8 MCU Villains Who Could Destroy The Justice League (And 7 That Would Be Smashed)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been around for 17 films so far, and they’ve introduced us to some brilliant characters. We’ve seen psychologically damaged heroes, Infinity Stones and even the far reaches of space. Across these adventures, Marvel have given us some incredible villains to fight against the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Some of them have chipped away at these heroes, breaking down until they turn on each other, whilst others have used their sheer strength and power to wipe out entire cities. So how would they do up against a whole other universe of superheroes?

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The Justice League are a formidable fighting force sure, but we’re not convinced that they could handle a world ending villain from another dimension or a huge robotic force that could overwhelm one of their own. Although having said that, there are plenty of Marvel villains that are so weak, the Justice League would be able to dispatch them without much effort at all. Some of the weakest villains even have incredible powers themselves that they just don’t use, which makes them pretty weak in a fight. Here are eight MCU villains who could destroy the Justice League, and seven that would be smashed.

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When we learned that Baron Zemo himself would be making an appearance in Captain America: Civil War, we assumed it would be a modernized version of the purple masked villain. Instead, Daniel Bruhl brought us a psychological threat that managed to pit the Avengers against one another. He was shown to be incredibly smart and resourceful.

If this is a man who is able to manipulate Tony Stark and Steve Rogers into fighting it out, it’s easy to see how he could take down the Justice League. In fact it would probably play out something like "Tower of Babel", where all of the heroes weaknesses are dissected and used against them. Zemo would bring tear each member down individually piece by piece. All whilst sitting in a hotel room somewhere with a dead body in his bathtub.


Hugo Weaving Red Skull

There’s a reason that we’ve only seen the Red Skull once, he’s not exactly the most compelling of villains. Especially when the likes of Loki and Thanos exist. Sure he’s a mastermind, yes he has incredible strength, but that’s just the average day for a superhero. Red Skull might think he’s a god, but Wonder Woman actually IS a demi-god AND defeated Ares the God of War. Schmidt has no chance.

Any member of the team could probably take him out. Yes that also includes the normal human being on the team, Batman could just don the mech-suit again for a heavier fight. Then there are the members of the team that could just fly him into the air and drop him from a height, disabling him. Done. Defeated. DC wins.


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Ego

In each DC movie so far, each hero has faced off against an enemy that is accessible. By that we mean, they’re relatively humanoid and can be fought against easily. DC has yet to bring a larger than life villain to our screens for any of the Justice League members to fight. Marvel however, brought us a giant planet.

Ego the Living Planet would kill off the Justice League extremely quickly. The only reason he was defeated in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 was that Quill had similar powers to his Father. The Justice League don’t have any of those powers, and Ego could just swallow them up into the ground or make the ground fall beneath their feet. We don’t think DC’s greatest heroes would last very long.


Everyone agrees that The Vulture was one of the best parts of Spider-Man: Homecoming. He was a compelling villain that worked well into Pete’s personal life as well as his costumed alter-ego. But at the end of the day, he’s only a powerful villain because of the technology that he’s used for his flight suit.

Take that away, and Adrian Toomes is just a normal person. That means he could be apprehended pretty quickly after they discover his identity. Did we mention that the world’s greatest detective happens to be on the Justice League? Bruce Wayne would deduce the identity of the Vulture within an hour or so. The Flash could just dismantle his suit within a second, or Cyborg could just hack it remotely and fly him straight to prison.


Thor Ragnarok Surtur Fighting The Hulk

Look, we’re not saying that the Justice League aren’t powerful. Of course they are, they’ve got some incredible powers. But could they stop a fire demon that could grow to heights that would embarrass Giganta? No chance. Also he has a flame sword that unleashes a wave of heat so powerful, even Thor struggled to fend it off.

Oh, and then there’s that destructive moment in Thor: Ragnarok. You know, where Surtur literally brings about Ragnarok and destroys Asgard. There was no way of stopping the destruction of the godly realm and even Thor knew it. We doubt a man in a Batsuit could stop that. Sorry Bruce. Wonder Woman might stand more of a chance, but the other members of the League wouldn’t even make it past the flame sword.



Hey, remember Iron Man 2? Way before the Marvel Cinematic Universe had well and truly established itself. It wasn’t particularly a hit, and that’s partly down to the choice of villain. Whiplash was essentially a man in an Iron Man suit with some two electric whips. In that case, just watch Aquaman or Wonder Woman cut the whips in two with their weapons.

Or, Arthur Curry could just use his water based powers to fry Anton Vanko in the suit. Sure, that does seem extreme. But Whiplash is the type of villain that wouldn’t stop unless you permanently put him down. Either way, as a guy in a robotic suit, he’d be relatively easy to be put down by the League. Sorry Mickey Rourke, you just weren’t good enough.



Just because Ultron could beat the Justice League doesn’t mean that we’re advocating Avengers: Age of Ultron as a good film. Let’s get that out of the way now. But Ultron could really give the Justice League some trouble. In the same way that he caused havoc for Stark and his technology, he could do the same for Batman and then take it a step further.

Is there a sentient robot that could be overridden by a superior technology? Oh yeah that’s right, Cyborg. Ultron could easily take Victor over with his numerous drones and superior technology. After all, they’re both born from cosmic forces. What would be crazier, is Ultron becoming Cyborg, completely embodying the hero. That would also bring the moral question of how the team try and defeat him when he’s technically one of their own. Sorry Justice League, Ultron wins.



