A Marvelous Dankade: 29 Hilarious MCU Behind The Scenes Memes

it's been ten years in the making, but  Avengers: Infinity War is finally here and boy, oh boy, is it a mind-blowing, jaw-dropping, tear-jerking, side-splitting, absolutely gratifying piece of cinematic history. The 19th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was met with wide critical acclaim, with critics calling it a thrilling, emotionally resonant and ambitious blockbuster that delivers. The fans are going nuts over the MCU's largest film yet. And the movie is making tons of money at the box office -- breaking the worldwide opening weekend record, among other.

As fans we've had the pleasure to come along on this amazing journey. It's been ten years since the first MCU movie, Iron Man, came out and set the standard for every other superhero movie that came after it. For the most part, the MCU has been able to maintain that high standard and even surpass it. But how do they do it? What is the secret behind the enormous success of this franchise? Have the guys over at Marvel Studios discovered some kind of a secret formula? Well, we'll probably never know for sure, but perhaps some behind the scenes memes can clue us in. Fair warning, the list may contain some spoilers for Infinity War.


Hey there, as you probably know, this is a still from Avengers: Infinity War, so if you still haven’t seen it, skip this one because it will include spoilers. Also, what the hell are you waiting for? Go see Infinity War! For those of you who’re still with us, you know that the scene takes place at the beginning of the movie and features two rich geniuses facing off against two members of Thanos’s Black Order. Whit the big guy apparently too scared to come out and play, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Wong and Spider-Man are the ones left to fight Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian. The fight ends with Ebony Maw taking Doctor Strange on board the flying doughnut and Iron Man and Spidey following them.

Coming face to face with the Black Order was a frightening experience and our heroes needed a break from all the fighting and mayhem. So, what do these guys do when the cameras are off? Well take a selfie, what else. Mark Ruffalo seems to have taken this important duty upon himself and we can’t help but be amazed at the fact that he didn’t accidentally leak spoilers. After live streaming the first 20 minutes of Thor: Ragnarok, you never know what he’ll do next.


Superhero movies are filled to the brim with crazy action scenes and elaborate fight sequences that very few actors are able and allowed to perform themselves. Which is why trained professionals known as stuntmen are brought in to perform those dangerous scenes rather than having the stars of the movie accidentally injure themselves. Even someone as buff and formidable as Chris Hemsworth has a stunt double. For years, Hemsworth has been working with Bobby Holland Hanton, who was also the stunt double for Chris Evans, Christian Bale, Chris Pine and Ryan Reynolds. According to Hanton, he has to eat 35 times a day and train 18 hours a week to match Hemsworth’s impressive physique. The former gymnast said that training for Thor was the most intense thing he has ever done for a movie.

Seeing the two side by side, especially in costume and after all the makeup has been done, they really do look strikingly similar. Check out the meme and you'll see that it’s pretty hard to distinguish which one is Hemsworth and which one is Hanton. But the truly important thing is that they are both so handsome. Something the two Thors seem to have taken note of too.


In Thor: Ragnarok, the mighty God of Thunder ended up on Sakaar, where he was forced to take part in the Grandmaster’s gladiator fights. Thor’s first adversary turned out to be none other than his good friend from work, the Hulk. Unfortunately for Thor, now dubbed the "Lord of Thunder", the Hulk did not share the sentiment and was ready to wipe the floor with the other Avenger. Thor and the Hulk engaged in a gladiator fight that looked every bit as epic as we dreamed it would. Eventually, however, they managed to come to an agreement, once Bruce Banner took control, and they became friends once more.

However, while the fight between Thor and the Hulk that took place in Thor: Ragnarok was certainly their most memorable brawl, it was not the first time these two butted heads in the MCU. Back in the first Avengers movie, the Hulk went on a rampage aboard the Helicarrier and the God of Thunder did everything in his power to stop the big guy from destroying everything and everyone around him. The scene looked pretty damn good from where we were sitting, but it must have looked ridiculous to everyone behind the cameras.


For a franchise that has been around for ten years, the MCU hasn’t had that many casualties when it comes to heroes. Coulson died in The Avengers, but he was brought back. Quicksilver died in Avengers: Age of Ultron and it doesn’t look like he’ll be coming back. Yondu bid us farewell in the second Guardians movie. And the Warriors Three said their goodbyes in Thor: Ragnarok. That’s pretty much it when it comes to major hero deaths in MCU movies. Well, up until Avengers: Infinity War that is. The Russo brothers really proved themselves as ruthless this time around.

