25 Fan Redesigned MCU Costumes Better Than What We Got

Comic book movies are becoming increasingly popular, especially the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, which have completely re-defined the superhero genre and set new standards. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been around for ten years. Nineteen movies have been released and the 20th is just around the corner. What Marvel Studios has accomplished should never be downplayed. After all, it's not a coincidence that other studios and franchises are attempting to replicate the success of the MCU. Everyone wants a slice of that delicious cake made out of critical and commercial success, along with the love and devotion of heaps of fans.

Marvel movies are incredibly popular with long-time comic book fans as well as casual moviegoers. Even if you've never picked up a comic book you can always have a good time watching an MCU movie. And if you are first and foremost a comic book fan you can be that annoying friend who points out what's different in the movie. The point is, the MCU fanbase seems to be constantly growing. And because there are so many people who are passionate about these movies, some inevitably have to be talented artist capable of creating mind-blowing pieces of fan art. Some of these amazing individuals enjoy re-designing the outfits of their favorite MCU heroes -- especially if a character's official costume isn't all that great. Whether it's about making the costume more comic book-accurate or more outlandish, these artists are making awesome designs that we can only hope somehow make it to the big screen.


It's no secret that Hawkeye is often sidelined in the MCU. This is something everyone likes to point out and joke about whenever an opportunity presents itself. Unfortunately, aside from having a small role to play, poor Clint didn’t even get a cool costume.

It’s a good thing Hawkeye has some amazing fans who are more than happy to re-design his costume. Nick Tam combined Hawkeye’s comic book look with his Ronin costume for this fan-made Infinity War poster and it looks awesome.


In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Star-Lord got a slightly upgraded costume which came complete with an interesting T-shirt. The graphic T-shirt drew a lot of attention because everyone wanted to know what was written on it. It is written using Klyn alphabet and it says ‘Gear Shift’, now let’s move on.

Star-Lord could have looked a lot different had Marvel decided to go with a more comic book-accurate look. Here’s how Nick Tam imagines the MCU Star-Lord with a costume more faithful to the comics.



We are all pretty much in agreement that Scarlet Witch is in desperate need of a new costume. Although, her costume in Avengers: Infinity War was a step in the right direction there’s still a lot that could be done to improve Scarlet Witch’s look.

We’re not arguing here for complete comic book accuracy, since that could possibly put Elizabeth Olsen in an overly revealing leotard. However, perhaps Nick Tam’s design could be used as a reference. The headband may seem silly, but it could look cool if done right.


Doctor Strange has one of the most unique costumes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not just anyone could pull off that look, so it’s a good thing Marvel got none other than Benedict Cumberbatch to portray the Sorcerer Supreme.

But before Doctor Strange was released fans had their own ideas on who could and should play Stephen Strange, as well as how his costume should look like. Here’s Lamarck Sa’s design, using Patrick Dempsey as a face reference. We wouldn’t mind seeing this costume on the screen.



A lot has been said about Quicksilver’s costume from Avengers: Age of Ultron. The consensus is, it looks like regular sports wear and it doesn’t have any character. Put simply, it’s bland. Since the movie’s release a lot of talented fans have offered their designer services by re-vamping Quicksilver’s costume for his possible return.

The awesome costume featured above was designed by Joe Picart, who thinks Quicksilver would be much better off with a bulletproof armor. There's certainly no argument there.


Steve’s best friend Bucky came back in Avengers: Infinity War equipped with an all-new Wakanda-made arm. Re-branded as the White Wolf, Bucky joined the fight against Thanos in Wakanda. Unfortunately, he was among those who disappeared after the snap.

Last time we saw Bucky with his mask on was in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It seems AJ Designs missed the mask, so he re-designed Bucky’s Infinity War costume. It would have been cool to see this costume in the movie.



Falcon’s costume has evolved significantly since the character’s first appearance in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. As the costume changed throughout the movies it started to look more comic book-accurate. The design of the wings got less robotic and the costume turned more red.

However, thus far, Falcon’s costume hasn’t gotten quite as red as the one designed by Artlover76. Here’s hoping we get to see Falcon in all his red glory in the MCU soon, because this looks very cool.


