Phase Four: 5 Confirmed Movies, 5 Rumored (And 10 That Are Just Wishful Thinking)

Phase Four is closer than most of us think. After Captain Marvel in March and Avengers 4 in May, Phase Four will kick off in the summer of 2019. However, we don't know much else about the next big Phase in the MCU. Marvel is keeping its cards close to their chest as they gear to launch a new beginning for their cinematic universe. As a matter of fact, we don't even know much about the remaining Phase Three films, as they will likely have a big impact on the next Phase. That said, there are some projects that we already know are coming in Phase Four. Because Marvel still needs to tie fans over through the next few years, some titles have been announced along with their respective release dates. With what we have already, there's room for fans to be excited to see what the MCU has to offer going forward. On top of that, there are also rumors on what we could see next, whether it be future movies for existing characters or brand new titles, the rumors suggest that Phase Four is going to make the MCU even bigger.

With all the projects and rumors, some people have theorized about other projects making it to the MCU. At this point, though, those movies are just wishful thinking in our opinion. Marvel is still a business bound by rules after all. Phase Four is going to be big and, as proof, here are five confirmed movies, five that are rumored, and ten that are sadly just wishful thinking.

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Kicking off Phase Four will be Spider-Man: Far from Home in July 2019. It will take place after the events of Avengers 4, reportedly dealing with the aftermath of such a massive event. Spidey and the rest of his classmates will be on a field trip across the pond, where the wall-crawler will take on some new and familiar foes.

There are talks of Mysterio and possibly Hydro Man joining the ranks as well as the return of the Vulture. Parker will also have a new suit for the film, having a bit more black than his previous design. Nick Fury is also set for an appearance.


The Fantastic Four and X-Men are two big properties whose movie rights were once owned by FOX. While they were acquired by Disney in that famous deal, we doubt that it would be so soon that Marvel would rush plans to get the Fantastic Four moving. It's possible that their Phase Four plans were already set in stone.

Wanting to do more justice to the Fantastic Four, we imagine they'd probably save it for Phase Five where they could give them more time in the spotlight. As much as we believe Marvel could do the Fantastic Four justice in any capacity, we don't think they'll appear anytime soon.


We're not sure what Marvel's plans are for Tony Stark following Avengers 4. It's possible that we could see him losing his life at the hands of the Mad Titan, but there's a slim chance that he could live to fight another day. After Stark was the poster boy for the MCU and starred in his own trilogy, it's possible that we could see an Iron Man 4 released in Phase Four.

Back in 2014, he was on "Ellen", where he proved a bit coy on the possibility of a fourth Iron Man film. The fact that he doesn't seem to give a straight comment suggests that there is something in the works. That said, it could be scrapped at this point.


The X-Men are the biggest Marvel superhero movie characters that aren't owned by Marvel. After FOX put together their own convoluted franchise involving the mutants, it seems that they're finally going to be integrated in the MCU after the deal with Disney. That said, with the X-Men franchise still trucking along and Marvel with its own plans in motion, we know that it will be a long while before we see those characters alongside the Avengers.

It's likely that Phase Four will not be the time for the X-Men. Marvel will have to be careful with their timing, and we think it might be easier for them to use the X-Men in a later phase.


guardians of the galaxy line up

While Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 had more of a concrete release date in the past few months, things have been a little shaky for the MCU's space team as of late. After Disney fired director James Gunn, they are on the search for someone else to helm the franchise. Disney and Marvel both intend on keeping Guardians 3, though, as they have confirmed that they wouldn't be cancelling the entire thing.

However, whether the movie releases in Phase Four or not is dependent on the production backstage. Finding someone to replace Gunn will be difficult, and they'll certainly want to get it right.


Namor Illuminati

With characters like Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and Black Bolt already in the MCU, the movies are just a few characters shy of having a full Illuminati team from the comics. After the cosmic events of Thanos destroying the universe with the Infinity Gauntlet, it's possible that we could see a sect of the Avengers forming a secret organization designed to deal with those threats.

However, we doubt that there would be an entire movie made about the formation and establishment of the Illuminati. Furthermore, the name would probably have to be changed due to the supposed existence of the organization in real life.


Chris Hemsworth as Thor

With Chris Hemsworth's contract ending and the entire Thor franchise feeling downed in the water, we were almost certain that the God of Thunder would be last seen in Avengers 4. However, with the reinvention of the character thanks to Taika Waititi's Thor: Ragnarok as well as the Russos' Avengers: Infinity War, Hemsworth is much more interested in continuing his role.

In an interview with USA Today, Hemsworth stated that he and Waititi have talked about possibilities for Thor 4. After all, it wouldn't make much sense to effectively reboot the character only to write him out of the MCU immediately afterward.


secret invasion

With the introduction of the Skrulls in the MCU in Captain Marvel, we doubt that it's they're without intention. The Skrulls were a big part of the comics, so it makes sense that they'd be a big part of the movies as well. They are most known for the "Secret Invasion" storyline in the comics where they posed as numerous Marvel heroes around the world.

While adapting that in the MCU would be exciting, it would also be a daunting task. Many moving parts and narrative threads would have to be in the right place. It's something that many people would like to see, but we're not sure that it would ever happen.


Doctor Strange Quantum Realm 2

After the lukewarm success of Doctor Strange, fans were unsure if we would see the Sorcerer Supreme don the cape for his own adventure. However, with some loose ends to tie in the form of both Baron Mordo and Dormammu, it seems that Marvel is moving forward with Doctor Strange 2.

While it's not quite clear if this movie will take place in Phase Four, it seems unlikely that it would be much later and Marvel announcing it so soon. Furthermore, it may be important to see how Strange reels from the events of Avengers: Infinity War and tries to make the various Sanctums much safer places.