But before the Russo brothers took over the Avengers, Joss Whedon was the man behind the helm of two movies about Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. And not only that, up until Avengers: Age of Ultron, Whedon served as a consultant on other MCU movies. He did some writing for Thor: The Dark World, directed the mid-credit scene for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and suggested James Gunn for the director seat of Guardians of the Galaxy. Prior to Whedon’s departure in 2016, it really seemed like he was going to have a huge influence in shaping the MCU. It was probably around that time that this meme was created.


The fact that Robert Downey Jr. is a bit short is no secret. He doesn’t even have to be standing next to someone taller for us to notice that he’s not exactly the tallest man in the room. Standing at 5'8'', Robert Downey Jr. is among the shortest members of the MCU cast. Actresses such as Cobie Smulders, and RDJ’s Iron Man co-star and on-screen sweetheart Gwyneth Paltrow are taller than him. And let’s not talk about the height difference between Robert Downey Jr. and the six-foot-three Chris Hemsworth.

Though there are plenty short, successful actors in Hollywood, Marvel couldn’t have a character like Tony Stark looking shorter than Pepper Potts. So, what did they do? Well, that’s simple -- they put Robert Downey Jr. on heels. There have been numerous behind the scenes photos of RDJ with other cast members where he appears taller. As demonstrated above, RDJ’s been wearing some form of lifting shoes all along, whether it’s full-on heel shoes or hidden lifts. However, RDJ hasn’t been doing this only in the movies. If you look closer, you’ll see that he’s always wearing modified sneakers or shoes in order to gain those crucial three to four inches.


In 2011, Marvel expanded its young cinematic universe to include the Asgardian gods. Brothers and frenemies, Thor and Loki were introduced, portrayed by Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston respectively. Both tall, handsome, muscular and with long hair, the brothers immediately grabbed everyone’s attention. As the MCU progressed, the brothers’ hair only grew longer. First in Marvel’s The Avengers and then again in Thor: The Dark World. It came to a point where the fans were starting to wonder whether they even had scissors on Asgard. And given that Thor got his haircut on Sakaar, the jury is still out on whether or not there are scissors and hairdressers on Asgard.

We’re totally on board with Thor’s short hair, even though it was an odd sight the first time we saw his new look in Thor: Ragnarok. Loki, on the other hand, missed the opportunity to get a haircut while he was on Sakaar, though we would have loved to see him with a different haircut. And if this meme is to be trusted we’re not the only ones who’ve gotten kind of bored with Thor and Loki’s overly long hair. The brothers seem to be considering the possibility of cutting their hair too.


Ever since the first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War dropped and we got to see our favorite heroes teamed up in different groups and ready to take on Thanos and his Black Order, we’ve been incredibly excited to see how these teams will come together and contribute in the fight against the Mad Titan. A big question we were hoping to get an answer to is, where do Tony Stark and Steve Rogers stand in the aftermath of Civil War. Well, as it turns out these two hot-heads are still not on speaking terms and Chris Evens may have just confirmed the nature of their relationship.

Robert Downey Jr., Benedict Cumberbatch, Mark Ruffalo and Benedict Wong took a behind the scenes photo while having what appears to be a lunch break during the filming. The guys sure seem to be having a lot of fun and enjoying their lunch. However, one Avenger is a little bit disappointed he didn’t get an invitation. Apparently, the bad blood created during the events of Civil War spilled from the screen into real life and RDJ conveniently forgot to invite his old pal Chris Evans to lunch. Well, he got the message loud and clear.


Having the same name as someone you know, while not uncommon, can be pretty confusing at times. The MCU is facing this issue on two different levels. Let’s start with the cast. It’s become a meme that if you’re auditioning for an MCU role the safest course of action is to change your name to Chris. The actors who play Captain America, Thor and Star-Lord are all called Chris in real life. Similarly, the name Tom seems to popular among Marvel Studios casting director and staff, since both Loki’s actor and Spider-Man’s actor have that name. And get this, both Doctor Strange and Wong are played by guys named Benedict. Plus, Wong is the last name of the Benedict who plays Wong.

