10 MCU Rematches We’ll Never Get Now That The Infinity Saga Is Over

As most of us had predicted, Avengers: Endgame marked the end of an era for several of the MCU's biggest heroes. Some of them gave their lives in the fight against Thanos while others got the happy ending they deserved. As satisfying as it was, it will be strange to see a version of the MCU where Captain America and Iron Man are no longer around.

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Though Endgame brought so many stories full circle, there still remains some unfinished business that will now be left unaddressed. After seeing many of these characters go toe-to-toe, there are a few battles that won't make it to the next round. Here are some of the MCU rematches we'll never get to see.

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10 Black Widow Vs Hawkeye


Considering that they are best friends, Black Widow and Hawkeye sure do fight a lot. We first saw them face-off in The Avengers when Hawkeye was being mind-controlled by Loki. They fought again in Captain America: Civil War when they found themselves of separate sides of the issue.

Endgame did see them fight briefly once more as each of them tried to be the one who sacrificed themselves at Vormir. While that seems like a pretty powerful fight to end things on, it's sad to think we'll never get to see Natasha kick Clint's ass again.

9 Hulk Vs Thanos

From the moment he arrived on the scene, Thanos proved to be a whole new threat that the heroes had never experienced. He did this quite simply by viciously beating the strongest Avenger, Hulk. It was pretty shocking seeing the all-powerful Hulk get bested so badly.

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As one-sided as the fight was, fans were certain Hulk would make it more interesting if the two faced off again. Of course, the Hulk we see in Endgame is quite different and doesn't seem as eager to smash. Thanos is killed before it's proven who's strongest.

8 Iron Man Vs Bucky

3 Cap and Bucky vs Iron Man

Captain America: Civil War began as a feud between heroes over The Accords, but it eventually boiled down to something much more personal. As Zemo had planned all along, it is eventually revealed that Winter Soldier was responsible for the death of Tony's parents.

This shocking revelation leads to a brutal fight in which Tony is hellbent on killing Bucky. It was a dark moment in the MCU, seeing Tony so bloodthirsty, even blowing off Bucky's arm. They eventually faced more important issues, but it would have been interesting to see the two face off again.

7 Captain America Vs Red Skull

One of the biggest surprises in Infinity War was the return of Red Skull. The iconic Marvel villain was last seen in Captain America: The First Avenger, when he was sucked up into the cosmos by the Tesseract. He reappears as the Stonekeeper on Vormir.

This appearance opened up the possibility for Cap to face off with his old enemy once again. However, it never came to fruition. We didn't even get to see the awkward reunion between the two when Cap returned the Soul Stone to Vormir.

6 Hulk Vs Loki

Loki is a pretty cocky god. Not only does he think it's his right to rule Asgard and to conquer Earth, but he also has the nerve to try to scold the Hulk. While it works to confuse Hulk for a moment, things don't end well for Loki as he is quickly smashed around like a rag doll.

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It is a hilarious moment in The Avengers, which gets a great callback in Thor: Ragnarok. But while Loki seems to still be pretty terrified of Hulk, it would have been interesting to see how he would fare in another fight.

5 Iron Man Vs Hulk

It's not just the bad guys that Hulk plays rough with. He's been known to do battle with his fellow heroes on occasion, perhaps most memorably in Avengers: Age of Ultron. After being hexed by Scarlet Witch, Hulk and Iron Man (in the Hulkbuster) suit, have a messy melee in the streets.

Iron Man was simply trying to deescalate the situation, but he didn't go easy on Hulk. Even though he wasn't in his right mind, it's hard to believe Hulk wouldn't hold a grudge. But with Tony gone and Hulk's rampaging days behind him, we'll never know.

4 Captain America Vs Bucky


It seems to be a theme in the MCU that all best friends must eventually do battle with each other. Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes have one of the most touching friendships in the MCU, going back to before they were super-soldiers. Tragically, because of Bucky's brainwashing, they have been enemies as well.

Their tortured friendship helped make Captain America: The Winter Solider such a compelling film. Though Bucky seems to have been cured of his condition, there always felt like the possibility he could relapse. But with Steve retired, a rematch seems unlikely.

3 Black Panther Vs Captain America


Because of his friendship with the Winter Soldier, Cap has been forced to face off with several heroes. In Civil War, T'Challa has a particular grudge against Bucky as he thinks he is responsible for the death of his father.

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As Cap tries to protect his friend, he ends up going toe-to-toe with Black Panther. Sadly, the fights between the two are very brief. They had so much potential as both men are expert fighters with vibranium weapons. But now a real fight seems out of the question for the heroes.

2 Doctor Strange Vs Thanos

thanos strange

Though a relatively new hero in the MCU, Doctor Strange is quickly becoming one of the most powerful heroes around. Few Avengers members were able to go toe-to-toe with Thanos, but Strange more than held his own.

With Strange using his mystic arts and Thanos using the Infinity Stones, their match-up in Infinity War was a visually stunning epic confrontation. It would be interesting to see if Strange could have really beaten the Mad Titan if given another shot.

1 Iron Man Vs Captain America

Civil War saw many heroes fighting each other but in the end, it came down to only two. Iron Man and Captain America, the MCU's two biggest heroes, found themselves at odds before, but this fight was different. It was bloody and brutal and left a lasting impact.

You could see the wounds weren't quite healed at the beginning of Endgame, but they wisely put those differences aside and faced more pressing issues. Even if Endgame hadn't meant the end for both these characters, a rematch was unlikely as all seemed to be forgiven.

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