Marvel Spotlight: 10 MCU Characters That Deserve Their Own Show (And 10 That We Don't Need To See)

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When Disney announced their very own streaming service, many fans were rightfully excited. The global brand owns both Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm, so members of two of the biggest fandoms in the world will be getting all their content in one convenient place. In addition, not only would the streaming service boast all of the Disney's old and new animated classics, but it would also include films and shows from both the worlds of Star Wars and Marvel. So, this left many wondering just how Disney would incorporate those two entities into their streaming service and the news that stunned many was the news that some of Marvel’s most popular MCU characters would be getting their own shows on the streaming service.

With both Loki and Scarlet Witch getting their own shows on the upcoming streaming service, it's definitely worth it for Disney to take a look at some of the other characters in the MCU to see who would make great possible candidates for a series of their own. With so many amazing characters to choose from, narrowing down the list is likely quite a task for Disney and Marvel Studios, and not only do they have to focus on making good shows, they also have to choose characters they believe are worthy and able to carry an entire series, and also please the fans and subscribers of the service. But here’s a list of suggestions for characters that could definitely make the service worthwhile and 10 whose shows don’t ever need to see the light of day.

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We think it’s safe to see that most of us need more Hela in our lives. Hela is one of the better villains to come out of the MCU and despite her greatness in Thor: Ragnarok, she still seemed very underutilized. In fact, often times throughout the film’s duration, you almost forgot that she was there.

One way to rectify this downfall, would be to have a Hela mini-series. There are many elements of Norse mythology that the show could pull from and we would be able to see the adventures the Goddess of Death went on, before Odin cast her out and became a benevolent god.


Captain America Chris Evans Avengers Infinity War

As much as Captain America is a beloved character in the MCU, his films have done a good job of giving him a proper character arc. We have seen Cap at his best and at his worst throughout his various appearances in the MCU and because of this, he doesn’t really need his own television series.

It would be cool for him to make a cameo in the other shows here and there, but he definitely doesn’t require more of the spotlight. The way that Cap’s story has been written is best served on the big screen. Perhaps that all could change with the arrival of Avengers 4, but for now, the Captain America trilogy is the best for Cap.


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Groot Rocket Raccoon

Rocket and Groot have some of the best moments in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, and probably some of the funniest moments in the MCU thus far, so why not have a whole series about the adventures of the dynamic duo? Most likely, it would focus on the time Rocket and Groot spent together before they teamed up with Star-Lord, Drax and Gamora, but it would definitely be fun to see how the pair met and witness some of the craziness they got up to before they became heroes.

We imagine the series being something of a buddy heist-type comedy as we know that Rocket has a penchant for nicking things that don’t belong to him and poor Groot would just be along for the ride.


Spider-Man is a character that many fans know very well. Currently on our third film franchise to highlight Peter Parker, Spider-Man is probably one of the MCU characters that is most undeserving of a show on the Disney streaming service. It's not that Spider-Man is boring or unlikeable in anyway, it's more the fact that we've already been there and done that.

A Spider-Man TV series could be fun, but it would have to focus on some of the other characters in the Spider-Verse and not Peter Parker. Something new would have to be on the streaming service in order to have people feel as though their money was being well spent, so the same old Peter Parker storyline would feel played out, especially with Spider-Man: Far From Home coming relatively soon.


Maria Hill and Nick Fury

Any fan of the MCU knows that Nick Fury and Agent Maria Hill make a great team. The duo have great chemistry and work extremely well together, but we unfortunately haven't seen too much of them together in the past Phase of Marvel movies.

So we can't think of a better way to do that than to have a TV series that followed the two around on their many adventures for S.H.I.E.L.D. and beyond. It could be in a buddy cop format, like Lethal Weapon or Hawaii Five-O but a bit more on the serious side like Law & Order when it needs to be.


Since we already know Vision's origin story and that he is currently one of the Avengers who fell at the hands of Thanos' destruction, Vision is another cool character that doesn't warrant having his own television series. While Vision has many cool stories in the comic books, he doesn't really have the same level of storytelling within the MCU and therefore, a solo series wouldn't really work.

Most of our knowledge of Vision is in a team and without the rest of the group, it would be difficult to give him the spotlight. The character would likely be better suited having appearances in the Scarlet Witch series that is in the works.


Dr. Strange Uses the Time Stone

The Doctor Strange film was decent, but definitely not the best that the MCU has to offer. This could be because the character has so much to work with that it might be better suited for a television show. Many TV series that deal with magic and the supernatural have grown into mainstream hits, so it’s likely that this could work to the advantage of a Doctor Strange show.

Benedict Cumberbatch is no stranger to television, so a Doctor Strange series would be a great reason to bring him back to the smaller screen after his recent performance in the mini-series, Patrick Melrose.


Sharon Carter followed in the footsteps of her aunt, Peggy and became an S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. However, unlike Peggy, we don't know enough about the MCU version of Sharon to develop a whole show that revolves around her. While Peggy was one of the founders of S.H.I.E.L.D. and had so much history surrounding her character, her series on ABC only lasted for two seasons (though it should have had more).

With that in mind, it's hard to see a series about Sharon lasting any longer than Peggy's, especially since Agent Carter had such a great following. Therefore, Sharon is likely one of the characters who should remain in the MCU films and does not require her own television show.


Thor Ragnarok Valkyrie Scrapper

Valkyrie stepped onto the MCU scene in Thor: Ragnarok and immediately commanded the viewer's attention. However, we see a very different Valkyrie in Ragnarok than what she would have been like in the past.

In a brief flashback scene, we get a glimpse of the fall of the Valkyries at the hands of Hela, but a prequel type of series that followed the lives of the Valkyries prior to that moment could be great. The mythology aspect could be deeper delved into and we could see just what it took to be named one of Asgard’s most elite female warriors.