But those are far from being the only namesakes the MCU has to offer. A number of MCU characters also share a first name. Tony Stark’s best friend is James Rhodes, aka War Machine. James is also the first name of Captain America’s best bud, Bucky Barnes. Doctor Strange’s first name is Stephen, while Captain America’s first name is Steven, aka Steve. And, both Spider-Man and Star-Lord are named Peter. Let’s just say that Tony Stark had some problems coordinating the attack on Thanos with two Peters on the field.


Over the years, Hollywood has pumped out a plethora of all kinds of action movies. While there are quite a few subgenres within this category, all of these movies feature some kind of a hero, or a group of heroes, who are tasked with overcoming impossible challenges and obstacles in a way that includes incredible physical feats, elaborate fight scenes and a lot of running and/or driving around in a hectic manner. Popular examples include Mission Impossible, Die Hard, Indiana Jones and superhero flicks. Sadly, action movies and those who star in them rarely get enough credit for what they accomplish. However, the thorough analysis of this one scene from Avengers: Age of Ultron ought to give everyone some much-needed perspective.

First, let’s get one very important thing out of the way. In order for an actor or actress to be able to do all the crazy stuff we lose out heads over, they must be in peak human condition. And those rocking abs and biceps don’t just appear overnight. But aside from going through rigorous training and diet regimes, these god-like humans have to be able to perform scenes such as the one described on the meme above, while remaining in character. And that is the biggest challenge of being an action star.


The MCU is a very ambitious project and requires every single aspect of movie-making to be at its peak, if the movies are to be produced at the high level we have gotten used to. Marvel Studios is usually praised for the outstanding special effects and CGI that are found in its movies. Making characters like Groot and Hulk look so unbelievably good is a daunting task. As fans, we are pretty demanding and live for these gorgeous-looking movies such as Black Panther or Avengers: Infinity War. However, rarely do we consider everything that goes into creating these awesome movies.

For example, in order to Hulk out, Mark Ruffalo has to wear these ridiculous-looking pajamas. On the screen, Ruffalo’s transformation looks perfect and the Hulk is a sight to behold, however, one look behind the scenes shatters all the magic. It’s impossible to even look at this photo without cracking up and to think that Ruffalo has to keep a straight face every time he does this. According to Josh Brolin, who plays Thanos, when the two of them first met on set, Ruffalo told him he’s so done with this -- referring to the dots all over his face and the onesie.


While Loki is not a typical villain, he has done some pretty bad things. For starters, he manipulated Odin into banishing Thor to Earth in the first Thor movie. Then, he made a deal with Thanos to steal the Tesseract in The Avengers. In Thor: The Dark World, Loki faked his own death, after which he replaced Odin on the throne of Asgard. And finally, as Asgard was turning to ash, he stole the Tesseract once again in Thor: Ragnarok. Clearly, Loki has a nearly uncontrollable drive to steal -- almost like a kleptomaniac. He stole the Tesseract, the throne, as well as the hearts of numerous fans all around the world.

It’s kind of odd that he hasn’t even tried to steal something off of the other heroes in the MCU. Captain America’s shield seems like a fine accessory, anything from Tony Stark’s arsenal of suits, weapons and vehicles is certainly worth stealing, as well as Winter Soldier’s arm -- though, that is Rocket Raccoon’s niche. Well, while Loki didn’t attempt to steal the Cap’s shield, Tom Hiddleston certainly has. Here’s a hilarious meme of Loki equipped with all the props he could find laying around. The Avengers better be on the lookout.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier had a lot of awesome fight and action scenes. However, the one that will always stand out is when Winter Soldier attacks the Cap, Black Widow and Falcon on the highway. With the help of another car, Bucky attempts to drive the Cap and the team off the road, while Sam Wilson struggles at the wheel to keep everyone in one piece. Realizing they’re about to crash, Captain America gathers Natasha and Sam, and uses the car door as a large shield to ease their fall. A heroic feat by the fearless soldier that looks absolutely ridiculous on the behind the scenes photo.

By the looks of it, Sam Wilson is in fact the true hero and protector, while the Star Spangled Man is scared out of his mind. Though, we have no idea what was going on through Chris Evans’ head when he shot this scene, his face sure is priceless. The way the three of them tangled like baby kittens on top of that car door is hilarious in and of itself, but the visibly terrified Steve Rogers curling into Sam’s embrace is an image we will never be able to get out of our heads.