While Venom is far from an excellent movie, there's no denying that Tom Holland's Spider-Man would benefit greatly from going toe-to-toe with Venom on-screen (not necessarily Tom Hardy's either). Marvel seems to have access to a lot of classic Spider-Man villains, but the one they haven't been able to use is Venom.

It would be excellent to see a worthy fight between those two characters in live-action for the first time. "Maximum Carnage" might be a bit too mature for Holland's Spider-Man at the moment, but it's certainly something that the MCU could build toward with ease.



While Deadpool might be leading the charge for R-rated superhero movies, he wasn't the pioneer for bringing it to the mainstream. That award goes to Blade with his trilogy back in the early 2000s. Wesley Snipes has been done with the role for a while, but he stated back in August that he and Marvel are talking about bringing the character back in some capacity.

Whether that takes shape in the form of a new television show or an entirely new movie, we're not sure, but it's an exciting prospect nonetheless. With many of the Marvel Netflix shows being cancelled, it's possible that we could see Blade reach Marvel's mature demographic.


Thor Meets the Guardians of the Galaxy

Of all the characters working together in Avengers: Infinity War, there was no team up more hilarious or exciting than Thor with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Waititi's rebooted character blends perfectly with the zany yet sincere incompetence of the Guardians. With the characters having some of the best chemistry in the MCU, we'd love to see Marvel capitalize on that in a future project.

Perhaps Thor 4 and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 could be mashed into the same film with Waititi at the helm. That said, with the undecided fate of the Guardians and Thor having his own set of friends, we don't think such a film is likely.


Shang Chi Master of Kung Fu

Among Marvel's many obscure characters is Shang Chi, who is a master of kung fu. He was much bigger in the '70s, but has since faded into obscurity. However, it seems that Marvel is looking to bring this character out of the past and into the mainstream with his own film.

While details other than the fact "it's coming" are not to be found, it's likely that this could be something we see in Phase Four. Marvel has already said that they want to add more diversity in their films going forward, and Shang Chi would star an Asian lead. It's a safe bet for a Phase Four film in our minds.


The Incredible Hulk hasn't had a lot of success with his own franchises. Both 2003's Hulk and 2008's The Incredible Hulk failed to captivate audiences as much as Marvel hoped, which led Hulk to become a side character, appearing in other hero's films. However, with Banner and Hulk going through an arc as of Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War, there is some material for a solo movie.

Unfortunately, many of the original Avengers seem to be leaving the MCU after Avengers 4, and with no real franchise to move him forward, Hulk isn't exactly a great contender to keep coming back.


Dark Avengers

Just a few months back, That Hashtag Show reported that Marvel had finished a script for a movie surrounding the Dark Avengers. The Dark Avengers were a team of villains who took the role of Earth's Mightiest Heroes for a time under the leadership of Norman Osborn.

If this project tracks in the MCU, it's likely that we could see the few living villains take on larger roles in the universe. It could possibly include the Skrulls masquerading as the Avengers, but it's all speculation at this point. If just a script is finished, it's likely that the film won't be out for a few years yet.


Despite being one of Netflix's most popular shows, Daredevil just got cancelled after its triumphant third season. The Man Without Fear is now without a proper show in the MCU, but Marvel has said that the character will return in some other form. With two other members of the Defenders on the outs, it's unlikely that Daredevil would play a part in another Netflix show.

Some believed that Marvel wants to bring the blind hero to the big screen, but there's no support for that from anyone. At this point, we're ready to see Daredevil come back in any fashion, but getting his own movie would be a bit of a stretch.


Black Panther Chadwick Boseman

After the major success of Black Panther, Marvel has already confirmed that a sequel is in development. Bringing back Ryan Coogler to direct, it seems that the King of Wakanda will continue his saga after Avengers 4. With the absence of both Kilmonger and Ulysses Klaw, it's unclear who the new antagonist could be.

It's possible that the movie could pit T'Challa and M'Baku against each other, and we could also see Shuri in a larger role. Either way, the movie is sure to be a success. With the first film so popular, it would make sense that Marvel would try to get the sequel out as quickly as possible.


MCU X-Men Spider-Man Deadpool

With several different franchises within their X-Men universe, FOX has been most consistent with Deadpool's corner. The Merc With a Mouth has been gloriously adapted from the pages, and it seems that Ryan Reynolds has plenty more steam in him to continue the franchise. With FOX's properties headed over to Marvel, though, there is talk about Deadpool being integrated into the MCU.

While it could be something as simple as making Deadpool's world part of the MCU, a dream come true would be to see him have a crossover film with a character like Scott Lang's Ant-Man or possibly even Spider-Man.


While Marvel is largely interested in continuing their pre-existing characters' stories for Phase Four, they are also looking to some new faces to hold the MCU together. One such property is the Eternals. These cosmic characters are extremely powerful beings that lived in the MCU for years, having ties to the Celestials as well as Thanos himself.

Kevin Feige told The Wrap back in April that the film was a great possibility. We don't know much about the project other than that, but we'd put our money on this movie happening during Phase Four. With the Guardians' fate up in the air, the MCU will need more cosmic films.


heroes for hire

Iron Fist wasn't a popular show. When it was cancelled after its second season, many people weren't surprised. However, it wasn't long after that Luke Cage was cancelled as well, dashing all hopes for a Netflix adaptation of the Heroes for Hire. However, with both characters still owned by Marvel, it's possible that there were more reasons than just lack of popularity that those characters were cut from television.

In a perfect world, we would soon see an announcement for a Heroes for Hire film starring both leads. Add a few tie-ins to Spider-Man and possibly Ant-Man, and people would surely flock to theaters.

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