Infinity Crusaders: 25 Super OP Marvel Characters The MCU Is Leaving On The Bench

Any fan of the Marvel Universe knows that there are tons of insanely powerful characters on Earth and beyond. Sure, there are strong characters like Black Bolt and the Hulk, but they are just two members of a much larger and more powerful universe. As Marvel began to embrace new dimensions and the existence of reality itself, they introduced new characters that reflected a higher power than even "the strongest there is". These characters became either some of the greatest heroes in the galaxy, or the biggest galactic threats that fans have ever seen on a page. Some of these characters have already been used in the MCU, like the Watchers and Ego in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, and Surtur in Thor: Ragnarok, but they're just the tip of the iceberg, with Marvel Comics being home to characters that are either on the same power level, or even beyond that.

As the MCU enters a new era following whatever happens in Avengers 4, it's possible that some of these characters could be ripped from the pages and thrown into the films. With there being talks of a movie starring the Eternals, it's clear that Marvel has their sights set on bigger worlds and larger heroes and villains than they've attempted before. As of right now, though, a lot of them have been benched in both the television and movie corners of the MCU. There have been plenty of powerful characters in the MCU so far, but Marvel still has these OP characters from the comics benched from movies and television shows. It's possible they could appear in the future.

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There are plenty of superheroes that try to serve as judge, jury, and executioner, but none of them come close to the Living Tribunal. This cosmic being oversees the universe with the intent of maintaining balance at all costs.

As it watches over reality, though, it can seek to destroy entire worlds because it thinks they're evil and would upset the balance of the universe. There are essentially no limits to its power, meaning that the only way to defeat it is by reasoning with it.



The Beyonder was the character responsible for transporting the Marvel heroes into Battleworld for the "Secret Wars" event. A being that can do that must be exceptionally powerful, and the Beyonder is no pushover. He is the combination of an entire universe that exists "beyond" the known realm (hence where he got his name).

Those who manage to steal his powers are imbued with the energy to create their own realities and rewrite history itself. He may look a little ridiculous, but he can destroy anyone with just a thought.



Skaar is the son of Hulk and Caiera, and was born on Sakaar. Growing up on his planet without either of his parents, he was raised solely with the knowledge of fighting.

He was a leader as he tackled entire armies and even stopped his planet from being consumed by Galactus. Later, he traveled to Earth with a single purpose: to take down the Hulk. Being more out of control than his father, Skaar is everything that Banner fears about his alter ego.


Galactus Joe Quesada

Galactus is one of the biggest names in the Marvel Universe, and one of the biggest beings. A Celestial who has an insatiable hunger, he moves across the universe, devouring planets that he deems fit.

He is also able to grant powers to other individuals and make them heralds and have almost an equivalent level of strength to himself (he granted the Silver Surfer his powers). On top of being able to devour planets, Galactus has a host of other abilities that make him one of Earth's greatest foes.


When a man, desperate to save his planet, offered his services to Galactus, he was granted the Power Cosmic to become the Silver Surfer. Since then, he has sped ahead of his master to other planets, where he would warn the inhabitants of their impending doom.

If people were brave enough to fight the Surfer, though, they would be in for a battle. The Surfer can manipulate all forms of matter, has an indestructible board, and can even travel through time. There is no situation that he can't handle.


Adam Warlock has already been confirmed to exist in the MCU, but the Magus has yet to make his presence known. Magus is a future version of Warlock, but one that embraced an evil doctrine and sought to destroy the world.

With Warlock being one of the strongest heroes in the Marvel Universe, Magus is even more powerful, as he never holds back in a fight. He also inspires fear in Warlock at all times, forcing the hero to do everything he can to prevent a destrctive future from occurring.


Kronos was one of the smartest Eternals who ever lived. One of his experiments caused the destruction of himself and his planet. However, his consciousness survived, taking a much more powerful, abstract form.

Since then, Kronos has become attached to the greater dimensions in the universe, eventually becoming a master over time. He can manipulate and bend it to his will, as well as being one of the smartest entities in the universe. He can move matter via telekinesis and create objects out of thin air.


Silver Surfer Captain Universe

Captain Universe is another entity that exists in the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe. As the protector of Eternity, Captain Universe was blessed with all sorts of powers, ranging from psychic senses, flight, super strength to crazier things like molecular manipulation.

Captain Universe can also choose living beings as its host and add their powers to its repertoire. It has bonded with characters like Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and even the Hulk. However, it remains its consciousness with whomever it possesses.


Hercules is a character from old mythology, and his origins in the Marvel Universe are largely the same, as are his powers. As you might expect, Hercules is one of the strongest gods in the entire Marvel Universe, having gone toe-to-toe with Thor once.

His strength knows no limits and allows him to jump great heights and distances and even drag the full island of Manhattan. He has pulled off some of the most impressive feats of strength in the Marvel Universe by himself.


Hyperion was a boy sent to Earth as a young, alien boy. He was then raised by people in the United States and found that he had awesome powers that made him become one of the world's greatest metahumans. Sound familiar?

Hyperion was a clone in many ways to DC's Superman. As such, he has a lot of the same powers, and is every bit as strong as the Man of Steel. The big difference is that he was descended from the Eternals, leaving him only a few clicks away from being a Celestial.


Vulcan aka Gabriel Summers

Vulcan has ties to both the X-Men and the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe. He was the long lost brother of Scott and Alex Summers, whose memories were removed of him when Xavier got involved.

It was surely their loss, though, as Vulcan proved to be one of the strongest mutants who ever lived. He could absorb and manipulate energy better than any other mutant before him. He can even fly so fast that he moves faster than the speed of light itself.


