MCU: 5 Reasons Steve Was Right To Stay With Peggy (& 5 It Was Selfish)

The MCU is known for its huge action sequences, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for a little romance in the movies too. Certainly, the most popular romance among fans is between Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter. It is a relationship filled with tragedy, but in Avengers: Endgame, these two finally got their happy ending.

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While heading back in time to return the Infinity Stones, Steve decides to stay back in the 1960s to live out his life with Peggy. It certainly is a beautiful image to see Steve and Peggy finally getting their dance, but there are some questions about whether or not Steve did the right thing. Here are some of the reasons Steve was right to stay with Peggy, along with some reasons why it was a less-than-honorable decision.

10 Right: True Love

Some of the MCU romances aren't completely convincing. Some of the couples seem like they are only together because they are two attractive people. However, that is not the case with Steve and Peggy. Though they didn't get too much time together, Steve is undoubtedly in love with Peggy.

If this was just a fling, then Steve going back to make his life with Peggy would seem strange. However, he never stopped thinking about her and dreaming of the life they could have had together. She was the love of his life, which makes their ending satisfying.

9 Selfish: Time Travel

Steve Rogers has always been a moral and upstanding hero who will do the right thing, often at the cost of personal sacrifice. So, for him to go back and decide to stay with Peggy seems oddly immoral. It doesn't quite make sense on that level.

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As we have seen in countless movies, time travel is a risky thing. However, the risk was worth it for the Avengers, in order to potentially save the universe. However, Steve then uses the technology for his own personal gain, regardless of the potential consequences. It is a rare abuse of power on the part of the noble hero.

8 Right: For Peggy

Peggy Carter

To think that Steve went back in time just so he could be with the woman he wants might seem selfish. But, of course, Steve didn't just do it for himself, he did it for Peggy as well. When Steve went into the ice years ago, it was both of them who were robbed of a future together.

Peggy went on to live a long life filled with accomplishments, but Steve was always in her heart. Steve could see this and know that she was heartbroken about the time they missed. By going back to her, he was giving Peggy what she wanted, just as much as he was doing it for himself.

7 Selfish: Peggy's Life

Captain America The First Avenger Peggy Carter

Regardless of how much Peggy missed Steve, she did, in fact, live a whole life without him. As Steve visits an elderly Peggy in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, she talks about the long and happy life she's had. When Steve went back to be with her, that particular life was erased.

Surely, Steve and Peggy would have had their own happy life, but it would mean Peggy was giving up relationships and moments that meant so much to her. She might be willing to do so for Steve, but the difference is that she wouldn't know what she'd be giving up and he would.

6 Right: Missed Time

Old Steve Rogers in Avengers: Endgame

Until that happy ending they got in Avengers: Endgame, the romance between Steve and Peggy was pretty tragic. Steve sacrificed himself to save the world, and while he didn't die, he did lose his life as he knew it. When he wakes up, he is a man out of time and his time with Peggy was taken away.

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When Steve finds a way to finally reunite with Peggy, it is not selfish, it's just fair. This is the time they were meant to have together and he is just taking it back.

5 Selfish: The Avengers

It's hard to imagine what the world of the MCU would have been like if Captain America wasn't around. How many evil plots would have succeeded and how many villains would have won? Though he's saved the day many times before, he won't be around to do it anymore.

When Steve decides to stay in the past with Peggy, he is quitting the Avengers. Whichever new threats emerge in the MCU, it will be hard not to think that Steve could have helped if he hadn't chosen to run off with his girlfriend instead.

4 Right: New Avengers

While Cap would always be a benefit to have around in the fight against evil, he is far from the only hero around. In fact, with a whole new batch of superheroes on the scene, now is probably the best time for Cap to step away.

The universe pretty much has their bases covered with heroes like Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man around. They even have a new captain in Captain Marvel to help keep the world safe. Cap will always be welcome, but he isn't needed as much now.

3 Selfish: Not Telling Anyone

Though there are plenty of heroes ready to pick up the slack left by Steve's departure, he probably could have handled his exit in a more helpful way. It is a pretty big deal to lose Captain America as one of Earth's protectors, so it would have been nice for Steve to give his buddies a heads-up.

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With "the snap" reversed, there's probably a lot of mayhem in the world. The other heroes might have been counting on Cap's help to straighten things out. Instead, he leaves without telling anyone and hopes that hey can manage without him.

2 Right: He Earned It

Saving the world is always something that Steve Rogers just saw as his duty. He was given extraordinary powers and that gave him a responsibility to help people. He was hurt, he put his life on the line and he never asked for anything in return. In other words, Steve earned the right to be selfish.

After successfully bringing half the universe back to life, Steve pretty much could have done anything he wanted. All he wanted was to finally settle down with the woman he loves. It is not too much to ask for one of the world's greatest heroes.

1 Selfish: Sharon Carter

Captain America Civil War Sharon Carter Speech

In Steve's long career of doing the right thing, there is one glaring instance of him not using his best judgment. Steve is only human, so it stands to reason he might flirt or even kiss another woman once his future with Peggy is taken away. However, when that woman is Peggy's niece, Sharon Carter, it becomes a problem.

Not only did Steve kiss her knowing who she was, but he did so days after attending Peggy's funeral. The fact that he then went back in time to marry Sharon's aunt raises a lot of uncomfortable questions.

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