Marvel's Inhumans Movie Premiered Today - In Another Timeline

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On October 28 2014, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige took the stage at the El Capitan Theatre in California and announced the full movie slate of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase 3. At the time, it was a massive event where Feige revealed the titles of eight upcoming movies, along with their release dates: Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Captain America: Civil War, Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 and 2 and finally, as you might remember, Inhumans.

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While these plans were pretty much set in stone, there were some changes along the way. For example, the release date of Black Panther and Thor: Ragnarok were pushed back, Infinity War Part 2 was eventually changed to an untitled Avengers 4, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Ant-Man and the Wasp were later added to the slate and, of course, the Inhumans film never came to be. But perhaps what's most intriguing about this film-that-never-was is that it was originally slated to release on November 2, 2018 -- this week.

Here, we look back at exactly what happened with the Inhumans film and, more importantly, how it might have affected the MCU, in another reality.

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Of course, the ill-fated Inhumans franchise never got the big screen treatment it deserved. Instead, a dispute between then-Marvel bigwig Ike Perlmutter and Kevin Feige led to a change in leadership: Feige was now fully in control of film, while Perlmutter oversaw television properties.

As it so happens, the Inhumans were a casualty of this split, and the project was instead taken to the ABC network, where it became an eight-part television series. Unfortunately, despite its limited release in IMAX, Inhumans was skewered by fans and critics alike, and the television show was forgotten about even before it was unceremoniously cancelled.

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Thus ended the super-powered royal family's short-lived time in the live-action spotlight. As it stands, there are no plans to bring the characters back to television, or on the big screen. But what would Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been like if the movie was never cancelled in the first place?

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