Tom Hiddleston is such an amazing, charismatic and talented actor. His portrayal of Loki has earned him wide critical acclaim and heaps of devoted fans. Hiddleston made his debut as the God of Mischief in the 2011 Thor movie and continued to portray the character in four more MCU films. He is by and large the most popular and beloved MCU villain. And while the fans start by admiring the character, ultimately that admiration passes over to the actor, if he or she is worthy of such love. And Tom Hiddleston definitely deserves our love.

Hiddleston is a complete sweetheart when it comes to interacting with the fans. He doesn’t avoid taking pictures, he chats with the fans on social media, and there’s a video of him singing happy birthday to a fan. At the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con, Tom Hiddleston gave an entire performance as Loki for his adoring fans. And as if all of this wasn’t testament enough to Tom Hiddleston’s awesomeness, he also preforms his own stunts. In one interview, the British actor stated that he did 99% of his stunts for Thor: The Dark World. Well, judging by this meme he encountered some difficulties with the stunts, but at least he persisted.


Eccentric, brilliant and cocky, Tony Stark is a classic playboy, with deep pockets, power and irresistible natural charisma. He enjoys the finer things in life, namely drinking, gambling, partying, flirting, and can get with just about any woman he wants. On the other hand, his Avengers teammate, Steve Rogers is described as devoid of selfishness and possessing uncompromising morality. Due to their ideological differences the two butted heads in Captain America: Civil War. As for the God of Thunder, he possesses the qualities of both Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, embodied in a subtle way.

When we were first introduced to Thor, he was arrogant, immature and stubborn. Being a skilled warrior, Thor reveled the challenge of battle bloodshed. However, after spending some time on Earth, Thor learned humility and wisdom and became worthy of the Asgardian throne. That is not to say that Thor still doesn’t act childish and rash from time to time, or that he isn’t the least bit conceited. He’s just learned to rise above it. Well, most of the time. Clearly, this is not one of those moments of modesty. The way he’s standing and looking down on Tony and Steve really makes Thor look like a god.


As part of the promo tour for Avengers: Infinity War, the cast of the movie visited Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live to say nothing about the movie, vaguely discuss the future of the MCU, play some games, make some drawings, win some Bonsai trees -- you know, the whole shebang. Benedict Cumberbatch was, pardon the pun, in a batch of actors Kimmel interviewed who discussed visiting comic book stores. Cumberbatch told the story of how he visited a nearby comic book store while he was shooting Doctor Strange. There’s even footage of Benedict Cumberbatch dressed as Doctor Strange visiting the comic book store, posing for photos and buying a Doctor Strange comic.

And since there is footage, there is also a meme. As if Benedict Cumberbatch wasn’t cool enough as it is, he managed to rise above cool to something we haven’t yet even been able to put into words. Which is why, no matter what you do you will never be as cool as Doctor Strange buying a Doctor Strange comic book. On top of that, Benedict Cumberbatch just keeps proving himself as an awesome guy. He just walked in like nobody’s business and hang out with the fans for a while. Cool, indeed.


So, Iron Man is invincible, Hulk is incredible, Thor is mighty, and Spider-Man is amazing, spectacular, sensational and ultimate, but what about Captain America? What about Black Widow? Or Hawkeye? Why isn’t there an Outstanding Captain America? Or Marvelous Black Widow? Or Fabulous Hawkeye? Seriously though, what’s up with Marvel and these titles? And why does Spider-Man have so many of them? Well, we think that the Fabulous Hawkeye has earned a chance and it’s all thanks to Jeremy Renner. He may not have had a huge role to play on-screen, but behind the scenes, Jeremy Renner seems to be doing his best to keep his co-stars entertained.

Just look at the hilarious meme above and you’ll get what we mean. On the upper image, everyone is so serious, engaged in an important conversation, and then there’s Hawkeye posing like a runway model. On the second photo, it seems that Scarlett Johansson and Chris Hemsworth finally decided to pay attention to Jeremy Renner’s antics. Continuing to act as fabulous as ever, Renner managed to lighten up the mood a bit. If nothing else, surely, he deserves his comic book to be titled the Fabulous Hawkeye, or better yet, perhaps a solo movie.


