Where the MCU's Thor Could Be Headed After Infinity War


A veil of secrecy is currently surrounding the Marvel Cinematic Universe's future. Avengers: Infinity War is coming, but besides the broad strokes, we don't really know what will happen after movie's opening credits hit the screen. We do know that once it and Avengers 4 (billed as the second part of a massive story) come to a close, a number of the actors involved in the MCU since its infancy will see their contracts reach their end. To put it bluntly, this means Avengers 4 will likely be the final adventure for many fan-favorites.

Educated guesses would have us believe that we might be seeing the last of Captain America, Iron Man and several other original Avengers. With almost a decade of superhero antics behind them, no one can fault any of these actors from moving on from their roles. After all, part of the novelty of the Avengers, and Marvel Comics in general, is the revolving door of superheroes, the comings and goings that keep things fresh, new and exciting.

thor: ragnarok

However, while most actors have been keeping mum on the ultimate fate of their characters -- as well as their status in the MCU -- for the sake of surprise, Chris Hemsworth has gone on record saying he is ready for more Thor beyond Infinity War and Avengers 4. This prospect, which he doubled down on by saying he and director Taika Waititi have actively discussed the hypothetical Thor 4, has us excited. More, it makes us wonder where Thor could go after the final two Avengers movies.

Thor is a character who has gone through many changes since his introduction to the MCU. He started off as a pompous, power-hungry brat who learned humility and respect. He became the protector of Earth, and a team player. He's suffered many losses, from his mother and his father to his entire support system. In Taika Waititi's Thor: Ragnarok, the God of Thunder lost his mighty hammer Mjolnir, an eye, his Asgardian best fiends, and the entire realm of Asgard.

The character has changed and evolved from one movie to the next, and Hemsworth has only just begun to embrace the true potential of the role. "After this last experience with Taika," the actor said, "and actually these last two Avengers, I feel like we’ve reinvented the character a number of times — even in these next two, he evolves again, and you don’t get that opportunity often in a franchise." The question then, is, where could this evolution leave him, and where would that lead him, next?

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