Whilst the first Guardians of the Galaxy film was extremely successful both critically and commercially, it didn’t exactly have the best villain driving them forward. Ronan just had super strength, and we didn’t get to see him use the full force of Infinity Stone he had. So there wasn’t really anything setting him apart from the other super powered villains we’d seen before.

Wonder Woman could probably knock his jaw clean off or Batman would probably blow his ship up before he even landed on Earth. The Flash could easily steal the Hammer he was using, meaning his main source of power was gone. He’d either be beaten into submission or he’d end up dying in some huge fiery CGI explosion where we just assume he’s burnt to death. Like the rest of those citizens in Man of Steel.


thor ragnarok loki trailer

The God of Mischief managed to convince the rest of Asgard that he had died. Twice. He’s a master of deception, and we think that he’d have a lot of fun meddling with the Justice League. Plus, imagine his reaction to meeting Batman; a fellow pointy head-gear wearing individual. Plus, Loki could bring some much needed fun to the DC Universe.

We’ve seen Loki survive a smashing encounter with the Hulk, we’re pretty sure he could take a hit from the strongest members of the team. He was able to mount an assault on Earth, and the Avengers struggled to contain him. Sure, Superman might be near indestructible -- but he can die. Loki seems to be able to survive just about anything that’s thrown his way.



The Ant-Man villain was a little more compelling than Ronan The Accuser, but he wasn’t exactly a stand out threat. Sure he could shrink and try to escape from everyone. But when there’s a superhero like Cyborg on the team, we’re pretty sure he’d be able to track a piece of technology like the Yellowjacket suit. He’d follow the suit’s energy signature or some other piece of technobabble that we’re supposed to understand.

Then, it would only be a matter of chasing him down and either destroying the suit or just standing on him. Any of the team could do that. Heck, get Alfred to be the one to squish Yellowjack underneath his shoe. Give Jeremy Irons a witty piece of dialogue to go with it too. It would be great.


Currently, the DC Universe hasn’t introduced magic into any of its films. And although plans for Justice League Dark occasionally surface, there aren’t any magical members of the main Justice League team. Meaning Dormammu could truly wreak destruction on Earth and the team without any real opposition.

There’s no deterrent against Dormammu’s seemingly endless powers. Although we have to admit, seeing Batman become one of his acolytes would be visually incredible if it warped his suit. There’s no time gem in the DC Universe, so they couldn’t lock the godly villain in a time loop. Sure, The Flash could travel back in time, but that alone doesn’t stop the villain in his tracks and nor does it provide a method of defeating him. Sorry Justice League, you’re in the dark dimension now.



Who knew that after such a disastrous second film, that Thor: Ragnarok would be so good? Thor: The Dark World, wasn’t so great and only really served to bring in another Infinity Stone. But Malekith was quite possibly one of the weakest villains to date. He had no real motivation to destroy the universe other than it was a plan he’d already started millions of years ago.

Great. Something we can really get behind. In the end of the film he’s crushed by a spaceship -- but we’d like to see Superman lock him away in the Negative Zone. We’ve only glimpsed the Negative Zone during Man of Steel, but that would be a great way of quickly getting rid of such a boring villain. Don’t mess about with him, just lock him away and forget about it.


thor ragnarok hela kills asgardians

She’s the Goddess of Death. She was enchantingly terrifying during Thor: Ragnarok and proved more than a match for the Asgardians, Hulk and Korg. She could materialize weapons at will and did we mention that she an army of the undead at her disposal?

She’s got more than enough firepower to distract the League from whatever her real goal could be. Probably just as an all-out assault on the world. We get the feeling that Hela would revel in murdering each hero. But could she taunt them with the souls of their dead family members and friends? That would be a great way of breaking them down mentally as well as physically. Batman probably wouldn’t even make it through a fight if the ghosts of his parents appeared…


Trevor Slattery Mandarin

Sorry, let’s be specific, this is two characters. The Justice League would be able to dispatch Trevor Slattery by simply walking into the room. Aldrich Killian might be more difficult to take out, since he actually had some superpowers to play with. Especially those annoying flame hands and the ability to breathe fire. That might prove problematic to Cyborg or Batman.

But an easy fix would just to have Aquaman extinguish the fire with his ability to control water. That would quickly douse the flames of villainy, a swift punch or two and that would be Killian down for the count. Then ship him off to the Suicide Squad and put him to use for Amanda Waller. Great solution. His intellect as well as his powers would prove quite useful on missions for Task Force X.



Come on, don’t act like you weren’t expecting Thanos on this list. The Mad Titan is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s taken years for us to get close to his assault on the galaxy, Earth and the Avengers. When he assembles the Infinity Gauntlet, all hell is going to break loose.

He’s going to be near impossible to stop. Again, The Flash could travel back in time to try warn the others that he was coming, but Thanos wouldn’t fall for that twice. He’d just make sure to kill Barry Allen first so he couldn’t be stopped again. Plus, Batman wouldn’t be able to make a contingency plan for something he couldn’t see coming like the use of Infinity Stones. Thanos is just going to wipe everyone out and proclaim his love for death. Get over it.

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