It was the spring of 2012, May 4th to be more precise, when Earth’s Mightiest Heroes came together for the first time in MCU’s final Phase One movie Marvel’s The Avengers. The team, which consisted of Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye, fought against Loki and his Chitauri army to defend the Earth from an alien invasion. Loki, on the other hand made a deal with The Other to steal the Tesseract for the Mad Titan Thanos. In what would become known as The Battle of New York, the heroes managed to fend off the invasion.

It’s been six years since the first Avengers movie came out, but it still holds up. Actually, it is often listed as one of the best MCU movies and it still remains a fan favorite. But it’s not only the fans who had such a great time with The Avengers. Judging by the behind the scene photos as well as cast interviews, the actors had a blast filming the movie. Just look at this hilarious photo of Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans apparently having a dance off in the middle of battle. Thor's got some killer moves to teach his new friend.


Ever since the first Thor movie came out and introduced of the God of Mischief, the one and only Loki, Tom Hiddleston has become one of the most popular actors and not only in the MCU. Some would argue that his popularity even surpasses that of his on-screen brother, even though Chris Hemsworth is the one playing the hero and he’s been in more movies. While both of these actors are incredibly talented, kind, unbelievably hot and have accents that no woman can resist, it does appear that Loki has a larger fandom -- or at the very least, more vocal.

And Tom Hiddleston is an absolute sweetheart when it comes to interacting with his fans, so it’s not surprising that so many people love him. On one occasion Hiddleston recalled something that happened to him when he was going through security at Heathrow Airport. According to Hiddleston, upon seeing him "the guard’s eyes went wide, and he said, 'Oh my God, it’s Loki!' Then the whole line turned around. It turned into Comic-Con." So, you better believe when Loki says that he has an army of fangirls. Hiddleston also added that "an actor cannot call himself an actor without an audience".


Destruction of public property. A topic that has been discussed ad nauseum by now and we’re about to bring it up again. According to the data published by Kinetic Analysis Corp., a company that knows a thing or two about disaster-cost predictions, the Chitauri Invasion of Manhattan in The Avengers would have caused approximately $160 billion in damage. And that is including property damage, cleanup costs, as well as loss of life. However, it would still not cover long-term health effects. For reference, Hurricane Katrina cost $90 billion, while the 2011 tsunami in Japan came up to $122 billion.

But the question is who would pay for the damages caused by the Avengers? S.H.I.E.L.D. is probably under protection as a government agency, but even if they were found liable there are other issues to consider. Most insurance policies have special policies for so-called acts of god. Now, since Thor and Loki are considered deities, does that mean that the destruction of New York during the Chitauri invasion should be considered an act of god? That would be an interesting theological and legal conundrum. Then again, perhaps that's why Thor isn't too concerned about smashing that car because he got a parking ticket.


The Marvel Cinematic Universe mostly consists of heroes who are in their 30s to 40s. In Captain America: Civil War, Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, became the youngest hero in the MCU. Peter Parker is a high school student and he’s only 16 years old. Meaning, majority of the other Avengers may as well be his parents. In fact, Tony Stark kind of became his reluctant, adoptive dad. The incredibly charismatic and talented British actor who portrays Spider-Man, Tom Holland, is a bit older than his character, but still the youngest one on the set. Tom Holland was born in June 1996, so he wasn’t even 20 years old when he filmed Captain America: Civil War.

And judging by this meme, the young Avenger got a bit carried away on the set of Captain America: Civil War and wanted to perform some tricks for his more experienced colleague and fellow spider family member, Black Widow. Unfortunately for poor Spidey, momma spider wasn’t paying attention and didn’t catch his cool moves. Now, he’ll probably have to run to his dad Tony for some affirmation. But, for real now, wouldn’t it be cool if these two were to team up in the next Avengers movie?


Depending on what kind of person you are, seeing behind the scene images or footage of your favorite movie will either break the spell and ruin the movie for you or it will make you laugh uncontrollably like a madman. Superhero movies such as Guardians of the Galaxy are filmed mostly in front of a green screen, with actors and actresses dressed in one-color onesies attempting to keep a straight face while talking to a high-class plush toy. Alright, maybe not all superhero movies are this crazy, but the Guardians of the Galaxy films most certainly are. And we have photographic evidence to support our claim.

