8 MCU Actors You Didn’t Know Were Married (And 7 You Still Have A Chance With)

There’s no other way to say it: the Marvel Cinematic Universe is filled with pretty people. Some of the most beautiful actors and actresses in all of the world have donned colorful tights and brought our favorite heroes and villains to life. They don’t only kick butt on-screen, but they manage to look great while they do it. An obvious daydream that MCU fans have is to settle down and marry their favorite actors. And it’s easy to see the allure: who wouldn’t want to marry Scarlett Johansson and her Black Widow catsuit? Or Chris Pratt and his unbelievable abs?

While there’s nothing wrong with a good fantasy life, some fans want to take it a step further. In the detective mode of Jessica Jones, they want to track down exactly which MCU stars have gotten married. And, more importantly, just which stars are still on the romantic market. You don’t have to hack into protected S.H.I.E.L.D. files to figure this out. You don’t even have to consult a sorcerer like Doctor Strange. In fact, all you have to do is keep scrolling to check out these 8 MCU actors you didn’t know were married, and seven you still have a chance with (you have no chance)!


When Jessica Jones debuted, it wasn’t difficult to understand what she saw in Luke Cage. The character played by Mike Colter is one hell of a specimen, and he perfectly embodies the intimidating build of his comic counterpart. And the Netflix corner of the MCU made it a running joke of just how many women wanted to “have coffee” with his character. In real life, though, Mike Colter only has coffee with one woman.

He is married to Iva Colter, an executive at Netflix. That may sound like a pretty convenient marriage for the Netflix star, but Mike Colter actually met Iva back when he was in grad school over a decade and a half ago. He credits her with helping him through many rough times, and she continues to stand by his side as he enjoys worldwide fame as Luke Cage.


Chris Evans has been one of the hottest big screen MCU stars since Captain America premiered. And just when it looked like he couldn’t get even hotter, he went and grew an awesome beard for Infinity War. However, for many fans, the hottest thing we can say about Chris Evans are these three words: he’s not married!

Over the years, veteran actor Chris Evans has dated many actresses in Hollywood. This included Jessica Biel, Minka Kelly, and most recently, Jenny Slate. However, none of them have turned out to be the woman who makes Captain America take off his shield and settle down. While that’s bad for them and bad for Evans himself, legions of fans likely cling to the hope that they might catch Evans’ eye.


On screen, Dave Bautista plays Drax, the intimidating alien who is driven by the death of his loved ones. Despite Drax often being a source of comic relief, he comes from a place of tragedy that reminds us of how alone the character often feels. In real life, though, Dave Bautista doesn’t have that problem at all: he’s married (several times, in fact).

Bautista’s current (and hopefully final) wife is Sarah Jade, who is a competition-dominating pole dancer (no, really). Before that, he was married to Angie Bautista, and he is still friends with her (Bautista even sports an “Angel” tattoo he says refers to Angie). And his first wife, Glenda Bautista, is also the mother to his two daughters. One of those daughters has two children of her own, making Bautista a granddaddy!


In the MCU, Chris Pratt plays the legendary (if only in his own mind) Star-Lord. In the real world, what was legendary was his physical transformation: he went from being the chubby, schlubby sidekick on Parks and Recreation to being the absolutely ripped leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy. New fans all over the world now dream of marrying Pratt, and the truth is that he’s available...but it came at a cost.

Pratt had previously been married to fellow movie star Anna Faris. They even have a son together. However, after eight years of marriage, Pratt filed for divorce from her in December of 2017. They are making a go of staying friends and doing the co-parenting thing, but this does open Pratt up to finding a new Star-Lady to marry!


Speaking of romance with Star-Lord, the ongoing Guardians of the Galaxy question is whether Star-Lord and Gamora will commit to a relationship. Star-Lord and Gamora have both called it “some unspoken thing” between them, and only time will tell if the unspoken thing finds its own voice. In real life, though, Gamora actor Zoe Saldana is very much spoken for!

Back in 2013, Saldana secretly married Marco Perego. He is not an actor but instead an artist, and he channels his rustic Italian background to create truly moving works of art. He also closely identifies with pirates and considers himself something of a pirate, which may be amusing for MCU fans: it looks like Gamora actually fell in love with a vagabond pirate off-screen, too!


In Marvel’s comics, Black Widow plays the role of the femme fatale. She’s equal parts sexy and dangerous. Fortunately, Scarlett Johansson has channeled this perfectly for the MCU Black Widow, and fans all over have dreamed of putting a ring on this world class spy. While she is actually available, you better watch out: Johansson is something of a man-killer off-screen, too!

First, there’s the Marvel connection: she was famously married to Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds, but their marriage only lasted about three years. She also married a French businessman named Romain Dauriac, and though they had a daughter together, that marriage also only lasted about three years. So, while you may have a shot with Johansson, she seems to be living up to an early interview where she revealed that she didn’t think you had to be married to be happy.


Natalie Portman has been something of an MCU phantom. She made a big splash when she debuted in Thor as his love interest, Jane Foster. And she reprised that role in the Thor sequel, but since then, the actor’s unwillingness to do more MCU movies has reduced Foster to simply being referenced by other characters. And while citizens of the MCU wonder if he’ll ever get back with Jane Foster, it turns out that Natalie Portman settled down a long time ago.

