The Hulk’s 10 Best Moments Of Smashing In The MCU, Ranked

The universe is a chaotic and lawless entity too vast and complex for our measly mammalian comprehension. Volatile as it may be, there are still a handful of constants in the ever-changing cosmic blob we call the universe, i.e. every action has an equal and opposite reaction, every cause has an effect, and last but not least the. Hulk. Will. Always. Smash. At least he always does in the Marvel universe.

Such a Marvel universe constant is as permanent as the Law of Gravity itself. Every time the Hulk appears, something usually gets destroyed recklessly with a passionate tantrum. The Hulk from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is no exception. Heck, the MCU even made it clear that the Hulk is as much a danger to his teammates as to his enemies. In that regard, there's no shortage of Hulk's smashing moments in the MCU. We've cherry-picked the best of them to wash off the goofy Professor Hulk palate-- we see this as an absolute win!

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Ultron is one of the most troublesome enemies of the Avengers and no one superhero could have stopped him. Since it's a machine, it also doesn't fear anything apparently... until the Hulk came along. During the final fight scene against Ultron, the Hulk was a lot more savage than usual and ripped through hundreds of Ultron machines.

We even see a glimpse of him eating one of them (or at least tearing them to shreds with his mouth) which apparently scared Ultron's minions. It was probably something that Ultron could not have predicted or anticipated based on how he learned about the human race. Of course, if something were to scare an intimidatingly logical A.I., it would be the irrationally angry Hulk.


Thor: Ragnarok was sadly, the closest thing we'll ever get to Planet Hulk. Even so, it gave us a different dimension to the big green monster by making him a little bit more human. By human, we meant they leveled the Hulk up from a raging infant to a temperamental toddler. Still, that didn't affect his ferocity one bit.

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The Hulk was able to take on the fiercest and most nightmarish pet of the most powerful Asgardian, Hela's Fenris Wolf. Now, Fenris Wolf is actually pretty hardcore in the comic books and was even instrumental to Hela's plans of Ragnarok for Asgard. It certainly is no slouch in Thor: Ragnarok but the Hulk still managed to reduce the mythical giant canine to a poor pup.


Surtur destroying Asgard in Thor: Ragnarok was supposedly a sad and dramatic scene. After all, it was Thor's home; he had to unwillingly sacrifice it just so he can defeat Hela, or rather Surtur can defeat Hela. Then, along came a clueless Hulk who just had to have a pissing contest with Surtur regarding who's really the bigger monster.

The way Hulk attacked Surtur without provocation and with reckless abandon is what best describes the Hulk as a superhero. His logic about it (or lack thereof) is pretty simple too: see big monster, attack big monster. It's too bad Thor and Valkyrie cut the fight short before we had a clear idea of who would have won.


Like Ultron, Loki the God of Mischief doesn't fear many beings-- not even Thor or his adopted father, Odin. He's a god after all and is also one of the most powerful Asgardians. However, before Loki could inflate his head full of thoughts of superiority and nearly taking over Earth, the Hulk stepped in to smash his illusion of power.

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It's one of the most iconic scenes in the original Avengers back in 2012. An entitled Loki got grabbed by the ankles and slammed multiple times on the floor like a ragdoll; it was the God of Mischief's first real and physical taste of humiliation and defeat. The fact that it came at Hulk's hands serves him right.


Say what you will about the second Hulk movie, but some of its action sequences are better than even the later MCU films. Oh, and Edward Norton also works well as a more serious Bruce Banner. Anyway, the first big fight scene we were rewarded with was also the first time the Hulk appeared in full frontal view in the film; he was also surrounded by General Ross' men, a grave mistake on their part.

As expected, Hulk quickly tore through the conventional and even unconventional military and their hardware. Afterward, Ross unleashed his secret weapon: a half-baked Abomination in the form of a more athletic Emil Blonsky. While Blonsky's acrobatics and dance around the Hulk was nothing short of spectacular, the Hulk still managed to break every bone in his body with just a mere kick, prompting a rematch.


The Hulk or Bruce Banner was kind of useless in the first three-quarters of the Avengers. It can't be helped-- he was a ticking time bomb and it's puzzling why Nick Fury even wanted him; he was capable of wiping out a whole SHIELD helicarrier. It wasn't until the final battle that the Hulk managed to prove his usefulness, especially against the Chitauri invaders.

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Banner even let us in on a little secret: he's always angry... okay, Bruce you do you. Right after saying that like a true badass, Banner went on to punch and take down a Chitauri leviathan by himself. That was probably enough to hype up Thor and give him a wake-up call that he's found his match. Speaking of a match between Thor and Hulk...


There it is, the Marvel universe heavy hitter match fans have been waiting for since the late 1980s. This fight was enough to wash our palate off from that embarrassing drunken Thor and Hulk brawl from 1988. Even better is the buildup to such a long-awaited fight. The film sets up Banner's terrifying transformation into the Hulk with a highly vulnerable Black Widow as his would-be victim.

Thor comes along to prevent Hulk from destroying the whole helicarrier; the shockwaves of their fight were enough to leave every Thor and Hulk fan wide-eyed with mouths-agape. While the fight was short, the little details (like Hulk not being able to lift Mjolnir) are a faithful homage to the comic books and give both characters justice.


Thank goodness the MCU gave us more than one Thor vs. Hulk match. The second fight took place in Thor: Ragnarok and it was another long-awaited gladiatorial match between the Hulk and Thor. Still, it's not as fair as the helicarrier match between the two strongest Avengers. Thor has no Mjolnir in this fight, though he still did commendably well against the green monster.

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It appears that the Hulk won the fight; however, estimates and fans theories pointed out that Thor would have won if the Grandmaster hadn't cheated. Regardless, it was another victory and ego boost for the Hulk who was the undisputed Champion of Sakaar.


We were all ecstatic upon knowing that the Abomination was to appear against Hulk in 2008's The Incredible Hulk but were most likely left disappointed upon seeing him. Instead of the green scaly skin, the Abomination here looks like a deep-fried corndog in hue. To add insult to injury, he also didn't have the iconic ears.

Regardless, he was Abomination alright in terms of strength and fighting skills. The two of them destroyed several city blocks after turning it into their own MMA octagon. Like in the comic books, the Abomination initially had the upper hand but Hulk quickly caught up to his strength level after the prolonged fight and becoming more enraged. The destruction here is so real, you can feel the pain of every pulverized building brick or concrete.


We never really got a scope of how much damage the Hulk can do until we saw him berserk in Avengers: Age of Ultron. After being possessed/bewitched by the Scarlet Witch, the Hulk went on a rampage in an African city destroying all sorts of structures and perhaps even maiming hapless civilians. He was virtually unstoppable until Tony Stark with his Hulkbuster armor stepped in to reduce the collateral damage.

As it turned out, even with the most bleeding-edge technology in the world, Stark wouldn't have been able to contain or defeat the Hulk. The two of them managed to level several buildings and that was with Stark trying his best to minimize the damage. For a moment, he became what the Avengers feared all along, an unstoppable monster who smashes everything. Unfortunately, the chances of us getting more of that in Phase 4 or beyond is little to none. There go our dreams of World War Hulk. Fingers crossed for Maestro Hulk though.

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