Tyrant Scott Eaton

Silver Surfer wasn't the only being Galactus gave the Power Cosmic to. He built a conscious machine and gave it this power as well, naming it Tyrant. However, Tyrant was much stronger than Galactus ever intended it to be.

As he became accustomed to life, Tyrant decided that he wanted to take the universe for his own, and rebelled against his master. With the strength to survive a fight against Galactus, Tyrant is a being that even Thanos knew better than to try and defeat. There are few as ruthless as Tyrant.


The Gladiator was Marvel's homage to Superboy of DC's Legion of Superheroes. As such, he had all sorts of incredible powers that he would use to defeat many characters across the universe. He has otherworldly strength and durability. Not only can he shatter planets, but he can even tear apart black holes.

He survived a full blast from the Phoenix Force as well as a direct hit from Mjolnir. There is almost no challenge he cannot overcome, but his Superboy similarities might prevent him appearing in the MCU.


Beta Ray Bill was an alien who was deemed worthy of Mjolnir. When Thor finally found the hammer, the two got into a fight to see who was worthy of it. Despite what many expected, Bill won the fight.

Since then, Odin created a new hammer for him, and Bill has been roaming the stars as a protector of the universe with the powers of Thor ever since. His body is also part machine, granting him extra strength and longevity, which makes him an even better warrior.


The Vishanti, in many ways, were the first Sorcerer Supreme. Vishanti is a being composed of three separate entities: Oshtur, Hoggoth, and Agamotto. The three joined together to protect the world, granting mystical powers to those they deemed worthy and leaving behind powerful artifacts, like the Eye of Agamotto.

Having mastered sorcery to its fullest extent, there is no spell or feat that Vishanti can't accomplish. It managed to fight an interdimensional war for 5000 years and come out on top.


If his name is anything to go by, Eternity is an extremely powerful character unlike any other. His existence predates many of the strongest cosmic beings, including the Eternals and the Celestials. He took part in ancient battles that almost no one would be able to face.

The first time humans even knew of his existence was when Doctor Strange came in contact with him. Eternity has the power to control time, space, reality, and every other type of matter in between.


Mephisto is one of the most sinister and longest-lasting villains of the Marvel Universe. Responsible for countless atrocities on Earth, Mephisto makes his living by gaining the souls of the living and making deals with anyone desperate enough.

With all sorts of hellish powers at his disposal, Mephisto can destroy just about anything in his path. Furthermore, he can take on Ghost Rider without breaking a sweat, and was responsible for Spider-Man: One More Day, and that's probably the worst thing he has ever done.


Annihilus Jim Cheung

There exists a desolate world out in the Marvel Universe known as the Negative Zone, and Annihilus is its ruler. This insectoid monster has the power to tackle some of Marvel's greatest heroes with ease, and he has been known to fight many of them at once.

With the help of the Cosmic Control Rod, Annihilus can distort matter to his own will and enact some of the most powerful attacks known to any hero in Earth-616. He also has a monstrous army at his side, ready to carry out his orders at all costs.


Multiple heroes have taken the mantle of Quasar, due to it being attached to equipment known as the Quantum Bands. These bands give their wearer access to the Quantum Zone, and an inexhaustible resource of controllable energy that can be used in battle.

Those who have taken the Quasar mantle also have the ability to manipulate electromagnetic fields, giving them flight among the power to fight off any mental attacks from various superheroes. Quasar can also absorb cosmic energy from powerful beings like Silver Surfer and Adam Warlock.


Owen Reece was a brilliant and ambitious man. He cracked open a portal to the world of the Beyonder, but in doing so, exposed himself to all sorts of otherworldly chemicals. They turned him into Molecule Man, a being who can manipulate matter at a molecular level.

He can dismantle just about anything in the known universe, making him nearly unstoppable by any hero. He can tear apart Captain America's shield and throw Tony Stark out of his armor in a few seconds.


Ymir Frost Giant Thor Ron Frenz

While the Frost Giants were a powerful race in Thor, none of them compare to Ymir, the being who predates them all. The second oldest being in all the Nine Realms, Ymir began the race known as the Ice Giants.

Protecting two of the Nine Realms, Ymir was one of the strongest in the universe. His strength was unmatched, and a single touch from him could freeze anyone instantly. He wasn't bright, but he made up for it with his immense size and power.


The One Above All

The Living Tribunal serves as the all-powerful judge of the universe, but even it has a master: the One Above All. This being rules over the entire Multiverse and is supposedly responsible for its creation. The One Above All was stated to have power even greater than Eternity, and is both respected and feared.

It is everywhere, in all realities, knows everything all at once, and can do anything it wishes. There are none who can challenge its power nor its authority. It is above all living and nonliving things.


Champion Ron Lim

The Champion is a being that has been around for thousands of years. Supposedly traced back to the "Big Bang," the Champion has a power source that contains leftover energy from that event.

His goal in life is to become the greatest warrior in the universe. He constantly trains and travels from one galaxy to another in search of a worthy opponent. Because of this, the Champion of the Universe (as he has been called) is one of the best warriors in the Marvel Universe.


The In-Betweener works for Chaos and Order: two powerful beings in the universe. As an entity that exists "in between" them, the In-Betweener represents balance in the Marvel Universe.

Having the ability to destroy people in seconds, the In-Betweener works for himself and no one else. As the metaphysical opposite to Galactus, he is every bit as strong as the devourer of planets, but has different goals in mind. He once manipulated Death itself to remove the Elders of the Universe from existence.


A lot of the Marvel superheroes went through their lives not remembering that they had all been affected by a hero known as the Sentry. When the Sentry revealed himself to them years later, he quickly revealed why he disappeared for so long: his powers were that strong.

Having thousands of suns' worth of power in his body, Sentry could take down the strongest villains or destroy populated worlds if he were careless. Very few were brave enough to stand in his way.

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