MCU: 10 Situations That Could Have Been Solved Way Sooner If Captain Marvel Showed Up Earlier

The MCU first teased Captain Marvel at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. As Nick Fury realizes Thanos fulfilled his mission, he sends out a desperate message for help which Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers responds to. But after seeing what she was capable of in her own solo film, it makes us wonder why Fury didn't call her sooner.

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After discovering her true identity in the 90s, Carol takes off into space. While there are probably a lot of potentially catastrophic problems all around the universe, there are plenty of times the heroes of the MCU could have used her help. Here are some situations in the MCU that could have been solved sooner if Captain Marvel was around.

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10 The Airport Battle (Captain America: Civil War)


Captain America: Civil War finds Cap and Iron Man forming their own superhero teams to fight for their side as a difference of opinions tears the former friends apart. This leads to an epic extended scene as the two teams of heroes duke it out at an airport.

Though Captain Marvel eventually faces off with Iron Man in Civil War II in the comics, she's nowhere to be found in this fight. The movie seemed to have decided to remove the more powerful beings like Thor and Hulk as well. With heroes like Carol picking a side, that side would immediately be the winners.

9 Retrieving Loki's Sceptre (Avengers: Age Of Ultron)

Captain America Avengers Age of Ultron

Avengers: Age of Ultron opens with the team reunited to attack a Hydra stronghold where Loki's scepter is being kept. The team charges in and takes on the entire Hydra army without much trouble at all. But as Black Widow remarks in the battle, it took a little longer than they expected.

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In all honesty, this is a job that did not require all the Avengers. Almost any one member of the team could have accomplished this. But if Captain Marvel was around, she could just fly in, grab the scepter and fly out before Hydra knew she was coming.

8 Abomination's Rampage (The Incredible Hulk)


The Incredible Hulk is probably the most forgotten of the MCU films which doesn't exactly make Abomination stand out among the great MCU villains. Abomination is a creature that was created as a result of Emil Blonsky experimenting with the super-soldier serum. As he rampages from Harlem, he and the Hulk get into a massive and destructive melee.

It's unclear how Carol and Hulk match up in terms of power, but if Carol can beat up Thanos, Abomination doesn't stand a chance. Firstly, she could pick him up and fly with to some mountain where he'd do less damage, then proceed to beat him into submission.

7 Hydra's Attack (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

The reveal that Hydra had infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D. was a great surprise in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. But not content with stopping there, Hydra plans to conquer the world by assassinating anyone who poses a threat. As their Hellicarriers prepare to execute the order, Cap and his team manage to stop them just in time.

Remember when Captain Marvel arrives at the end of Avengers: Endgame and blasts through Thanos' massive warships? That's about as quickly as Hydra's plan would be stopped if she was around.

6 The Dark Elves Plan (Thor: The Dark World)

Malekith Thor The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World is not the most exciting MCU film. Case in point, the Dark Elves hatch a plot that will destroy the entire universe and we can't even remember what that plan is. However, the Dark Elves do succeed in infiltrating Asgard and taking the Aether.

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Though the Asgardians seem to be outmatched, or at least taken by surprise, by the Dark Elves, Captain Marvel would certainly even the odds. If Thor could call her in as reinforcements, those ships would be dropping from the skies and Malekith would have his butt kicked back to the Dark Dimension.

5 Saving Sakovia (Avengers: Age Of Ultron)

Avengers: Age of Ultron

The battle in Sakovia is one of the most destructive events in the Avengers' long history of saving the day. This is the event that convinced the governments of the world that these heroes need to be put in check. But if Captain Marvel was around to fight Ultron, things might have been a bit tidier.

Once Ultron gets locked out of the global network and is unable to make any more copies of himself, it just becomes a matter of destroying every last Ultron body. This might take Carol a few minutes to do and the Avengers could help out if they wanted.

4 Attack On Xandar (Guardians Of The Galaxy)

MCU Ronan

It's not just the Earthbound crisis that could have used Captain Marvel's assistance. We know Carol is keen on helping out all around the universe, so it would have been great to have her around when Ronan was attacking Xandar.

It's true that Ronan was especially powerful at the time since he was wielding the Power Stone, but Carol stood up to Thanos while he had a full Infinity Gauntlet. She has already destroyed Ronan's entire fleet in Captain Marvel so there's no reason she couldn't do it again.

3 Battle Of Wakanda (Avengers: Infinity War)

When Thor shows up in Wakanda, the battle with Thanos' forces really gets turned on its head and suddenly the Avengers are winning. Imagine if Captain Marvel has also joined the fighting, or better yet, imagine if she was there from the beginning.

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Captain Marvel could have destroyed the ships carrying the "space hounds" before they even touched ground in Wakanda. A quick victory could have allowed more time to concentrate on removing the Mind Stone safely from Vision's head and destroy it before Thanos showed up.

2 Removing The Infinity Gauntlet (Avengers: Infinity War)

Thanos' mission to collect all the Infinity Stones could have been over even sooner than in Wakanda had Captain Marvel shown up earlier. The Avengers on Titan nearly accomplish this themselves as they trap Thanos and almost remove his gauntlet.

As impressive as it was that the Avengers were almost successful, that gauntlet would definitely be off if Captain Marvel was around. She nearly broke Thanos' hand while he was wearing the gauntlet so ripping it off wouldn't have been a problem. She could have even done it before Star-Lord had a chance to mess everything up.

1 Invasion Of New York (The Avengers)

The Battle of New York was the event that helped form the Avengers and introduce the superhero team to the world. Loki brings the Chitauri army through a portal and the heroes fight them back in an epic battle in which the entire world is at stake.

The battle might not have been as exciting if Captain Marvel had shown up. Being that she has a penchant for destroying big ships and flying through space, Carol could have just flown up and blown up the mothership, taking out the entire army in a matter of seconds.

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