In Captain America: Civil War Steve Rogers left his shield behind. Luckily, King T’Challa wouldn’t allow Steve to go out on the battlefield and fight Thanos’s army without his trusty weapon. Cap was equipped with two new all-black shields to go with his new dark costume.

If you’re among those who thought Steve looked just a tad too gloomy, you will definitely appreciate Erathrim’s re-design, which looks a lot like one of Captain America’s shields from the comics.



When Black Panther sprang into action in Captain America: Civil War we were all surprised and amazed by the design of the costume. Little did we know that the costume for his solo movie would be even more impressive.

There’s a lot to love about Black Panther and the costumes are just one fraction of what makes it a good movie. Concept artist Martin Gill was so amazed by Black Panther that it inspired him to create this awesome design.


It has been ten years since the first Iron Man movie hit the theaters. Robert Downey Jr. has appeared in nine movies, which includes the Iron Man trilogy. Over the years, we have seen so many different Iron Man suits, all of which were amazing in their own way. Although, most of us have our favorites.

Julio Nicoletti is a 3D artist whose favorite hero is Iron Man, so he decided to take a chance at designing an Iron Man armor. We certainly think this would be a nice addition to Stark’s collection.



After the events of Captain America: Civil War Steve Rogers went into hiding, grew out his hair and beard, ripped the white star from his chest and left his shield behind. So, when we first see Steve in Avengers: Infinity War he’s a far cry from the man we last saw in Civil War.

Cap’s new shield was a gift from his new friend T’Challa. However, before we knew what the shield will look like, artists had different ideas. Dalton Barrett imagined Cap’s new shield would use the same technology as Coulson’s shield.


The silver-haired speedster Quicksilver unfortunately made only one full appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Pietro Maximoff and his sister Wanda played a rather important role in the second Avengers film, Age of Ultron. While they were certainly interesting to watch, their costumes were kind of sloppy.

Quicksilver is often listed as the worst dressed MCU hero, and it’s easy to see why. So, because everyone was so disappointed, artists took it upon themselves to redesign Quicksilver’s costume. The one you see above was created by Emily Doyle, and frankly, looks a lot better than the official design.



Ever since the events of Captain America: Civil War Steve Rogers has been on the lam. After refusing to sign the Sokovian Accords, Steve became a fugitive and together with Sam Wilson and Natasha Romanoff he operated from the shadows. However, when Bruce Banner called Steve to let him know that Thanos is coming, Steve stepped out of the darkness. Both literally and figuratively.

But, this was not the Captain America we knew. Steve’s Infinity War look is based on his other alter-ego -- Nomad. While we loved Chris Evans’ look in Infinity War, this redesign by Artina Studio is equally awesome.


God of Thunder has been through a lot lately. What with his father dying, his evil sister coming back from the dead to wreak havoc, getting stranded on Sakaar, becoming a gladiator, losing his whole planet, and losing his brother, Thor feels like a whole new person. But his personality is not the only aspect of him that’s changed. In Thor: Ragnarok, the God of Thunder got a brand new look.

Perhaps equally loved and hated, Thor’s short hair made a comeback in Avengers: Infinity War. In his re-design, Paul Simeon kept the hair but designed a more colorful costume, and Thor looks dashing.



The word on the street is, Clint Barton is coming out of hiding and he’s got a new superhero identity together with a new costume. Judging by recent photos from the set of Avengers 4, Ronin is coming to the MCU. We’re all hoping that Clint finally gets to play a larger role and that he gets a much better costume.

Although, Hawkeye has had a number of different costumes throughout the years, none has received overwhelmingly positive reactions from the fans. Unsurprisingly, many fans redesigned Hawkeye’s costume. Karl O’Rowe gave Hawkeye an outfit that is very comic book-accurate.


Falcon is one of those characters that went through the blender on their way from the pages of comic books to the movie screen. In the comics, Falcon is able to telepathically link with birds and he has a pet falcon named Red Wing. Sam Wilson also has a very different look in the comics -- a much more colorful look.

