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15 MCU Characters That The DCEU’s Batman Would Absolutely Wreck

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15 MCU Characters That The DCEU’s Batman Would Absolutely Wreck

A lot of people believe that it is a joke to pit Batman against any superhero. They argue that all the comics books and films that have Batman fight super powered beings are ridiculous, because he is but a mere man — there is just nothing super about him. He’s just a guy with a suit and gadgets and while he has tremendous fighting skills, he’s still a mortalliving in a world of gods. Many believe the very premise of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is completely ridiculous, because Superman could kill Batman in a second if he wanted to, right?

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Well, anyone who thinks that would be dead wrong. The world’s greatest detective somehow beats the seemingly impossible odds every time he is faced with a new challenge. He is a master planner that is always steps ahead of his enemies. Ben Affleck’s Batman is one that is willing to kill, and that makes him an even more dangerous force to be reckoned with. If he is able to take out Superman, then the MCU doesn’t stand a chance, even if some fights may prove to be quite challenging for him. Here are 15 MCU characters (in no particular order) that Batman would wreck.


Falcon MCU

Let’s be real here. Falcon doesn’t have much going for him besides his wings and his drone, Redwing. Beyond that, he’s just a regular man, albeit a man who was once a soldier. If Batman manages to disable his wings somehow (he could shoot one of the wings with his grapple gun, for example, and attach it to a secure object which could potentially rip the wings apart), the game is over.

There is no way Falcon can compete with the DCEU’s Batman. His brutal takedowns of criminals in Batman v. Superman were the biggest highlight of the film with good reason: they were gloriously visceral. Even if Batman chooses not to take out Falcon’s wings, he would still easily win the battle as he can fight him in his Batwing.


spider man tom holland header

Peter Parker may be the new poster boy for anyone that loves the MCU, but he just can’t take on the Caped Crusader. Spider-Man, as portrayed in the MCU, simply lacks the maturity to take on the DCEU’s seasoned Batman. You can’t place a newcomer with a seasoned fighter in the ring –it’s just not fair. Peter would probably be so busy fanboying over Batman, that he’d be too distracted to take him on.

Batman would’ve a harder time taking Spidey down, if his spider sense was present in the MCU (it still might be, we just didn’t see it in Homecoming). In any case, Batman is no slouch when it comes to improvising a battle, so by simply trying out different methods (a smoke bomb would do the trick), he could easily overcome that superpower.


Black Widow Ultron

Black Widow proves to be an interesting threat for Batman, because she is one of the few members of the Avengers that fights as is — without powers or special suits. All she has is her wits and a few gadgets.  She was at the top of her class in the Red Room, a secret Soviet training program. She is also an expert assassin (this makes her quite a threat as she has no qualms killing others when necessary) with martial arts training and acrobatic skills.

Knowing Batman, he would most likely use her soft spot for Bruce Banner or her traumatic past in the Red Room against her. Although we have yet to see the Scarecrow in the DCEU, it is safe to say that he most likely exists and we are sure that using his fear toxin would definitely do the trick to subdue Black Widow.



A robot with daddy issues and a god complex. Batman dealt with another villain with a god complex in Batman v Superman: Lex Luthor — it didn’t turn out too well for him either. In many ways, Ultron has a very similar outlook on justice as Bruce Wayne at the beginning of Batman v Superman: they both have a very inflexible, black and white view of good and evil. Luckily, Batman has changed his views since then.

So how could you take down a robot who can create hundreds of other robots just like him? Well what did the Avengers do? They assembled. The easy solution for Batman would be to call up the Justice League. If they’re busy, Batman would most likely try to find a way to hack Ultron’s system or manipulate him by flattering his ego in some way using his god complex against him.


Hawkeye Jeremy Renner

Hawkeye, just like Black Widow and Batman, is another mortal among gods who not only has to keep up with his team but also has to go up against super powered beings that can do him far more damage than his teammates. His archery skills are without a doubt unmatchable, so he definitely has Batman beat in that regard. But if Batman can get in close, which would undoubtably be his strategy, Hawkeye can’t compete with Batman’s brutal hand-to-hand combat.

This is where Batman’s stealth training comes into action and provides him with a huge advantage. The only way to get close to Hawkeye would be to avoid detection until it’s too late. The DCEU’s Batman has proven that the element of surprise is definitely one of his strong suits.



The Winter Soldier was last seen at the end of Civil War in Wakanda where he was offered refuge by T’Challa. Although he was back to his old self, he worried that he wasn’t fully cured of his HYDRA brainwashing. He felt a lot of guilt for all the murders he committed under HYDRA’s control and he was worried he couldn’t necessarily maintain control of himself in the future.

As a result, he decided to cryogenically freeze himself until a cure for the Winter Soldier Program is obtained. Given his current psychological state, Batman would use his guilt or HYDRA mind-control against him, much in the same way Helmut Zemo manipulated him throughout Civil War. That way, he might not even have to lift a finger to defeat Cap’s best friend.



Tony Stark is a carbon copy of Bruce Wayne. He’s got all the money in the world to fund his superhero activities, he’s a charming playboy that loves to be the centre of attention, and he is often seen in the news getting into trouble for pulling some kind of shenanigan. The one major difference between Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne is that Tony’s personality isn’t just a front for the cameras. He’s the real deal. What you see is what you get.

On the other hand, Bruce Wayne is just a front for Batman. He only exists so that Batman’s identity can remain secret. So behind all of Iron Man’s fancy gadgets, there’s an immature boy. That boy is certainly no match for the Dark Knight and the DCEU’s Bats would definitely come armed with something that would disable Tony’s armor. Then what?



