The 10 Best Uses Of Mjolnir In The MCU, Ranked

Mjolnir is Thor's trusty hammer for much of the God of Thunder's life. When he was introduced into the MCU, Thor and Mjolnir were synonymous, and it was hard to think of him ever wielding anything besides the hammer.

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Until its demise at the hands of Hela, Mjolnir had some brilliant moments. The hammer was brought back in Avengers: Endgame and seems set to be wielded by Jane Foster in Thor: Love and Thunder. Here are the ten best uses of Mjolnir in the MCU (so far).

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10 Defeating The Kronan

The first entry here is the quickest Thor has dispatched any of his foes. While Thor and the Warriors Three are out protecting the nine realms, they come across a battle-torn Vanaheim. While trying to restore the peace, a giant Kronan (the same species of rock people as Korg) makes an appearance, challenging the Asgardian.

After refusing to surrender, Thor spins the hammer and with one blow completely separates all the rocks that make up the body of the Kronan. The enemy quickly drops its weapons.

9 Getting Loki To Yield

Loki Tom HIddleston Ragnarok

Not all of Mjolnir’s uses have been to smash enemies. After Thor: The Dark World, Loki is thought to be dead. Years later, Thor returns to Asgard to talk to Odin, but in his place finds Loki disguised as the All-Father. In the time Thor has been gone, Loki has warped the Asgardians minds with his lies to ensure they would build statues of him and praise his heroic “death” in The Dark World.

Seeing through the disguise, Thor throws Mjolnir into the distance and puts his hand behind Loki’s head. Nothing will ever stop Mjolnir from reaching Thor’s hand, not even the face of his brother. At the thought of having his face caved in, he reveals himself to be Loki. Without this tactic, Loki’s lie could have gone on for much longer.

8 Carrying Spider-Man

In the final battle of Avengers: Endgame, the heroes are trying their best to keep the Infinity Stones away from Thanos. First, Hawkeye hands the gauntlet off to Black Panther who gets swarmed with Chitauri after a bit and Spider-Man swings in to grab it.

Once Spider-Man gets swarmed himself, Captain America, who is now wielding Mjolnir, throws the hammer across the battlefield. Spider-Man, who is most likely not worthy to wield Mjolnir at this point, slings a web up and is quickly transported out of immediate danger along with the gauntlet.

Without Cap’s quick thinking, Peter could have lost his life and Thanos’ army would have acquired possession of the Infinity Stones.

7 Taking Out The Frost Giants

In the first Thor movie, we are given a quick idea early that Thor is an arrogant, ready to fight hero. Our first look at Thor taking advantage of Mjolnir’s powers was when he went to challenge the Frost Giants in Jotunheim.

While overall not that impressive of a battle, this encounter highlights Mjolnir's versatility. Whether throwing the hammer, spinning it on the ground, or picking up ice to take out multiple enemies at once, Thor shows his reliance on Mjolnir. He also summons one massive lightning to take out the surrounding army and flies through the mouth of a frost beast threatening to harm the Warriors Three.

6 Pinning Loki & A Dragon

Thor has used Mjolnir to pin a couple of his enemies. At the end of the first Thor movie, he places the hammer on Loki’s chest to give himself time before ultimately calling Mjolnir to destroy the Bifrost.

Thor uses a similar tactic in Ragnarok. Following the fight with Surtur, Thor calls Heimdall to bring him home to no answer. He flies out of the cave system he is in where a dragon follows him and attacks. Thor drops Mjolnir onto the bottom of its mouth to pin him to the ground to continue calling to Heimdall.

5 Proving Vision To Be Worthy

The most known power residing in Mjolnir is that only those worthy enough are able to wield the hammer (and gain Thor’s powers). In Age of Ultron, the Avengers decide to have a go at lifting the hammer. Clint, Tony, Rhodey, and Bruce are all shown not to be able to lift the hammer. They are deemed not worthy for their various reasons.

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Fast forward to the creation of Vision. The synthetic was originally designed by Ultron to serve as a vessel. Of course, this made Vision a hard guy for the Avengers to trust. At least, until Vision hands Mjolnir to Thor and uses the hammer to land a hit on Ultron in the final battle.

4 Fighting Hulk

Before the fight for New York in the original Avengers movie, Hulk was seen more as a threat than an ally. This is especially true when Loki escapes and triggers the Hulk's coming out party onboard the SHIELD Helicarrier.

At this point, Thor and Hulk are about equal in pure strength. It is Mjolnir and Thor’s smart use of the hammer that tips things in his favor for a moment. At first, Thor knocks the Hulk off balance (which at the time was unheard of) and then throws the hammer into Hulk’s hand to pin him down for a moment to land a couple more strikes.

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Ragnarok shows that Thor is mightier when he unleashes his inner power; however, back then, Mjolnir was the reason he had a chance to win.

3 Combos With Captain America’s Shield

Captain America’s vibranium shield had some unknown effects when he first met Thor. When Cap, Thor, and Iron Man get in a little squabble over Loki, Thor “drops the hammer” on Cap’s shield with the ensuing blast knocking all three away.

From this point forward, when Thor and Captain America start working together, they use these kinds of blasts to knock enemies backward. Captain America uses this technique on his shield in his solo fight with Thanos, where he throws the shield behind Thanos and then uses the hammer to ricochet the shield back to him while also blasting Thanos.

2 Fight With Surtur & His Minions

At the beginning of Thor: Ragnarok, Thor is on the hunt for the Infinity Stones. His journey brings him to Surtur, who is prophesized to destroy Asgard. To put a stop to this, Thor needs to remove his crown and plans to store it in Odin’s Vault.

When Sultur’s minions attack, Thor spins the hammer and throws it around him taking multiple minions out while it travels through its path. He then slams the ground with an electric blast that takes out the rest of the minions.

Mjolnir is not just used for offense here, though. When Surtur launches a fire blast at him, Thor spins Mjolnir to work as a shield in front of him, deflecting all the flames away. He soon takes down Surtur with a mighty strike.

1 Cap Is Worthy

Kind of ironic that the number one pick has nothing to do with Thor, huh? In Age of Ultron, Captain America manages to budge Mjolnir but does not lift it. When Thanos is closing in on killing Thor with Stormbreaker, Cap picks up Mjolnir and knocks Thanos off-balance, saving the God of Thunder. The ensuing fight involves Captain America utilizing variants of Thor’s electric powers.

Cap employs some great moves utilizing both his shield and hammer, but Thanos proves to still be too much for the superhero. Once all of the heroes killed in the blip return though, we get our most epic moment in the MCU yet with Captain America calling out his iconic “Avengers Assemble!” while wielding Mjolnir.

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