10 MCU Villains That Deserve To Come Back With Loki

10 Marvel Characters Who Could Get Disney+ Shows

Loki isn't dead. At least, he won't be soon. We recently found out how Loki survives his death in Infinity War, and it's got us excited that Loki will be back on our screens in his Disney+ series. But should this treatment be reserved for Loki alone? There are plenty of MCU Villains that deserve a shot at coming back from the dead, even if it's not in a Disney+ series. We created a list of the characters we think most deserve a good old-fashioned resurrection, and we thought we'd share the results with you. So ignore those broken necks and exploded physical forms, here are 10 MCU villains that deserve to come back with Loki.

10 Ronan The Accuser

Lee Pace as Ronan

There's so much to the character of Ronan. He lives by a strict code. He'll do anything for power. And heck, he's Lee Pace. For all these reasons, we definitely think that death shouldn't hold on to him for too long. However, we put him at the bottom of this list because, even if Ronan doesn't come back from beyond, we know that he'll be back on screen soon.

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Ronan will feature in this March's Captain Marvel, along with other returning characters, such as Phil Coulson. That said, we still think Ronan could make a comeback post-Infinity-Stone-related death, especially since we've seen Red Skull do the same.

9 Kaecilius

Mads Mikkelson was in two major franchises in 2016, and he died way too early in them. We'll probably never see Galen Erso in Star Wars again, but Doctor Strange's Kaecilius is a different matter. Many of Doctor Strange's stories deal with the magic of life and death, so we can hold out hope that Kaecilius will return to us in some form. Besides, Dormammu needs a servant in our realm, and it might take too long to train Baron Mordo. Furthermore, there is literally no franchise that couldn't use more Mads Mikkelsen.

Polar is on Netflix now.

8 Arnim Zola

Arnim Zola Captain America The First Avenger

For all the mad scientists that populate Marvel Comics, not a ton of them have made it to the cinematic universe. That's why we think Arnim Zola should make it back into the MCU.

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The character, who we met in The First Avenger and who we saw die (kinda) in Winter Solider, is one of Marvel's weirdest scientific geniuses. He's built a robot body for himself, one that features a face where his chest should be. The character lives by uploading his consciousness into a computer, which we saw get destroyed in Winter Soldier. But c'mon. Do you think Zola would really not make a back-up self?

7 Kilgrave

Jessica Jones Kilgrave Serious Issues

Like Ronan, a version of this character still survives in the MCU. Well, what little is left of the Netflix MCU... Even though Kilgrave only lived until the end of season one of Jessica Jones, he quickly became a fan favorite villain within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In fact, the writers brought him back as a hallucination in Jessica Jones Season Two, and there's even a chance he might be in season three.

If Jessica Jones does find its way back to the MCU, even though it's been canceled on Netflix, we hope that Kilgrave comes along with it. He was one of the creepiest characters the MCU has ever done and the performance David Tennant gave in the part was simply outstanding. It would be a shame if he got so little screen time.

6 The Mandarin

MCU The Mandarin

Alright, we know this character isn't technically dead. Heck, we know the character we saw in Iron Man 3 wasn't even technically the Mandarin, but a con man posing as him. While we did appreciate the twist the film gave us, we were still left a little unsatisfied by the fact that the Mandarin never really made it to the MCU. How would we feel better about this?

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Well, Marvel could start by reintroducing him into the MCU. We know that Trevor Slattery is still in jail and that there was a cult centered around a mystic being known as the Mandarin. So why wouldn't Marvel Studios bring him, the real him, into their cinematic saga? If Iron Man survives Endgame, this is a necessity.


Yes, we're kind of cheating with this one. Hydra isn't one person, it's a collection of evildoers originating with the Axis powers in WWII.

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Hydra was declared mostly dead by the end of Winter Soldier, and though they do come back (in a fashion) in Agents of SHIELD, we still think Hydra should return to the MCU in a larger capacity soon. After all, the Falcon/Bucky show is going to need a serious antagonist, and Hydra would certainly fit that bill.

4 Cottonmouth

There was a lot to love about Marvel and Netflix's Luke Cage. However, one thing that disappointed many people was how little screen time villain Cottonmouth got. Cottonmouth isn't just an interesting, driven crime lord himself, he was also played by the great Mahershala Ali. You know, True Detective Mahershala Ali? Moonlight Mahershala Ali? That guy. A lot of characters are on this list because we think they didn't get enough screen time, but the case of Cottonmouth might be the biggest injustice of them all.

3 Ultron

Avengers Age of Ultron

Ultron was the big bad in a fully-stocked Avengers movie. You’d think that would satisfy Ultron fans as far as the Marvel Cinematic Universe goes. But if you’re familiar with Ultron at all, you know that there’s so much more possibility to the character than what we got in AoU.

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It would be great to see Ultron as a long-running villain in a Marvel Disney+ show, perhaps even the Vision/Scarlet Witch series that’s being developed now. Wherever he shows up, we hope that he sticks around. Like so many Marvel baddies, there’s more to his character that can fit in one movie alone.

2 Ego


The Guardians of the Galaxy franchise has opened so many doors for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We’ve met the Watchers because of them. We’ll likely get Adam Warlock out of one of their stories. And with such an expansive world, the Guardians characters have to have more going on than in their lives than what we get in the films. A character who has lived so long and influenced as many things as Ego definitely has more stories to tell. We don’t think Ego would ever get a TV series like Loki’s, but we do hope he shows up somewhere in the Eternals. He is, after all, basically a god, and gods seen to be what that movie will focus on.

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1 Hela

Thor Ragnarok Hela

Like so many of the most interesting things about the Thor franchise, Hela only showed up in its last moments. We think she deserves a return from the grave, and Marvel can do that in one of two ways. First, they can reveal that she survived her fight with Surtur, clinging to life as the rightful Queen of Asgard. Or, if Marvel didn’t want to continue that storyline, we could get a prequel series with her and Odin, a kind of cosmic Breaking Bad about deep characters who do very, very bad things.

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However they might choose to do it, Marvel should absolutely bring the Goddess of Death back in some capacity. Heck, we’d even watch her own solo film series. And if you don’t agree with that statement, you’re lying.

Who’s your favorite Marvel villain, and how could you see Marvel bringing them back to the MCU? Did we leave any of your favorites off this list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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