Right off the bat, that can’t possibly be Vin Diesel in that blue onesie with a Groot head propped on his own. But a different actor did have to go through this hilarious and probably demanding process to bring us Groot. And we’re gonna go out on a limb here and say that the Rocket Raccoon sitting on Groot's shoulder is not Bradley Cooper in disguise but indeed a plush toy. We’re not even going to comment on the weird lollipop-looking pole behind them. This image is hilarious in every possible way, yet we’d gladly accept more of these behind the scene shots.


The pre-serum Steve Rogers we got to see in Captain America: The First Avenger is a priceless treasure that needs to be protected at all costs. As we all know, before Steve was injected with the Super Soldier serum, he was a sickly and scrawny kid from Brooklyn bent on joining the Army and fighting in World War II, despite his evident physical limitations. Nowadays, we know Steve Rogers as Captain America, the brave six-foot-two Avenger who marches into battle with fearlessness and honor. However, before he was turned into the prime example of humanity, Steve was only five-feet-four. Actor Chris Evans is six-feet tall, so a bit of improvisation was needed to make him look shorter.

And as you can see on the hilarious photo above, Chris Evans was given a box on which he had to kneel in order to appear six inches shorter than he really is. While the use of boxes on the set of movies and TV series is nothing revolutionary, Evans sure looks ridiculous kneeling on his box among all those buff soldiers. In case you’ve been having a bad day, we hope this image at the very least makes you giggle.


Warning, dear reader, if you haven’t seen Avengers: Infinity War, you are hereby advised that the following text may contain spoilers. Proceed at your own risk. We’ve known from the beginning that the MCU, as lighthearted as it is, won’t let us keep all of our heroes alive. At a certain point, eventually, someone must die. And when Avengers: Infinity War was announced, we knew time has come to prepare ourselves for a lot of death, tragedy, tears and then some. We went into that theater naively thinking we’re ready for whatever may come, and we came out of it weeping like little children.

Trying to keep all of your favorite heroes safe from harm by praying to whatever higher force, universe, Kevin Feige or the Russo Brothers proved inefficient. Eventually, we realized there was nothing for us to do, but to kick back and brace ourselves for what’s yet to come. This hilarious photo of Mark Ruffalo hugging Robert Downey Jr. is an incredibly accurate representation of every fan who’s watched Avengers: Infinity War. Still, no matter how tightly you try to hold on to your favorite hero, there’s no guarantee they’ll survive. Just keep them in your heart and thoughts, and hope for the best.


Robert Downey Jr.’s height, or lack thereof, is easily perceptible. In fact, he’s one of the shortest male cast members in the MCU. Robert Downey Jr. is even slightly shorter than his co-star and on-screen love interest, Pepper Potts, played by Gwyneth Paltrow. When it comes to RDJ’s male co-stars, almost all of them are in fact taller than Robert Downey Jr., which may not be so obvious in the movies, but can be observed in behind the scene photos. Tom Hiddleston is six-foot tall, Chris Evans is too, while Robert Downey Jr. stands at five-feet-eight.

And this height difference can clearly be seen on the image featured above. Robert Downey Jr. seems to be either annoyed by something or just bored to death. However, if the meme is to be trusted, and we see no reason why not, Tony and RDJ have a bit of a Napoleon complex. And no wonder, Loki really does look like a giant next to Tony Stark. Still, as long as Tony doesn’t stand next to Thor, or worse yet, Drax, he should be just fine. But don’t tell Robert Downey Jr. that Iron Man's comic book counterpart is also taller than him.


In 2017 the webslinger made his first MCU solo outing in Spider-Man: Homecoming, after appearing briefly in Captain America: Civil War one year earlier. The movie was released to wide critical acclaim and commercial success, with critics praising Tom Holland’s performance, focus on Peter’s high school years and the movie’s lighter tone. Speaking of lighter tone, Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is quippy, smart and absolutely adorable. Tony Stark serves as Peter’s mentor and somewhat of a father figure and their interactions are both hilarious and heartwarming.

But Tony isn’t all fun and games. After he found out that Peter disobeyed his instructions, fiddled with the suit, and almost got himself and countless other people killed, Tony took back the suit he gave young Spider-Man in order to teach him a lesson. And since Peter didn’t have any other clothes to put on, Tony bought him a ludicrous outfit, so he didn't have to walk home in his underwear alone. Sadly, we only got to see the top part of the outfit in the movie. However, there will always be behind the scenes photos, such as the one you see above, to fill in the blanks. Pretty much all of us have had to wear embarrassing outfits picked by our parents, but this is a whole new level.


