McSweeney's <i>San Francisco Panorama</i> takes comics stars to the streets

Wow, newspaper nostalgia is quite the hot ticket for comics these days, huh?

First there was Kramers Ergot 7, Sammy Harkham and Alvin Buenaventura's avant-garde anthology, printed at a massive size meant to emulate Winsor McKay's full-page Little Nemo in Slumberland newspaper strips. Then there was Wednesday Comics, DC's 12-issue anthology title, published on fold-out newsprint. And now there's the San Francisco Panorama, a one-time-only "21st-century newspaper prototype" that doubles as the 33rd issue of author/publisher Dave Eggers' McSweeney's Quarterly Concern.

Boasting 320 pages of original content, the broadsheet-format Panorama contains full-color comics from Art Spiegelman, Chris Ware, Dan Clowes, Seth, Jessica Abel, Adrian Tomine, Kim Deitch, Ivan Brunetti, Gene Yang, Alison Bechdel, Erik Larsen (still can't get over that) and more. It also features prose contributions of varying stripes from such comics-relevant authors as Michael Chabon, Chip Kidd, Stephen King, Junot Díaz and Michelle Tea, and a poster of the 49ers' Patrick Willis drawn by Wonton Soup's James Stokoe. And there's all the other stuff you'd expect from a newspaper -- journalism, sports, features, a magazine, a book section and more. Only, y'know, all fancy-pants.

The New York Times reports that the paper has already sold through the limited run made available for sale on the San Francisco streets yesterday at the low price of $5, but it's still available (or will be soon, that is) at the full $16 pricetag at bookstores and at the McSweeney's site. Click here for an extensive preview.

(Times link via Pop Candy.)

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