McSweeney's <i>San Francisco Panorama</i> comics section available for purchase

Back in December McSweeney's released a "21st-century newspaper prototype" called San Francisco Panorama. Featuring 320 pages of original content, the broadsheet-format project contained investigative journalism, sports reporting, a book section and prose, with contributions from the likes of Stephen King, Michael Chabon, James Franco and Chip Kidd, among many others.

And, of course, it featured a comics section, with contributions from Erik Larsen, Art Spiegelman, Chris Ware, Dan Clowes, Seth, Jessica Abel, Adrian Tomine, Kim Deitch, Ivan Brunetti, Gene Yang, Alison Bechdel, Jon Adams, Keith Knight and many more. The full issue can still be bought online for $16, but now McSweeney's is also selling the comics section for $7. In addition to all the comics, it comes with a Chris Ware poster titled "Rocket Sam," which features a build-it-yourself paper spacecraft, and accompanying scenery and characters.

(Hat tip: Jon Adams)

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