Superpowers can look so incredibly cool on the big screen, when done right. The MCU has been doing an amazing job with portraying all kinds of abilities in their movies. Spider-Man’s web-slinging and wall-crawling looks cooler than ever, Thor’s thunder powers are out-of-this-world, and even characters like Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch -- whose powers could have easily looked ridiculous -- look absolutely splendid. Well, at least it all looks nice in the movies. The behind the scenes photos are an entirely different beast. Since, Wanda’s magical powers are added in post-production, Elizabeth Olsen spends her days literally waving her hands through the air.

This hilarious meme shows just how hilarious Scarlet Witch looks behind the scenes. If we didn’t know she was using her powers, we’d think Elizabeth Olsen was doing a weird rain dance or trying to avoid some kind of an insect that keeps flying around her head. But, aside from laughing at these behind the scenes photos, the fans also use them to create memes. And this one is actually pretty accurate. If you’re a fan of Marvel and their cinematic universe, you’ve probably felt that need to thank God, the universe, the stars, or whatever for the awesomeness that is Marvel. And now you know how.


According to the Critics Consensus over at Rotten Tomatoes, Thor: Ragnarok has set a new standard for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Exciting, funny and fun, Taika Waititi’s movie is a colorful cosmic adventure, an epic action flick and a hilarious comedy. Thor and Hulk proved to be an excellent duo; Valkyrie and Loki the perfect reluctant allies; Hela a formidable villain; and Korg the next Marvel sensation. The Kronan warrior Korg is voiced by the Thor: Ragnarok director, Taika Waititi, who also provided the performance-capture for the kindhearted and soft-spoken rock giant. Korg immediately became a fan-favorite, prompting Marvel to consider a Korg and Miek one-shot.

As for Taika Waititi, when he’s not portraying the funniest character in the movie, he is directing the film just like any other director would. Just kidding. This man rarely does anything in a way any other director would. The New Zealand director wanted to make sure everyone on set will take him seriously so he labeled his microphone ‘god’. When a fan posted about Taika Waititi’s microphone on Twitter, Waititi had the most hilarious and smug reply. Thanos better watch out, because there’s another contender for the position of God of the MCU.


The small, planetary body, home to a race of beings recognized on Earth as deities of the Norse mythology is called Asgard, which loosely translates to the garden of gods. Its inhabitants, the Asgardians, are the Norse gods such as Thor and Odin. Asgard is about the size of a small state and, unlike Earth, it is not round nor does it spin on its axis or revolve around a star. This planetary body is flat and resembles an asteroid with a top surface that has a gravitational pull, similar to that of our home planet. You know, to keep citizens and cities from floating into the void.

Needless to say, Marvel borrowed the names of locations and deities from Norse mythology. What the internet seems to have noticed is that you can make a lot of puns with these names. The way Loki really sounds like ‘low key’ or how you can replace the ending of words such as calculator, investigator and so on with Thor. Another name from Norse mythology used to make horrible puns is, of course, Asgardian. Here is a prime example of how the word Asgardian can take on a very different meaning, especially when coupled with an image such as this one.


During a guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the cast of Avengers discussed, among many other things, who the least trustworthy Avenger is when it comes to leaking spoilers. Unsurprisingly, the cast identified Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo as the ones most likely to accidentally reveal highly classified information. According to Tom Holland, they actually paired him up with Ruffalo for an interview in China just so they could control the source.  One time, Ruffalo sent Holland a package containing the unrevealed poster for Avengers: Infinity War, which was confidential, and Tom live streamed the unboxing on Instagram. The expression of regret that washed over Holland's face once he realized what he had done is priceless.

Tom Holland is so bad at keeping secrets that they don’t let him read the script and they always have to put him with a responsible adult to babysit him. Frequently, when a question is directed at Tom, he would just let someone else answer it because he never knows what he is and isn’t allowed to say. But, the montage of Benedict Cumberbatch stopping the Spider-Man actor from blurting out spoilers for several minutes is absolutely bonkers. Which is why, this is probably the most hilarious and accurate MCU meme.

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