Where Are the MCU's Six Infinity Stones Now?


The Infinity Stones are the ultimate sources of power in the Marvel Universe, ancient and powerful relics that can be used as devastating weapons. Each of them is attached to one facet of creation: Space, Time, Power, the Mind, the Soul and Reality. Separately, they are incredibly dangerous. United, a thousand times more, to the point that the person who would wield them all simultaneously could reach something akin to godhood -- something that the Mad Titan, Thanos, was able to achieve in the comics, at one time becoming the most powerful character in the Universe.


While there were a few teases and seeds planted throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase 1 of movies, it woulnd't be until Thor: The Dark World that we would get an official confirmation that the Infinity Stones truly existed in this world. With each new MCU movie, we get closer and closer to Thanos -- who has made his presence known in Guardians of the Galaxy and both Avengers movies -- assembling his famed Infinity Gauntlet, the weapon that will allow him to destroy anyone who stands against him and rule over everyone.

After the release of Thor: Ragnarok, there is now only one movie left, Black Panther, before Avengers: Infinity War is upon us, before Thanos arrives to lay waste to planet Earth and before the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy team-up to try and find a way to stop him. As the inevitable approaches, we go back through all 17 MCU movies released to date to pinpoint and remind you the exact, current location of each Infinity Stone.

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The Space Stone

The Space Stone was the first Infinity Stone to appear in the MCU -- and we didn't even know what it was back then. In fact, it was diguised as the Tesseract, a cosmic source of power and doorway to the other side of the galaxy that was at the center of both Captain America: The First Avenger and The Avengers. It was used by Loki to allow his army to attack New York, and it was finally reclaimed by Thor, who took it back to Asgard for safekeeping. However, we saw the Tesseract make a return very recently, in Thor: Ragnarok.


When Loki enters Odin's treasure room to release Surtur, he walks by his old acquaintance -- something that makes him hesitate, for a simple instant, confirming that the Tesseract is still well and truly in the care of the Asgardians. However, once freed, the fiery demon Surtur proceeds to lay waste to Asgard, effectively destroying it to smithereens. So then, what happened to the Tesseract, and the Space Stone it contained? Either it's currently floating in space right now, to be picked up by any passerby or scavenger or, the more likely option, Loki did not stop at simply being tempted to reunite with the Tesseract. The God of Mischief could have easily taken it back, and it just might prove useful if and when the time comes to fight whoever or whatever is in the gigantic spaceship that hovered over Asgard's survivors in the mid-credits scene of Ragnarok.

The Power Stone

The Power Stone was at the center of the action in the first Guardians of the Galaxy film. Through it, we learned a great deal about what these stones were, and how ancient they were thanks to the arrival of the Collector. Although he attempted to purchase it from the Guardians, it nonetheless found its way in the hands of Ronan The Accuser, who attempted to use its raw power to annihilate Xandar, the home planet of the Nova Corps.


But after the Guardians managed to save the planet (and keep it out of unsafe hands) they delivered it back to the Nova Corps, who are keeping it carefully locked away and protected on their home planet.

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