MCU: 10 Twists Fans Predicted Before They Happened

Though some people criticize superhero films as followed the same tired formula in their storytelling, the MCU has proven to have a few surprises up their sleeves. Part of the joy of watching a new MCU film is seeing the fun twists that shock fans.

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However, as stunning as some of these twists might be for the average filmgoer, the MCU fans are dedicated to theorizing everything they can about the upcoming movies. Whether it is foreshadowed in previous movies or taken from the comics, these surprises didn't get past the avid watchers. Here are some of the MCU twists fans predicted.

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10 The Skrulls Aren't Evil

Though we had been introduced to the Kree previously, the Skrull, a shape-shifting alien race and sworn enemies of the Kree, were new additions to the MCU first seen in Captain Marvel.

Traditionally, Skrulls had been villainous in the comics and the movie had set up a similar story as Captain Marvel was a Kree hero battling the Skrull. However, seeing as Ronan, the Kree villain from Guardians of the Galaxy was involved, fans started to suspect things weren't as they seemed. Sure enough, the Kree were revealed to be bad guys while the Skrull were refugees looking for a new home.

9 J. Jonah Jameson

JK Simmons JJ Jameson Spider-Man Far From Home

The inclusion of Spider-Man in the MCU allowed for fun new takes on the Spider-Man characters. However, there was one character that fans did not want to see any new versions of, J. Jonah Jameson.

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The hit-headed editor of the Daily Bugle was played to perfection in the Sam Raimi films by J.K. Simmons. In fact, Simmons was so perfect that fans suggested Marvel might just bring him back for these new films, regardless of the fact that it's a new universe. In Spider-Man: Far From Home, they did just that and reimagined him as an online pundit as some fans predicted.

8 The Red Skull Returns

Red Skull Tesseract

The MCU does a fantastic job of bringing back characters in future movies. There are few characters who just disappear, never to be seen again. However, that was the case for some time with Red Skull after seemingly being sucked into the cosmic in Captain America: The First Avenger.

But fans were sure the villain would eventually make his return and many suspected it would be in Avengers: Infinity War as he too sought the Infinity Stones. Indeed, Red Skull made his return in that film as the Stonekeeper of the Soul Stone on Vormir, much to the satisfaction of fans.

7 Ragnarok

Though the first two Thor movies are not the most well-regarded MCU films, the third entry in the franchise was teased to be a huge game-changer. With the title of Thor: Ragnarok, it seemed clear Thor would be trying to prevent the destruction of Asgard, but many fans theorized that he would fail.

The destruction of Asgard would be a huge moment for the MCU. In the end, the movie managed to surprise us with the twist many had suspected. Asgard was indeed destroyed but Thor allowed it to happen to save his people. Perhaps most shocking of all was how funny they made the movie.

6 Alexander Pierce Was A Villain

Alexander Pierce Robert Redford

Captain America: The Winter Soldier was a great new take on the patriotic hero. Removing him from the more black and white battles of WWII, Cap now found himself in a world where it's not so easy to tell who the enemy is. However, that question was pretty obvious for some fans.

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The sequel was filled with great twists, but the fact that Alexander Pierce was a villain wasn't too shocking. Hiring Robert Redford for the role and having such an insignificant character from the comics play such a big role suggested there was more than meets the eye with this character.

5 The Truth About Mysterio

Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home

In Spider-Man: Far From Home, Peter Parker is introduced to a new hero, Quentin Beck aka Mysterio. Together, the two team up to defeat the Elemental monsters before they can destroy the world. But Mysterio soon reveals himself to be a fraud who is only after valuable Stark tech.

This one can pretty easy for fans of the Spider-Man comics, Mysterio is a classic villain from those stories and specializes in illusions. Fans correctly guessed he was behind the Elementals all along. However, Beck's backstory with Tony Stark was a fun surprise.

4 Nick Fury Was A Skrull

Nick Fury in Spider-Man: Far From Home

As soon as the Skrull were introduced into the MCU, fans began speculating who among our heroes might be one of them in disguise. Since Skrulls can shape-shift, they could have been hiding in plain sight for quite some time.

One of the prime suspects was Nick Fury. He is a central character but one shrouded in mystery, so it would make sense. As it turns out, we see Fury in Far From Home was actually the Skrull leader Talos. However, in another twist, it appears Talos was just working on Fury's behalf.

3 Bucky Killed The Starks

Bucky Barnes Captain America The Winter Soldier

As Captain America: The Winter Soldier revealed Hydra's history hidden within S.H.I.E.L.D., there is reference made to Hydra being responsible for the death of Howard Stark. With that knowledge, fans suspected it might have been Bucky, Hydra's favorite assassin, who was responsible.

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Sadly, this theory was true as Tony learns the truth about his parents' murder in Captain America: Civil War. As a result of this and the fact that Cap knew the truth, the Avengers are torn apart.

2 The Snap

Avengers: Infinity War gave audiences a proper introduction to Thanos, a villain the MCU had been teasing since Phase 1. As Thanos travels the galaxy, searching for the Infinity Stones, the Avengers try to stop him from carrying out his horrible plan to wipe out half the universe.

Infinity War ends with Thanos actually succeeding in his mission, which wasn't as shocking to all fans. One giveaway was the original comics in which Thanos does the same thing. However, the fact that this story was originally a two-parter had many guessing there would be some shocking cliff-hanger.

1 Cap And Mjolnir

Few film moments have gotten the kind of audience reaction as seeing Captain America wield Mjolnir in Avengers: Endgame. As the Avengers fight Thanos, Cap takes up Thor's mighty hammer and uses it to whoop the Mad Titan's butt in epic fashion.

Though it didn't take away from the moment, this is a scene that fans had speculated about for years. Cap had lifted the hammer several times in the comics and it was hinted at in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Many fans suspected it would be in the final showdown with Thanos where it is finally paid off.

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