So this entry is somewhat dependent on the existence of the Atom in the DCEU. If the Atom exists in this universe, that would mean Batman would already have a contingency plan in place for him, meaning that a brawl with Ant-Man would be a piece of cake for him since he is already prepared. Even if this is not the case, Batman can surely come up with a visor that would detect small moving objects, and he can certainly take on ants: all he needs is ant spray.

On top of that, Ant-Man’s combat training pales in comparison to Batman’s, and we have already seen that Batman can certainly take a punch, since Superman sent him crashing through buildings. Atom or not, we’re sure the DCEU’s Bruce Wayne has properly prepared for the appearance of metahumans of all kinds.



We last saw Groot during the end credits of Gardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. He was in his teenage years and immaturely acting out towards Peter Quill. This Groot clearly doesn’t have the maturity of the one in the first film, proven by the fact that throughout Vol. 2, Baby Groot can barely even understand what others say to him. For example, when he is asked to retrieve Yondu’s fin, he has absolutely no idea what to do.

As a teenager, he certainly wouldn’t have such basic comprehension problems, but the fact remains that he is not emotionally mature. On top of that he’s a tree. All Batman really needs is fire (and/or a chainsaw) and the battle is already won. As easy as this fight would be, it still feels like it would be a fun one to see.


We could have easily placed Thor here instead of Loki on this list, but since we have limited space we thought we’d choose more of a loose cannon from Asgard. Loki is in the unique position of being a Frost Giant that is also a capable user of Asgardian sorcery. He is known as a trickster who can easily defeat his foes through manipulation.

Ever the planner, Batman would have a huge file on this guy. We could easily imagine him hacking SHIELD’s database to find all he needs to know about Loki. Loki’s one weakness is that he is an incredibly emotional being with a chip on his shoulder about his mistreatment, while Thor receives all the accolades. Knowing this, Batman can surely pit Loki against his brother, taking them both down in one fell swoop.


Thor Meets Hulk in Ragnarok

Two things are certain about Batman: he plans for every eventuality and he doesn’t fight fair. He knows his limits so he’s perfectly well aware that he can’t go hand-to-hand with the Hulk, much in the same way he knew he couldn’t outfight Superman without some sort of edge. But he can certainly outsmart him and use all the wealth and technology at his disposal to take him out.

Batman came fully prepared for his fight with Superman, equipped with lots of kryptonite and sporting his heavily armored suit. He would be equally prepared for a showdown with the Hulk, wearing some kind of Bat-Hulkbuster, especially having seen footage of Tony knocking out the Hulk in his Hulkbuster, and Bruce’s would obviously be reinforced after seeing any flaws in Tony’s design.


dr strange

Doctor Strange is an incredible sorcerer who can manipulate time and space. He can also travel through dimensions. He’s the first character to bring some truly out-there magical elements to the MCU. So how would Batman fair against such a strange opponent? All it takes is the right amount of research. Doctor Strange’s biggest flaw is that he is extremely arrogant. Rightfully so, because his photographic memory has helped him to become a fantastic doctor and magician.

But his overconfidence will be his downfall. Like we said earlier, Batman doesn’t fight fair. Batman’s stealth tactics can certainly obliterate the sorcerer. You can’t stop what you can’t see. Furthermore, Doctor Strange isn’t much when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. If taken by surprise and his cape and Eye of Agamotto are disabled, he’d be out before he even knows it.


Black Panther in Captain America Civil War

T’Challa has a similar background to that of Bruce Wayne. In his case, his father and mentor was killed during a terrorist bombing, as a result the duties of the Black Panther, who is the protector of Wakanda, are thrust upon him. He must grapple with his anger and thirst for vengeance while having to grapple with his new responsibility.

By the end of Civil War, he has come to terms with his anger and has left it behind him. From a psychological perspective, he has an edge on Bruce, who is fuelled by his rage. But from what we’ve seen, Black Panther mostly relies on his Vibranium laced suit. This puts him at a great disadvantage against Batman who has his trusty utility belt filled with goodies that he’s just itching to use that can chip away at T’Challa’s protective layer.


Remember how Peter Quill defeated Ronan the Accuser at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy by challenging him to a dance-off and distracting him? Yeah… That won’t work with Batman. Batman doesn’t respond to goofs. If they resort to a fist fight, this is no contest. Batman wins hands down. What makes this particular battle unclear is Quill’s mysterious heritage that wasn’t fully explained in the films. We don’t really know or understand much about his half Celestial powers. They were left unclearly defined. This would pose a particularly challenging feat for Batman.

Ego mentioned that Quill will remain immortal as long as Ego’s essence remains alive, but now that he is dead, does that make Quill a mortal? Perhaps Ego could have lied to him so that Quill would spare him. In any case, Batman would certainly need to do his research before battling Star-Lord, but, again, he’s taken down Superman.


Marvel's Captain America

The no nonsense leader of the anti-legislation of super powered beings would definitely make a tough opponent for Batman. Enhanced with the Super Soldier Serum which improves his strength, speed and healing. His weapon of choice, a Vibranium shield, proves to be a great tool face off against HYDRA agents or Ultron drones who shoot directly at it instead of actually trying to aim at the guy behind it, something Batman won’t do.

Captain America also has incredible resilience. Just think back to his first cinematic appearance getting beaten in an alley or when he fought with Iron Man at the end of Captain America: Civil War. “I can do this all day”, he said. So can Batman. His laser beam focus is what helped him to prepare his assault on Superman and his lack of a moral code puts Rogers in serious danger.

Think the DCEU’s Batman wouldn’t be able to hang with the Avengers? Let us know in the comments!

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