Much like many of the other characters in the MCU, Falcon is another that we've really only ever seen at his best while he's interacting with a team. That is not to say that the right writer couldn't deliver on a stellar series of the Falcon, however since we don't know what his true fate will be until after Avengers 4, we can't see Disney taking a chance on a Falcon series.

It could be interesting if we did see him take up the mantle of Captain America, but until that time comes (if it ever does), Falcon is best when he's teamed up with his fellow Avengers, and therefore doesn't need his own solo series.


Now, we all know that Natasha Romanov is getting her own solo film, however, it’s a little late in the game for that. A solo Black Widow film would have been best served somewhere between The Avengers and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, or somewhere between the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War.

The adventures of Black Widow would be something that would make for a great spy themed TV show and would definitely serve the character better than a random solo film. We would get to see more of Natasha in her element and could even delve further into her backstory with a series, than we could with a two-hour movie.


While Star-Lord and Drax are fun in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, they're probably the two characters that are the least suited for their own standalone TV series. Through the events of both Guardians films and Avengers: Infinity War, both Peter's and Drax's stories have come full circle -- we know about both of their backstories and the stakes they had in the fight against Thanos.

So, with their histories fleshed out, it's hard to imagine just where a solo show would go for the remaining members of the Guardians team -- there aren't many loose ends for them to tie up in the MCU, other than Thanos, which we feel will be resolved by the end of Avengers 4.


Thor: The Dark World (2013) Sif (Jaimie Alexander)

Sif is a character who is criminally underused throughout the Thor franchise, so it would be nice to show them the love and respect she deserves in a solo series on the upcoming Disney streaming service. In her movie and TV appearances she has have been a joy to watch and it would be great to see some of her earlier exploits on the screen.

Despite the unknown whereabouts of Sif in Thor: Ragnarok, a prequel series featuring her would be great and could certainly include cameos from both Thor and Loki, as well as give the opportunity for The Warriors Three to redeem themselves.


While both Ant-Man and Ant-Man and the Wasp were fun films, they belong in their own vacuum. While both Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly have television experience, the Ant-Man series works best as a two-hour film that incorporates bigger moments in one sitting for the sometimes pint-sized hero, as opposed to multiple 30-minute episodes for a television series.

Much like his fellow MCU characters, Ant-Man's origin story has already been laid out for the audience and his future is uncertain as he's currently trapped in the Quantum Realm. A prequel is also something that wouldn't work, unless we followed Scott through his past heists and subsequent jail time, which doesn't sound too interesting.


A fan-favorite in the MCU since her appearance in this year’s Black Panther, Shuri should be a shoe-in to get her own series on the Disney streaming service. The series could begin as a prequel and show us what Shuri had been doing prior to the events of Black Panther and could continue where the film left off, with T’Challa buying the condemned building, revealing to his sister that he was going to turn it into the first Wakandan outreach centre.

With Shuri heading the science and technology branch, watching Shuri navigate her new position -- while also navigating a new life spent partially in California -- would make for a great series.


While it would be lovely to watch Jeff Goldblum in a series about the Grandmaster and all the messiness that Sakaar has to offer, without Thor, Loki, Hulk and Valkyrie, Sakaar just became a lot more boring.

A series with the Grandmaster and his brother the Collector could be interesting, but since it seems as that Collector was offed by Thanos, there wouldn't be too much history to get into. In regards to the Grandmaster alone, there is only so much following around of him, Topaz and his melt stick that one can endure, and it surpassed most of its welcome back in Thor: Ragnarok.


Bucky Barnes, aka the Winter Soldier, has been a fan-favorite in the MCU for a while now and while we know about his beginnings as a soldier and Cap’s best friend, and ultimately how he was turned into the feared Winter Soldier. However, it would be interesting to see all of the Winter Soldier’s various missions prior to Captain America: The Winter Soldier and even see what happened to him while he was hiding out before Captain America: Civil War.

We know what happened with Tony’s parents, but we never really got the story about what happened between him and Black Widow, so a Winter Soldier series would be a great way to see the many things that Bucky had to endure.


Out of the many MCU characters, Thor is probably the one who had the biggest glow-up. Throughout the Thor trilogy and the Avengers films, we have seen Thor through many highs and lows -- including the loss of his friends, parents, and brother.

But despite all the tribulations, Thor still managed to come out on top. However, this means we don't really need to see him in his own solo series or that we won't see him on the streaming service at all, since it wouldn't be too far-fetched that he could have a cameo in Loki's reported series and if they ever do anything with Sif.


We always heard stories throughout the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise about Gamora being “the fiercest woman in the galaxy”, however, it wasn’t something that we ever really got to see or experience consistently in the the previous Guardians films. In fact, her sister Nebula seemed deadlier than Gamora most of the time, and even her adoptive father, Thanos, admitted to Nebula nearly ending him herself in Avengers: Infinity War.

So, a series would be a great way to really showcase Gamora’s fierceness and deadliness, specifically in a prequel before she joins the GoTG team where we could really see her let loose and show the audience just what it means to be the fiercest woman in the galaxy.


Hawkeye in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Hawkeye is probably one of the Avengers who definitely doesn’t need his own show. As he’s written in the MCU, Clint Barton seems to function best when he’s part of a team.

A series based around Hawkeye as a lone character wouldn’t work well because we’ve never really had the opportunity to see how the character works solo, especially because he was meant to have gone into “retirement” at one point in time during the MCU films, but was back to help fight in Captain America: Civil War. Ultimately, there is just something too boring about the MCU version of the character that just doesn’t warrant a television series.

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