Upon seeing Falcon’s first MCU costume in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Mystic-Oracle decided to give Sam a much-needed upgrade. We have to admit his Falcon really does look mighty impressive.



Tony Stark has sported a number of different armors in the multitude of MCU movies he’s appeared in. It’s impressive how far Stark has gotten from the Mark I armor built from scrap in a cave. The latest armor featured in Avengers: Infinity War uses nano technology and it’s based on the Bleeding Edge Armor from the comics.

It sure has been quite the journey. But, aside from all the cool designs we saw in the movies, there’s tons of Iron Man armors created by fans, such as this awesome design by Yanni Davros.


Captain America has had a number of different costumes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers is seen in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Stealth Suit, which we think is one of the best costumes the Cap has worn in the MCU.

However, there are those who found Captain America’s Stealth Suit a bit underwhelming and some decided to give it a new look. Tloessy designed four slightly different versions of the costume that would look amazing on-screen.



Guardians of the Galaxy are not your usual run-of-the-mill heroes. They don’t look like other heroes and they certainly don’t act like other heroes. In fact, when James Gunn discussed the design of Star-Lord’s costume, he specifically stated that he wanted Quill to look more like a rock star than like a hero. As far as we’re concerned, the intent was achieved.

But what if the costume had been just slightly different? Well, Martin Lawrence Algeron has the answer. His design is very close to Star-Lord’s official costume, but it’s a bit closer to something a hero would wear.


Black Panther’s latest MCU costume looks absolutely fantastic. In fact, it’s one of our favorite costumes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It just looks gorgeous. However, there are still some incredible fan-designed costumes out there that could have worked just fine on the big screen.

Avandu Vosi designed this cool Black Panther costume, which is even more strongly influenced by African culture, and it looks stunning. Everything about this costume is exceptional, but the red cape is what immediately caught our eye.



Scarlet Witch hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to costumes. In Avengers: Age of Ultron she basically wore a regular every-day outfit and in Captain America: Civil War she was given a corset for a costume. Her Avengers: Infinity War costume was similar although slightly better. Still, there’s a lot of room for improvement.

Even Elizabeth Olsen thinks Scarlet Witch needs a new costume. The fans also want Wanda to get a new costume and they’re already designing their own versions. James Bousema created a very cool costume we wouldn’t mind seeing on the big screen.


Over the last ten years, we’ve had the privilege to see lots of awesome Iron Man armors. Iron Man 3 holds the record for most Iron Man armors featured in a movie as well as a single scene. The Red Sniper, Gemini and Blue Steel are just some of the armors spotted in Iron Man 3. In Avengers: Infinity War, Tony showed off his nano-suit, inspired by the Bleeding Edge Armor.

But, fans of the billionaire playboy have also tried their hand at designing cool armors. Boss Logic combined Iron Man with the Overwatch hero Genji and the result is gorgeous.



Who could have predicted or imagined that a costume like Black Panther’s could look so incredibly amazing in live-action? But, thanks to everyone at Marvel Studios working very hard Black Panther is one of the best-looking MCU heroes.

The costume was designed to look very sleek and form fitting, accentuating T'Challa's muscular structure. Artist Kyle Brown, however, thinks a slightly sturdier costume would work better. It is certainly an interesting design and it could look good on film too.


Spider-Man’s been in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for less than three whole years and he’s already gone through three different costumes. In Avengers: Infinity War, Peter finally jumped into the Iron Spider suit that Tony made for him. In Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming, he’s seen in his regular Spidey get-up. But, we also got to see Peter’s homemade Spider-Man costumes.

And here’s how Carmen Carballo re-imagined Spider-Man’s Homecoming DIY costume, which combines the official costume and the official homemade costume.



Thor: Ragnarok is not only the best Thor movie, it is one of the best MCU movies. It rebooted the Thor franchise, gave it new life, and it was a whole lot of fun to watch. God of Thunder himself was re-vamped in Ragnarok. Thor put on a new gladiator suit and Stan Lee gave him a drastic haircut.

Thor’s new look was mostly well received by the fans, who created tons of awesome fan art. Combining the classic Thor and Unworthy Thor, Toni Van Horn redesigned Thor's costume and made it look even cooler.


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