this month

Official Press Release

July 19, 2004: July marks the first offering from Mecca Comics Group. Look for Brother Destiny #1, written and drawn by Chris Nye. Brother Destiny #1 features Kevin Kells, a WWII soldier who stumbles across a strange monastery at the European front. After a strange experience where he is healed from injury, Kells leaves the monks to live out his life.....only to discover at the end of his days that his true existence has only begun! Kells takes on a new role: The savior of Earth!

Brother Destiny #1 is 24 black and white pages and retails for $2.99. Brother Destiny #1 can be found in Diamond's July Previews catalog for September cover and delivery. Please check out page 304 of Previews, Brother Destiny #1. Previews Item #JUL04 3018

Mecca Comics is dedicated to providing quality art and storytelling suitable for everyone. Future issues will include the works of Chris Nye, Al Milgrom, Joe Sinnott, and Dick Ayers. For more information please check out our website at www.meccacomics.com

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