Portman married the French dancer and choreographer Benjamin Millepied back in 2012. They met when she was filming her critical hit Black Swan, and he was the choreographer who helped her get all her moves just right. Now, they make all the right moves together off-screen, too, and are a rather adorable Hollywood power couple.


Jeremy Renner doesn’t always get his due as Hawkeye. The character is the token normal human of the group, which limits some of his adventures. However, square-jawed Renner was born to be an action hero, and many fans have often wondered if the sexy star is married or not. The truth is, he’s not currently married...at least, as far as we know.

Why the uncertainty? Well, Renner’s been married before, secretly marrying his girlfriend, Sonni Pacheco. The two kept it secret as long as they could, but sadly divorced less than a year after they were married. They do share a daughter together, and as Renner tells it, she’s basically his whole world. So anyone who has designs on settling down with Renner better be very good with kids!


Paul Rudd was one of the most surprising additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the MCU has always been funny, it has rarely promoted an outright comedian to the status of leading man. However, funnyman Rudd donned the suit and became the heroic Ant-Man, and now his character is all set to court The Wasp in the sequel to his first MCU film. In real life, though, Rudd’s courting days are over.

Paul Rudd married Julie Yaeger way back in 2003. She is a former publicist who helped Rudd land roles back in his Clueless days. Since then, they’ve settled down and had two children together. While her publicist days are technically behind her, she occasionally helps Rudd develop scenes for movies and is often alongside him whenever he appears on the red carpet.


The Iron Fist show on Netflix debuted to very mixed results. Some fans enjoyed this heavy dose of kung-fu weirdness into the MCU, while others felt that the quality of the show fell below the standards set by Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage. Iron Fist actor Finn Jones, however, looks pretty good in his many topless scenes, and word on the street is that he’s available!

The truth is that Jones has done an amazing job of keeping his love life hidden from the public. Not only is he not married, but the inquisitive public hasn’t found much information about any girlfriends (or boyfriends, for that matter). Some have taken this quietness about his love life and his outspoken support for gay rights to mean that Jones is himself gay. However, he may just be a big fan of equality... and letting as many fans fantasize about him as possible!


While Tony Stark may be the heart of the MCU, Nick Fury (as played by Samuel L. Jackson) is the brains. He ran S.H.I.E.L.D. and organized the Avengers into a team, and he still works from the shadows to keep the world safe. Fury does a good job of keeping his personal life hidden, but Jackson doesn’t: he’s been settled down for many years!

Samuel L. Jackson has actually been married to fellow actor LaTanya Jackson since 1980. Together, they have a daughter, and Jackson credits both wife and daughter with helping him keep his life together in more ways than one. The veteran actor has struggled with drug and alcohol addiction in the past, but his wife and daughter got him to enter rehab, an act that changed his life and helped propel him to superstardom.


Tom Hiddleston plays as the villainous Loki in the MCU. He’s betrayed his brother countless times, tried to take over Earth, and he’s called Black Widow some anatomical insults that never should have made it past the ratings board. Nonetheless, Hiddleston himself is one of the all-time hotties of the MCU, and fans will rejoice to know that he’s not married.

Of course, he’s had some pretty intense previous relationships. Hiddleston has dated a British actress named Susannah Fielding and a record exec named Jane Arthy. Most famously, though, he had a short-lived fling with pop superstar Taylor Swift back in 2016. These very different women make it hard to pin Hiddleston’s tastes down, which means that anyone could find their way into this trickster’s heart.


Mark Ruffalo has done an amazing job of being the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of the MCU. As Bruce Banner, he does a great job of channeling neurotic brilliance into a kind of hipster cool. And as Hulk, he helps channel the raw rage of the character into genuine pathos. He is the “man who can do both,” so many fans would love to make an honest Hulk out of him. However, he was married long before he was green!

Ruffalo married a woman named Sunrise Coigney back in 2000. According to him, the two met when he was a loser who didn’t have so much as a driver’s license or credit card to his name. With her support, he became a major actor, and the two now live on a farm with their three amazing kids. Sounds like a great place to watch the sun getting real low!


While she’s a veteran actor, it took the success of Jessica Jones to propel Krysten Ritter to superstardom. Her portrayal of a tough, no-craps-given detective made her insanely attractive to a great many fans. Many of them wondered if she was romantically available. The answer is the kind of cliché Jessica Jones would hate: it’s complicated.

Ritter herself is not married. She has said in previous interviews that she’s not the type of person who gets married, and so far, she’s lived by this rule. Nonetheless, she does have a long-term partner in singer and songwriter Adam Granduciel. He is the front man for the band War on Drugs, and Ritter has been dating him since 2014. Therefore, fans hoping to settle down with Ritter have to be cooler than that guy... and that looks pretty difficult!


In Thor: Ragnarok, Thor argues with a Quinjet about whether he’s the strongest Avenger or not. While that is up for debate, the abs and biceps of Chris Hemsworth let us know that he’s definitely the studliest Avenger. Every MCU film he’s in has new fans cooing about whether he’s married. Sorry, fans: Hemsworth is only throwing his hammer to one woman nowadays.

Hemsworth married Elsa Pataky back in 2010. She is a fellow actor as well as being a Spanish model and a film producer. In addition to being fluent in five languages, she clearly speaks the language of love: she and Hemsworth have three absolutely beautiful children together. And while Thor’s heart may have been broken by Jane Foster, Chris Hemsworth’s heart has been fulfilled for many, many years.

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