Awesome Fan-Made MCU Concept Art Pits Iron Man Against Galactus

Galactus Joe Quesada

With Disney's landmark acquisition of 20th Century Fox assets came speculation at the cinematic possibilities of Fantastic Four characters appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One artist created a piece of concept art imagining one such breathtaking scenario: Iron Man vs. Galactus.

Reddit user TruthOrGjallarhorn posted a striking image of Iron Man flying on to the infamous Destroyer of Worlds. TruthOrGjallarhorn used a combination of 2D and 3D art techniques to bring to life the gargantuan Fantastic Four villain. Behold the cinematic confrontation below:

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Galactus' previous movie credits consist of a brief, decidedly less impressive depiction in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. With Marvel's acquisition of Fox's superhero properties (which includes the X-Men, Deadpool and Fantastic Four film franchises), the gate has opened up even wider for the future of the MCU. Plus, there's already a theory that Galactus' MCU future was already hinted at in Guardians of the Galaxy. We can hold out hope that if Galactus does appear in the MCU, it won't be as a giant floating cloud.

TruthOrGjallarhorn (whose name is a nod to the ubiquitous weapon from Destiny) achieved the striking image using the artistic software Zbrush, KeyShot and Adobe Photoshop. He's created other impressive pop culture-infused art pieces on his Instagram account, @andresct93.

(via Reddit)

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